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Mesquite ISD Apple Corps: Jeffrey Blackwell

Mesquite ISD Apple Corps: Jeffrey Blackwell

One thing about Jeff is he’s a winner. He
likes competition, he likes to win competitions, he loves for his students to
succeed. One of the things I love whenever I go into his class is there’s
never just an absolute answer. And so if the kid answers a question, or if they’re
given a speech about something, so often you hear him say, “Well tell me a little
bit more about that.” They know a lot more about themselves than they ever did
before they came in there and it’s really because of what Jeff
does with them. He asks them to search their soul and search their mind and
figure out why they believe what they believe. Kids will speak volumes of what
Jeff means to them, what his class is meant to them, why they are the person
they are today, and how his classes and his relationship, their relationship
with him, has helped develop that. I just want to say congratulations Jeff and you
earned it. You put in a lot of work, you fight for your kids, you fight for your
programs, and I hope that you continue to do that here at Poteet. My goals and
aspirations were in the field of the law. I got a job as a corporate litigation
attorney here in Dallas and I love my clients and loved everything about it.
But there was just something missing. And I soon realized that it was school. And what I enjoyed so much about law school is school, and what I enjoyed
so much about college was school. And so it didn’t take too long before I
realized that my way in this world is going to be to return to the classroom
and not the courtroom. Poteet was home to me. This is where I graduated back in
1994 and when I came here I’d loved teaching immediately. I was a Special
Education teacher for the first eight years. I’ve been a speech and debate, Mock Trial, and academic decathlon teacher these past eight years.
First of all teaching has always been surrounding me. My mom was a teacher. In fact she was an Apple Corps teacher here in the district. And my grandmother was a
teacher. So teaching was quite literally in my blood. It’s not a career choice, it’s
not something you do, it’s something that you are. Teachers are teachers from the
moment they’re born until the day they die. So when you go to a party or go to a
social event and discuss what you do for a living, some people maybe discuss you
know I do this, but a teacher says I am because that’s who we represent.

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