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Moon remains optimistic over denuclearization talks

Moon remains optimistic over denuclearization talks

president moon jaein in his New Year’s
press conference said the talks on North Korea’s denuclearization will eventually
turn out well but he also said that there isn’t much time left
especially with the u.s. about to go into election season Shin Semin tells us
more president moon jae-in remains confident
that talks with North Korea will turn positive despite the regime having war
in the South to stay out of the nuclear talks with the US during his annual New
Year’s press conference the president said despite the lack of progress seen
on the denuclearization front it is still too early to be pessimistic na
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recent exchange which included a birthday message from Trump to Kim as a
positive sign that underscores their commitment for negotiations and he said
that the exchange also shows that the regime has not completely shut the doors
to more talks and expressed his hope for more active inter-korean cooperation to
keep pace with the denuclearization process and help ease international
sanctions admitting that there is a stalemate in talks between Korea and
Washington the president said that the denuclearization talks are short on time little chocolate Oh Jim Kazinsky a choco
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diplomacy West Japan president Boone said seoul-tokyo relations remain
healthy except for the issue of forced labor and expert
controls and the most important part of seeking a solution on the issue of
compensation for the forced Korean labor during Japanese colonial role is coming
up with a settlement that the victims can all agree on Shin Semin Arirang news

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