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Mara Liasson speaks at UND’s Olafson Ethics Symposium

Mara Liasson speaks at UND’s Olafson Ethics Symposium

What ethical standards are in public
life are the key to a better politics. I’m here because of this lecture series
about ethics and I’m thrilled to be here in North Dakota. It’s not everyone who
gets a chance to come to North Dakota and I’m gonna be talking about ethics
maybe in a much broader sense about democracy and civil society and civic
virtue and everything that we’re experiencing now in our particular
political moment. So the question is what does it mean for ethical standards when
a political party only cares about ethics when the opposition party has the
white house. Teaching students how to be ethical and ways that you can be ethical
when put in tough situations is something very beneficial to students as
well as all of society. There’s nothing better for a student than thinking about
what comes next after graduation and one of the most important things is to
determine how you figure out your own moral compass your own sense of self and
who we want to be in the workplace and in your career and in your life. I think
it’s super important for you and need to hold events like this. I wish that I had
participated in more of these throughout my time at UND.

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