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Michael Edmond, MD, MPH, MPA

Michael Edmond, MD, MPH, MPA

– One of the things that I find particularly interesting
about infectious diseases is that infection diseases
really respect no boundaries. So all types of patients get infections. So I can see patients
of many different ages, both genders, people of
all socioeconomic status, we also don’t have any
one organ that we focus on because essentially any part of the body can become infected. My passion for medicine
I think is driven by wanting to help people. In some of these cases I’m lucky enough to see a very successful
response to a therapy, that’s extremely gratifying
to hear from patients about how well they feel. I think that one of the
most important things early on in the doctor
patient relationship is from the doctor side of it, is to effectively listen to you. The patient may hand you the diagnosis if you just listen to
what they have to say. We deal with some very sensitive topics, and patients may not
initially feel comfortable. I think I work very hard to
make them feel comfortable, to allow them to communicate
very freely with me about anything that they wanna talk about. And I think the other thing
is you can’t be judgmental. You have to take the patient as they are, and we deal with whatever
disease process you have, there is no judgment.

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