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Miller’s Major Influence Over Trump’s Immigration Policy | MSNBC

Miller’s Major Influence Over Trump’s Immigration Policy | MSNBC

100 comments on “Miller’s Major Influence Over Trump’s Immigration Policy | MSNBC

  1. An odious little dweeb. Crushed by insecurities and feelings of inadequacy, yet convinced of his own superiority and entitlement.

    In the words of Kryten from Red Dwarf: "A nothing, a piece of sputum floating in the toilet bowl of life. He's like the security guard on the front gate who considers himself head of the corporation

    A man so petty and small-minded he would while away his evenings sewing name labels on to his ship-issue condoms.

    An incompetent vending-machine repairman with a Napoleon complex, who commanded as much respect and affection from his fellow crew members as Long John Silver's parrot.

    Who would put this man, this joke of a man, a man who couldn't outwit a used tea bag, in a position of authority?

    Who? Only a yoghurt."

  2. you ''people'' are the biggest race baiting bigots around !!!… people in the ''news'' media are the reason for the division in this country !!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR DISGRACEFUL BEHAVIOR !!

  3. Shows you how severely sick our society has become when an obvious little sociopath such as Stevie M. gets to burrow into our Highest House. A cretinous little bully that grew up into a cretinous man of a spurious background, whose only claim to be the imp on the shoulder of the Orange King Con is his virulent hatred of those he see as "subhuman". Like all good evil little fascists, thats a LOOOOONG list of various creeds and colors. Miller loves to hate… he is drunk on it, because he is so very, sociopathic and saaaad. He is the antithesis of E PLURIBUS UNUM. A fascist race-baiter eager for discord and race-war, squatting in our White House, in a NICE OFFICE, all of his own. That is so sickening. We are a nation on it's knees with this sabotaging filth in the White House.

  4. What I'd like to know is what Miller will do after the dark age of the Trump era. I'm sure there's a lot of racist Republicans out there but to be acquainted to this blatant White nationalist is maybe a little too risqué. I just hope he's remembered in the history books 📚 for what he is and stands for. Just like Nazi Germany.

  5. Thank you miller for freeing our friends from south america and mexico from terrorist cabal sales of weoponized cocaine and child trafficking for freeing women from being forced to sale kids so the smugglers can create false families to get into the country for ill gotten gain..we see all these as necessary to protect american taxpayers.
    We the people welcome the protection of those who work for our communities well being.
    Americans first !


  7. There is  nobody but NOBODY  in the Trump Administration that looks  more like a  Nazi than Steven Miller.. The  whole  Administration  seems to mimic Hitler`s rise in the  mid  thirties. Boltom the  war monger and fat Pompeo  much like  Goebels.  Then  you have  Repugnant-cans like  chinless and spineless Moscow Mitch  helping  Trump on his  move to become Dictator  Should Americns continue to be  stupid and allow this  to  continue  then  you  will  have  put the  stamp of  approval  on Trump   to complete the  terrible  mistake.  The  once  American allies  now  consider  the country not  trustworthy anymore and  now have lost  respect for a  once  proud America.

  8. How could Trump have found a guy like Miller to make policy. Miller looks like a black Gestapo uniform would fit him perfectly.

  9. In more important news. People are catching Leprosy and the Bubonic Plague in Los Angelo's. Typhus is another common disease now as well. Could these third world diseases be coming from the third world illegal aliens invading our country? I remember the beginning of it; it was 2010 and I was guarding an all night pharmacy. People were coming in at all hours looking for a spray that kills Bed Bugs. We didn't have any because Bed Bugs hadn't been a problem in this country for sixty years. Illegal aliens brought them. Now; poor people suffer.

  10. Imagine there's been a series of sick murders. You're a cop going door to door in the neighborhood looking for witnesses, you knock on one door and Miller answers! 😳

  11. Do not support hate MSNBC we all know how horrible this man's goals are. Stop spreading a racist, dividing message and fuel to those who are like minded.

  12. Mr. Miller whose many relatives died in the Holocaust, should know better. Instead of improving our humanity from those dark days, he is regressing it. Mr. Miller your relatives are crying in their graves…..

    USA, go out and VOTE to get this situation changed!!

  13. He didn’t stand on his own two fit. Got all kinds of government handouts. Never liked his thought pattern. Was glad he was out of Virginia. Want him gone AGAIN

  14. This man is a monster, the most evil person Ever work in the white house. miller as the president ia a racist and a white supremacist. Full of hate and arrogance.

  15. Borders are racist. Not funding Welfare, and Medicare for illegal immigrants is racist. Disagreeing with Democrats is racist. Disagreeing with MSNBC is racist. Orwellian nonsense for muddle headed morons.

