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Ministers – Legislative Assembly

♪♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪♪ Government members on
this side of the house who have been
given responsibility for a certain area of government are called ministers. Like the word minister suggests, they organise or administer the
operation of one of the state’s government departments. Ministers sit
in the front seats, which, in some Parliaments,
is a long bench. This is why ministers are also
known as “frontbenchers”. Ministers will
report to the house on any changes or news
about their department with a brief
ministerial statement.Minister for Women’s Interests.Thank you, Acting Speaker.Last week, I was honoured
to represent both
the Premier and
the Minister for Police
at the Australasian Council of
Women and Policing 2018
Excellence in Policing Awards.These awards recognise
the important contributions
that women have made to
policing and law enforcement
throughout Australasia
in 14 categories.
On the other side of the house
sit the opposition, and they have nominated members
called “shadow ministers”. Like a shadow, they will
constantly follow, monitor, criticise and question
the actual minister on their decisions and the activities
of the minister’s department.Member for Vasse.My question is to the Premier.Premier, I refer toTourism Research Australia’s
advice that highlights
international spend is
eight per cent lower
and domestic visitors
are also spending
nine per cent less in WA
and ask:
What actions will you takeif the next set of Tourism
Research Australia figures
show a further decrease
in tourism numbers?
Mr Speaker, it is interesting
the shadow minister
asks about tourism and the like.Obviously, we have put in place
secure funding
for the tourism industrywhen it comes to
marketing and events.
♪♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪♪

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