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MALAYSIA or PHILIPPINES – Which Country Is Better?

MALAYSIA or PHILIPPINES – Which Country Is Better?

We now journey into the part of the world known as Southeast Asia where we’ll be comparing the great countries of Malaysia and the Philippines And you guys get to decide which country Do you think is better welcome back to FTD facts guys my name is Leroy Kenton? And this is gonna be a great episode because we’ve touched on Southeast Asian culture before But not so heavily so a lot of you guys wanted to see a lot more about Southeast Asia So here you have it now before I continue guys Hit that like button and give this video a thumbs up and for all you new faces here watching FTD facts Hit that subscribe button and the Bell notification if you love learning about our world and all the amazing countries and cultures That are in it So let’s begin this episode by looking at Malaysia the Malaysia is divided into two parts Malaysian, Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia Malaysia is a 45th most populated country in the world according to the world population Review and that population is at thirty two point zero four million people the population density is ninety six point eight six people per square kilometre and the total land area of Malaysia is 330 thousand eight hundred and three square kilometers the Philippines is what is called a unitary sovereign state and island country in Southeast Asia But the majority of Philippines population actually live on just eleven primary islands the population of the Philippines currently sits at 106 million five hundred and ten thousand people and currently that makes the Philippines a twelfth most populated country in the entire world its Population density is 311 point one two people per square Kilometre the LAT area of the Philippines is three hundred and forty two thousand three hundred and fifty three square kilometers now Let’s get into the money of these two nations the currency in Malaysia is a Malaysian Ringgit and in the Philippines They use the P so and when we take a look at stats from 2016 Malaysia expert at one hundred and eighty four billion dollars making it the 20th largest exporter in the world and import one hundred and fifty six billion dollars Malaysia’s GDP is around two hundred ninety six point four billion dollars And his GDP per capita is nine thousand five hundred and two dollars and sixty seven cents So now let’s look at the top exports of Malaysia and now the first one was integrated circuits at twenty five point six billion dollars Then we have refined petroleum at ten point nine billion dollars and palm oil at eight point nine four billion Malaysia stop imports also include integrated circuits that sit at eighteen point five billion dollars and then refined petroleum at eleven point four billion dollars and semiconductor devices at three point two nine billion dollars moving on to the dollars of the Philippines now so the Philippines is a 41st largest export economy in the world their GDP is three hundred and four billion dollars and the GDP per capita in the Philippines is Around seven thousand eight hundred dollars looking at the top experts of the Philippines now Philippines have integrated circuits as its top at thirteen point six billion dollars Then there’s computers at four point four seven billion dollars and wood carpentry at two point seven eight billion dollars the Philippines imports now also includes Integrated circuits at the top at nine point five billion dollars cars are second at three point nine three billion dollars And then refined petroleum is third at three point five six billion now looking at the cost of living when we compare them to each other we take the capital cities of both countries and Compare the cost of living so when we look at the cost of living in cholera umpire Malaysia and compare it to the Manila in the Philippines we see that food is 17% higher housing is two percent less clothing is seven percent more and Transportation is thirty three percent higher personal care is 25 percent more expensive and entertainment is 9 percent more expensive So the cost of living in Calamba is fourteen percent more expensive than in Manila Philippines And now looking at the debt of these countries Philippines national. Debt is 125 billion dollars u.s. and the debt per capita is one thousand thirteen dollars now Malaysia’s national debt stood at 175 billion u.s.. Dollars so that concludes this side-by-side comparison of Malaysia and the Philippines Be sure to check out our military comparison of the Philippines and Malaysia That’s going to be appearing at the end of this episode or you can find it in one of the cards in this video Thank you guys so much for watching I want to hear your thoughts and comments down below and follow me on social media Those links are also below our until next time guys. I’ll see you soon Hey yet for all of you that made it to the end of this episode Don’t forget to check out this military comparison between Malaysia and the Philippines Keep it tuned in here each and every day at 2 ft DFACS to continue learning more about our amazing world

100 comments on “MALAYSIA or PHILIPPINES – Which Country Is Better?

