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Foreign Policy Analysis
Master of Diplomacy at ANU

Master of Diplomacy at ANU

♪ [gentle guitar tune] (Lei) My name is Lei Xiying. It’s a Chinese name. My English name is Ray. And I’m studying Master
of Diplomatic Studies. Canberra is a very special city. Because I think it is a political core. And it is a political city. ♪ [music continues] We can find some
top level politicians and top level political
professors in here. The quality of teaching
is higher than high. They teach me how
to reach your dream. ♪ [music continues] (Dr. Harris-Rimmer) Hello, my name
is Dr. Susan Harris-Rimmer. I’m the Director of Studies at the
Asia Pacific College of Diplomacy at the Australian National University. Diplomacy at the ANU is a really
interesting place to study and practice of how world decisions get made, because we are very much
looking at the Asia Pacific region. And how the rise of Asia is impacting
the way global politics works. We teach you diplomacy
as a skill set as the 21st century skill set. What do you need to make it
in a globalized world? You need to be able to negotiate. You need to be able to
cross cultural boundaries. You need to be able to edit all
the information that you’re getting. And you need good judgement. And you need to be able to
communicate in a globalized society. That’s the skill set
that we teach our students. ♪ [gentle guitar tune]

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