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Moon still optimistic about denuclearization talks

Moon still optimistic about denuclearization talks

president McCain believes North Korea’s
denuclearization will eventually turn out well while noting there’s not much
time left with election season around the corner for the u.s. he also
reiterated that Seoul Tokyo must men strained ties and advance into
future-oriented partnerships Shin Semin starts us off with the South
Korean leaders annual press conference President moon jae-in remains confident
that the talks with North Korea will turn positive despite the regime having
warned the South to stay out of the nuclear talks with the u.s. during his
annual New Year’s press conference the president said despite the lack of
progress seen on the denuclearization front it is still too early to be
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so trynda he added that the recent
exchanges which included a birthday message from Trump – Kim is a positive
sign that underscores their commitment for negotiations and he said the
exchange also shows that the regime has not completely shut the door for more
talks and expressed his hope for more active inter-korean corporation to keep
pace with the denuclearization process and help ease international sanctions
admitting that there is stalemate in talks between Pyongyang and Washington
the president said that the denuclearization talks are short on time
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partnership their president said there are a number of issues to consider in
reviewing the possibility of deploying South Korean troops to help safeguard
the strategically vital straight of her moose amid heightened tensions in the
Middle East with South Korea having diplomatic relations with both the u.s.
and Iran he sought a comprehensive solution seems necessary on the issue of
diplomacy with Japan president boon said Seoul Tokyo relations remain healthy
except for the issue of forced labor and expert controls a relationship that
turned south over differences on historical matters and on seeking a
solution on the issue of compensation for the forests Korean labor during
Japanese colonial rule the president said the most important part is coming
up with a settlement that the victims can agree on president boon once again
calls for a cooperative solution saying that Japan too should present its own
solution to resolve the issue of forced labor compensation matter perhaps
signaling for a more face-to-face dialogue between the two sides
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