  16. the world already experienced hitler&it did not go well for hitler's country,trump's white nazi house of evil violent racist money worshipping liars will bring disaster for america as well,trump is a christian nazi,stephen miller is a jewish nazi,america is doomed,just like nazi germany,god has NOTHING to do with america,the same evil violent perverted version of christianity that raised up hitler&robert e lee has raised up trump

  17. Considering that his family were immigrants, Ivanka an anchor baby, Melanoma a recipient of Einstein visa?, disgusting they actually think they are better than anyone of a different color.

  18. Borders are racist. Not funding Welfare, and Medicare for illegal immigrants is racist. Disagreeing with Democrats is racist. MSNBC is real news.

  19. Jeffery Epstein was obviously murdered to silence him, and he hung a painting of Bill Clinton in a blue evening dress with red high heels in his living room. MSNBC thinks this is a better story though. They have people to protect, and news to quash.

  20. RACIST…Miller needs to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity — along with RACIST traitor-trump — and thrown into a rat-infested concentration camp, with only bread and water once per day.

  21. miller is a book, that one can judge by its cover, he is steven miller all the way through, poor sod, can anyone imagine waking up every morning knowing that no matter what one does, one is steven miller, how does he make it through the day, day after day, year after year, and he never complains, out loud, about bone spurs, he's a martyr, one can dream, repugnants!

  22. So what you're saying is, since Rump is virtually incapable of governing, it's being done by a barely out of puberty member of the walking dead. Have I got that about right?

  23. Stephen Miller is a freakin' genius. Americans shouldn't hate on someone who is protecting us. He deserves a promotion and a big raise. MAGA 2020 President Donald J. Trump, Mitch McConnell, Brett Kavanaugh, Stephen Miller = WINNING BIGLY

  24. Okay Cooch. Let’s take your fat paycheck away and let’s see you support your family. Steve Miller’s face should be on the poison sticker instead of Mr Yuck 🤢

  25. A Hungarian Nazi running the US Immigration. 74 years ago Hungarian Nazis killed Jews in mass until the last week of their WW2 war and they displayed those murdered Jews on the borders of the Danube.

  26. We don't need more immigrants . All they are is a voting block for the Democrat party to subvert the will of the American people .

  27. Shame on you! This Cuban Dr who is financial self sustaining, A Medical Contribution, & can stand on his own two feet. His requirements coincide with legal guidelines but has been jailed in Mississippi for 8 months. With his proper documentation seeking asylum in America he is denied due to blatant racism. May God grant him Mercy, strength, compassion, & endurance to forgive you lying lawmaking policies.

  28. Steven Miller is aggressive on anti-immigration and clearly racially motivated and one of the few in the Trump white house who has been there from the start. Trump says he's not racist, but one would have to be to some degree working around Miller. Senior Advisor to the President since the start credited for influencing the same consistently racist policies that Trump has pushed to extremes.

  29. After Trump is indicted when no longer in office…may we also indict Miller as he's one of the key components in all these racist policies that Trump's administration has been issuing.

  30. Even if you're a racist, surely you can see that a nonwhite person, working in job you wouldn't want, is less likely to have the societal power to hold you down than the millionaire and billionaire donors who can rig the game in their own favour.

  31. Never in my life would I have imagined a Jew being responsible for the ostracizing and persecution of a group of people. I still cannot wrap my mind around that.

  32. Miller is such a repulsive, racist, ignorant pig! Talk about something that needs to be put in s cage!! But hey, he is only serving (servicing?) his master, little man stump. Such a good “little tiny mushroom muncher”…..a match made in heaven.

  33. Yes!!! Our public schools are overcrowded!! And our teachers are over worked trying to teach these kids who are many time way behind and not to mention the language barrier msg I’m all for this

  34. What a despicable man 😰🤮 really, how in the world this guy has such responsibility in the American administration?
    Are we in "man in the high castle?"

  35. What's wrong with nativism ? It's funny what they think is our mindset and reasons why , is so inaccurate its wonder how they think they're conclusion is accurate . Its almost comical .

  36. Steven Miller??? It is a like being punched in the face….Miller is the bright example for a psychopathic criminal Gangster. Apparently he has a history of weird behavior and violence in his early days. WHY IS THIS SNAKE NOT ALREADY LOCKED UP 10 YEARS AGO?????? He deserves the chair right away.

  37. I think people who embrace massive illegal migration are insane. Do you realize why wages in the states have been stagnant for decades? Come on, think Einstein. Think. In just 10 years due to automation, those semi illiterate people you are importing by the millions will have no jobs. You need to attract Elon Musk not people who cannot even read and write in their mother tongue.

  38. Haul the insidious"lizard man" into the spot light" and watch him quiver…as for any "reptile" living under the "rocks" of an impotent ( oh, fruedian slip…?) important man…(?)

  39. As a legal immigrant there has always been the public charge law on the books. Why don’t you pay for them if you want them to get Green Card? Why don’t you pay for their school costs? Americans are not obligated to pay for illegals over their fellow Americans. #BuildTheWall

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