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Mesquite ISD Apple Corps: Rocio Almanza

Mesquite ISD Apple Corps: Rocio Almanza

Miss Almanza creates a culture in her
classroom where not only does she hold her students accountable, but they hold
each other accountable. They give each other feedback and they all are
encouraging of one another to really help each other grow and excel. Miss
Almanza stands out as a leader on our campus because of her innovative ideas
that she brings to her classroom. She is research driven and everything she does
in her classroom has a purpose. We are so honored to have Rocio Almanza as a
teacher leader on our campus. She’s so deserving of this Apple Corps nomination. I got into teaching because I had a huge desire to learn. I loved learning and I
feel like I can empower children so that they can become independent learners
themselves. I also had amazing teachers who inspired me, who didn’t give up on me, and
who challenged me. And I feel that I’m making an impact in my community by
teaching. So this is my year 18 I’ve been teaching and Mesquite ISD for six years. My
kids attend to Achziger Elementary and Berry Middle School I attended Vanston
Middle School and graduated from North Mesquite High School. And so after twelve
years of teaching in another district I felt like it was time to come back home.
My philosophy for teaching is a constructivism approach. I feel that
children are capable of critical thinking and constructing their own
knowledge and I’m just a facilitator. I’m there to provoke curiosity and
thinking. I believe that children are, even very young children, are capable
of collaborating and communicating and constructing their own theories of the

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