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MLA Ronna-Rae Leonard spoke about Pet Adoption in the Legislature

MLA Ronna-Rae Leonard spoke about Pet Adoption in the Legislature

Member for Courtenay-Comox: Honourable Speaker: Today is also National
Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Having a pet to love and to be loved by unconditionally
is a special gift that lasts a lifetime. Finding that pet in a shelter makes for an
extra-special bond. The Comox Valley SPCA is a mid-size shelter
with one manager, six workers and up to 40 dedicated volunteers. Staff member Jed McPherson told me they handle
about 700 animals at our shelter every year, with about 450 adoptions, including cats and
dogs and a hundred other animals, like a bearded dragon, snakes, a pot-bellied pig and other
farm animals. You can even foster kittens and puppies. Forty-four B.C. SPCAs across the province
support each other to care for thousands of animals. When there’s a big seizure, like when 120
cats were retrieved from one double-wide trailer, they are shared amongst many shelters. They share their donations too. Sick and injured animals are nursed to health
before being put up for adoption. Tooth care eats up most of their medical budget. With their updated model of care, the shelter
is more home-like with larger kennels, communal space for the cats inside and large play areas
for the dogs outside. The animals are less stressed and show better,
resulting in fast turnaround — so fast that their website is updated every 45 minutes
and stays have dropped from 40 to ten days. Adoption fees save families hundreds of dollars
compared to getting animals elsewhere. It includes the spay or neuter, vaccines,
pest control, a free vet exam, a trial bag of food and six weeks of pet insurance. Cost: $173 versus about $700 for a female
cat, and only $354 for dogs. My shelter dog and cats brought me life-lasting
joy. Bring joy to your life by visiting a pet shelter

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