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“Looking like” Iran is to blame for Saudi oil attacks but U.S. doesn’t want war: Trump

“Looking like” Iran is to blame for Saudi oil attacks but U.S. doesn’t want war: Trump

now over the past few days fingers have
been pointing left and rice over who was responsible for last weekend’s drone
attack on critical Saudi Arabian oil facilities that seriously disrupted the
entire global crude market Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen insist it was them
but US President Donald Trump is strongly leaning now toward it being
Iran Kim bo-gyung reports the u.s. is again pointing an accusing finger at
Iran over last weekend’s drone strikes on two major oil plants in Saudi Arabia
speaking at the White House on Monday President Trump said it looks like Iran
was behind the attacks but stressed he does not want war with Iran but even so
Trump added that Washington has the best weapon systems in the world stressing
that the u.s. is more prepared for conflict than any other country in
history no I don’t want war with anybody but we’re prepared more than anybody we
have military power the likes of which the world has never seen
I’m not concerned at all I’d like to avoid it and we now have more ammunition
more missiles more rockets more tanks more we have more of everything that
we’ve ever had before however he said the u.s. is not looking at retaliatory
options until they have definitive proof Tehran was responsible the remarks
reflect a softer tone from the u.s. leader compared to previous days as
Trump tweeted Sunday that Washington was quote locked and loaded over Iran Iran
continues to reject the allegations though a saudi-led coalition claimed on
Monday that Yemen’s Houthi rebels carried out the attacks with Iranian
weapons Iranian president Hassan rouhani insisted the strikes were not linked
with his country and claimed there were a reciprocal measure by Yemeni people to
assaults against them Yemeni people are exercising their legitimate right of
Defense the taxol is a proko and the main solution is to hardest attacks the
solution for Yemeni crisis your source of political we believe in that Saudi
Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says internal investigations are still
ongoing to determine the source of the attack
last Saturday’s drone attack caused a temporary shutdown of the plants and
prompted global oil prices to spike Kim Morgan Arirang news

2 comments on ““Looking like” Iran is to blame for Saudi oil attacks but U.S. doesn’t want war: Trump

  1. If a war happined ,
    it will be the total destruction of petroleum refineries of saoudiens, emiratis and qataris around the Persian golf, ma ma mi ya,hope korea have enoughe petrole reserve!.

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