  1. Ahh I was wrong I learn that Malaysia is a good country and Philippines and Malaysia are good friends

  2. My friend marries a Filipino woman. The first time he visited his wife's relatives, he was amazed to see that Filipinos practice many cultural aspects that only Malays in Malaysia do! Examples: (1) All Filipino male children are circumcised, just like all Malay children in Malaysia are (2) Filipinos conduct a small ritual riding circumcision ceremony whereby a small feast is organized whereby guests are invited, and boys to be circumcised are given cold bath for quite a while and to chew betel leaves so the won't feel the pain of circumcision, exactly what we Malays in Malaysia do too (3) Filipinos bow down when they walk in front and behind of other people especially of elder, exactly what we Malay in Malaysia do. (4) Filipinos eat with their hands, just like Malays in Malaysia do, and only with right hand, just like Malays in Malaysia – the left hand reserved for toilet purposes, just like Malays in Malaysia do.. It just shows we Malays of Malaysia and Filipinos are fellow Malays/Austronesian sharing same culture inherited from same ancestors. No need to make videos that pit these two sisterly Malay/Austronesian states against each other.I am a Malaysian Malay.

  3. comparing Malaysia and Philippines is like comparing blood relatives…Technically speaking the 2 countries shares same root genetically.

  4. I LOVE how the comments are like "Stop comparing us. Were like best friends. "
    I ADORE The Philipines because i've been there before! I'm Malaysian myself! I have a bestfriend who's from the philipines. Shes friendly and nice!

  5. Philippines could be the best.
    We have been on top far before they became what they are now. But due to social stagnancy and some bs happenings (Sabah, not to bring up an issue but is a crucial factor on why Malaysia's got the thing now than the Philippines), we had lost the prestige.
    But luckily, the Philippines stands firm on its reestablishment in the region as a powerhouse, and I can't wait to see the comeback of the glory Philippines once had.

    Malaysia and Philippines as well as their fellow ASEAN member countries should work for the collective development and progress.

    I have no hatred for Malaysians or bias for my nation, Philippines, but I am just stating a fact, and many would and should agree on it. Now that Malaysia and the Philippines are friends of each other, they can settle some of the past issues and come with a peaceful resolution to those, and continue to support each other in all aspects.

  6. Im from the Philippines, but i think we are not better, we are all equal so Malaysia is not better or worse than the Philippines, and the Philippines is not better nor worse than Malaysia. 🇵🇭 🇲🇾

  7. Philippines is also a Malay country Philippines and Malaysia has similar face but Filipino has a little bit whiter skin than Malaysian maybe because Japan colonised Philippines before they also have a similar accent some malay language has alot similarity to filipino language example


    🇵🇭 ❤ 🇲🇾

  8. In the history of the filipino. The people of the philippines are malay. They are from malaysia whose chose to find a place where they wnt to live with their wives and start their own race. There are 10 nalay datus found the island now is called Philippines using a balangay"sail boat" that brought them tobthe said island. I am a filipino and in our curriculum academics in college we study that. For me philippines amd malaysia should be a good friends to each other knowing that we have a history shared together.

  9. Both Malaysia and Philippines are good country' father is Malaysian and He loves our mother so dearly like my father loves Philippines..

  10. dude, when im working in europe, i as a malaysian met a filipino guy, and we both be friend like 2sec, its because we look alike. so stop makin us fight againts each other, man. Come on…


    dont compare i like the both country

  12. well in terms of developing : Thats malaysia, but in terms of world class talents, energetic, excitement, nature, sky crapers, COMBINED of asian +spanish+american culture and traditions! I VOTE PHILIPINES! unique !

  13. They are brothers, how they are brothers? philippines is a malay race same with malaysia dont start a fight or compare

  14. Love to see all the comment are positive from all people. We need more people like this
    Philipines is nice country too

    Love for Philipines from Malaysia

  15. infact malaysia is the old ancestors of philippines, filipino has a malay blood running through their veins thats why they shouldn't have a fight beacause they have same blood and raises

  16. No I am not agreed that Malaysian people are good because Malaysian people are different behave with foreigner people they have different behave with foreigner cos I have experience I been in malaysia 5 yrs that's why I left malaysia forever and I don't take respect especially malay people except Malaysian Tamil Chinese etc cos malay people bullying to the foreigner

  17. Don't make a war !!!! Please don't compare our country in the other country , b' coz all country are amazing…. Luv and care from

  18. Both are good and great countries. They might be difference in culture and infrastructures we learn to respect each other. From Philippines

  19. If philippine is better to live in why were they are coming to malaysia to work. And philippine are poor country bcos of their govt. Peoples so much suffer.. Hard to fine job and living. We malaysia are so relaxing to live we dnt suffer as philippine.

  20. We malaysians are very good friends to the Philippines. We are not interested in starting a war, instead, we help each other in hard and traumatizing times. Its wrong to betray your best friend.

    From a malaysian

  21. Dude Indo Phil Malay are part of asean and we get along with each other more than any other continent because we know were not too different and we love each other!! ❤

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