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Master of Public Administration program at KU

Master of Public Administration program at KU

So you’re committed to public service, but not quite sure how to make it into a career? Consider earning a Master of Public Administration from KU. The MPA helps career-oriented public service professionals deliver on their promises. It helps them become leaders. I have a passion and a heart for helping others. The KU MPA offered me the comprehensive skills to effectively transform my passions into reality. Why come to Kansas to earn your MPA? Because the program works. US News and World Report ranks the University of Kansas MPA #1 in the nation for our program in City Management in Urban Policy. The MPA Program works. Our graduates are glad they came to KU for their MPA degree. They appreciate our strong alumni network. The education I received at KU is not limited to a moment in time I learned theories, methods, and values that have enabled me to be a lifelong learner in the profession. That’s the only way you can be successful in this business. Public service opens the doors to a variety of careers. Here’s what some of our graduates are doing now… They say the MPA degree from KU is worth it. The KU MPA was an excellent introduction into organizational operation. The program has allowed me to learn both in and out of the classroom. It’s truly incomparable. Let your success in public service start here. Contact us today and be part of a program that works.

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