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Foreign Policy Analysis
MBA International Relations focus on Diplomacy

MBA International Relations focus on Diplomacy

We’re launching at GBS a new program with a focus on Business and Diplomacy When I was working in a big international organization, about 15 years ago, we would rely on public funds and private donations to fund our operations The same organization today is going to capital market issuing a bond to finance its operations It’s a major shift in the way international organizations operate today So, if you want to join one of those NGO, big UN agency, international organizations, you require skills that the private sector can give you You need to manage a budget, manage project, you have a strategic view, you have Human Resources, you need to understand capital markets today Likewise, if you’re a business leader you need to understand also how the State operate, how the civil society operate, how the nonprofit sector is So, we want this program to give you the skills from the business world and from the diplomatic world and there’s no better place than Geneva, the capital of International Diplomacy, to give you those skills

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