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Master’s in Education Policy

Master’s in Education Policy

I think that a sign of a great program is when you come in and then you leave just being
a completely changed person in the way you look at policy, in the way you look at the
world, in the way you look at the students and the people that you want to help and serve. And I think that MEP did a great job in evolving
my mindset. [Alan]
We had students from as far as South Korea and Portugal. So I was able to learn about education in
other places, and people from all over the United States who brought different perspectives
on the ways of viewing education into our cohort. [Jessica]
The first half of the program is definitely more classroom based. I mean, there’s still opportunities where
you’re going out in the field, but for the most part, you’re in the classroom learning,
having discussions, writing papers, doing the kind of more heavily focused in theory
work. And then the second half of the program is
when you’re kind of let loose, and you go start your internship. [Sarah]
It’s perfect timing because you’ve just gotten a taste of what policy is and how to evaluate
policy, how the different lens you can think through it, and then you start to apply it
right away. [Alan]
I was an intern for the policy advising team to King County Executive Dow Constantine,
and we were working on, and had been working on, an ongoing initiative to improve the state
of kindergarten readiness in King County. [Jessica]
So I was at North Seattle Community College. It’s a building called the Opportunity Center
for Employment and Education, and it was actually a legislative bill that was created by a lawmaker
in the 43rd district, and he had this vision of combining education with employment and
social services all in one building, a one-stop shop, if you will. [Jillian]
I interned at the College Success Foundation, and I essentially worked with the research
and evaluation team at CSF. And I basically had the task of looking at
how to define college readiness and college of a good fit. [Sarah]
I was positioned in City Council to actually watch how City Council interacts with the
City’s Office for Education and how they’re handling the school levy and how does that
impact the community members, the school district and the governance of City Council. [Jillian]
I absolutely felt a part of the team. I think the two mentors that I had in the
program, they did a phenomenal job making sure that I was on track, first of all with
the project, but also that I understood the mission and the purpose of CSF. [Alan]
Through my work at King County, I was able to constantly apply what I was learning in
class to things that were actually making a difference. [Sarah]
I mean there’s only so much you can learn from the book and then to actually watch how
it unfolds and to see the challenges and hiccups along the way and how can we in real time,
in real language, how can we respond to that and still meet the goals that we hope to. [Jessica]
I got exposed to having those conversations with lawmakers, learning how to navigate that
language and understand how things get done, and I draw upon what I learned in my internship
to do the work I’m doing now. [Jillian]
Currently I’m the legislative assistant for Representative Drew Hansen in the House of
Representatives for Washington state. [Sarah]
I’m the director of policy for Teachers United, and we are a, now in our third year nonprofit
and we work to bridge that gap and really build capacity of teachers to engage in policy. [Jessica]
Everybody was in this high-intensity one-year program and now dispersed back into the community. And we just met a couple weeks ago and people
were all over. There’s some in K-12, there’s some who’ve
gone to the East Coast or working in nonprofit. Everybody is doing something that they care
about and having a direct impact on the ground. [Jillian]
We’re all future leaders, and to be able to have that network and be connected to a larger
thing is absolutely amazing.

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