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Foreign Policy Analysis
Master of Public Policy and Administration – Colorado State University

Master of Public Policy and Administration – Colorado State University

(gentle music) – We have visitors coming to
Fort Collins on a regular basis from throughout the country
and around the world saying, “we’re interested in what you’re doing, there’s something unique
about this place.” What I love about this
partnership with the MPPA program in the city is we do see
ourselves as a working lab. We believe deeply that local
government can be great. The beautiful thing is the
University believes that as well. Colorado State is a great
research institution. Fort Collins is working
really, really hard to provide world class municipal services. If you bring those two entities together in a working lab environment,
what a fantastic opportunity. If there’s ever been a better
time to enter local government the time is now. We need to really equip future
leaders with making sure that people coming into this profession have the utmost highest level
of integrity and ethics. Recognizing our global
impacts around the country, whether it’s climate
planning, climate action, making sure that
communities aren’t left out. We don’t do things on top
of the hill any longer. These cities are co-created and so becoming really great
collaborators and partners and facilitators, I fully
expect that people are going to be prepared to enter this workforce. They’ll be employable,
they’ll be competitive and most importantly
they’re going to be entering the workforce in various roles where their work really matters and they’re really
going to have an impact.

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