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#MakingHistory – Alumnus Mike Gipson – University of Phoenix

#MakingHistory – Alumnus Mike Gipson – University of Phoenix

Thank you for helping us
deal with homelessness in our community. Thank you for helping
me end human trafficking in our community. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m a public servant. Not to be confused
with a politician. I am Mike Gipson. I serve you as your
state assembly member. Born and raised not too
far from here in Watts. When our son was killed at
three years old he saw my wife and ran to her. And he was saying mommy, mommy. And a woman came down
a street and hit him. And so that changed
our entire life. It’s the reason why I
get up every morning, because I understand my why, I
understand my purpose is to try to make people’s lives better. I believe that each bill
that I author and sign are bills that’s going
to affect this community and the community I
was born and raised and all of California
in a very positive way. Mike is an incredible leader. He started off as
a youth pastor, then as a city commissioner,
city councilman, and now he’s in the state
legislature as assemblyman. People want to see
their elected officials. They want to reach
out and know that you go through the same exact
thing that they go through. My mother cleaned
rich people’s homes. My father was a truck driver. My parents taught me
the meaning of hard work and if you work hard it’s going
to pay off in the long run. For someone who grew up who
had a learning disability, who spoke with a stutter,
and thought that I wasn’t intelligent enough
to actually go to school. Feeling very insignificant
around friends who’d gone on to go
to college that I didn’t have that ability. Going on, graduating from
the University of Phoenix, that gave me
tremendous confidence and believing that I can. If someone can grow
up in Watts and defy all the odds and
the statistics that show that I should be dead, in
gangs, in drugs, and in prison. If you believe in yourself,
you can change the trajectory and create a paradigm shift
that will catapult you to your level of greatness. Each of us can create
the history we want. Black History Month is
not just about the past, it’s about creating
a new future. And it’s the future that
cause people to dream again. I want that when
the history books are written, that
they will reflect that this little boy who
grew up in South Los Angeles made a difference.

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