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March 5, 2014 St. Petersburg, RU Legislative Assembly session

March 5, 2014 St. Petersburg, RU Legislative Assembly session

Chairman Yavlinski: Members of Parliament, I speak from party Yabloko and some members of coalition “Just Russia” Our common view is hat the document prepared for our approval is a completely incompetent document In other words, and I am responsible for every word I say, in this document almost nothing reflects reality. This document is a lie. That’s item 1. Item 2, I wish to report to the Members of the Assembly that the actions outlined in this document do not correspond with the RF Constitution Everything that the Federation Council adopted and everything that is outlined here contravenes with the RF Constitution & the international law For this reason no country in the world supports these actions, not even our closest allies Belarus, Kazakhstan This document and everything it talks about causes great damage to Russian Federation and to the national interests of Russia Damage which will be very difficult to rectify Furthermore, about the political side, I appeal to each one of you, to support actions directed at war with Ukraine is a crime Everybody who supports this document must know, if there will be bloodshed it will be on your hands Everyone must remember this for the rest of their life Finally, Members of Parliament, yesterday the President did everything to calm down the situation, but you continue to escalate it

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