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Managing Documents With Predict360 Policy and Procedure Management Software  #PolicyAndProcedure

Managing Documents With Predict360 Policy and Procedure Management Software #PolicyAndProcedure

In today’s complex and competitive
business environment organizations must face and control the critical task of
managing their documents related to rules, regulations, policies and
procedures that go with their business and financial operations. While managing
such a crucial task of keeping track of the increasing number of policies and
procedures manually, most organizations are unable to handle the pressure of
ensuring compliance with their policies and procedures. Not to worry.
360factors has an efficient solution where you can manage all your
critical and important business documentation rules policies and
procedures with just a few clicks. With our Predict360 Policy and
Procedure Management tool you can effectively and efficiently control and
search all documentations under one software solution Predict360’s Policy
and Procedure Management tool is a single integrated cloud-based SaaS
platform where you can easily manage and add company documents, create folders, sub-folders and bookmark them for quick access. With the Predict360 Policy and Procedure Management tool you can save money and increase productivity while ensuring that your business information
stays accessible flexible and secure with your team to comply with the
changing standards regulations and policies in the business environment you
can also have the ability to initiate a workflow, set up notifications for your
team, navigate, add or rename your documents in a quick and easy way no
more chasing after paper files. Predict360s Policy and Procedure module allows you to easily manage a hassle free library, edit documents, give approvals
and locate your important business files and documents with great efficiency. You
can also rename your document files and see edit updates and information. With
its friendly user interface you can initiate workflow approvals, assign to
any user or user groups, set expiry date and even set instructions for it. You can
also create folders, sub-folders and documents by categorically naming them. aiming them. You can even set access rights for specific users or
user groups to view or edit the document. Predict360 can help you to streamline
your policy and procedure document management through accessibility
protocols, categorization and data migration features. Most importantly you
can set alerts to send notifications to individuals or groups on approvals or
following up on expiry dates. With so much interconnectivity you can always be
two steps ahead to ensure compliance with audit trails, revision control
approvals, electronic signatures, policy alerts, procedure acknowledgement, surveys and more. With Predict360’s efficient document management system an easy user
interface, you can maximize on your organization’s compliance and
productivity with a powerful and seamless dashboard, all your policy and
procedure features are pre-configured giving you full access to apply metadata
to all your documents with descriptions and references thus making it simple and
easy to track down all of your relevant documents instantly! So what are you
waiting for sign up today for a no risk 30-day free trial and let Predict360
help you to gain control, access and focus of all of your policy and
procedure documentation needs.

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