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Master Public Policy at Cal Poly – Mike Latner

Master Public Policy at Cal Poly – Mike Latner

I’m Mike Latner, professor in the political science department, and director of the Masters in Public Policy program at Cal Poly. Right now is an excellent time to be studying public policy and to be doing it at Cal Poly. Society is being transformed by the way that people access information and opportunity and expertise and that provides fundamental challenges for the way that we design policy and provide services to people. Our emphasis on leadership and social innovation is reflected in the broad diversity of students that come to study at our program. Some of our students are coming straight out of undergrad in fields as varied as agriculture, engineering, and the liberal arts We also have a number of returning students, people that are already professionals in various industries, active military, and social activists that are all interested in learning how to make the world a better place. One of the great things about my job is that faculty get to work closely with each of the students and we help them develop career paths that are not just economically fulfilling, but also empowering.

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