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“Megaphone diplomacy doesn’t usually work”

“Megaphone diplomacy doesn’t usually work”

The best way to put pressure on the match
officials is through the proper channels. Meet with the referees assessors and say:
‘look, there was a couple of incidents there I want you to look at. I want to make it clear.’
Megaphone diplomacy doesn’t usually work. To be fair, as well, Hansen took offence,
understandably, because the implication was that they were trying to injure Murray. So
as a coach, he has to respond to that. But there was nobody at the end of the first half,
or at the end of the game, saying: ‘Oh Conor Murray’s being targeted. Conor Murray’s being
targeted’. It was 24 hours after the game that this became part of the narrative and
I thought it was probably overplaying your hand a bit. Yeah there was a couple of small
incidents but there was no evidence of a concerted targeting of Murray. If you had an issue,
probably keep in indoors. Particularly when you lose. Because it seems like you’re throwing
out a red herring if you haven’t won the game. I just thought it was a waste of energy. Then
Hansen comes back and pounds Warren Gatland on it, saying ‘you’re insinuating we’re trying
to hurt somebody. We don’t do that in New Zealand. You’re a New Zealander, so you should
know better’. He kinda walked himself into another firestorm that he didn’t need to get

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