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Local gov’ts nationwide adopt tougher emergency measures to tackle COVID-19

local governments are implementing
various measures to prevent further spread of the epidemic courts are
postponing trials and hearings working hours for civil servants are adjusted
and so mayor vowed to certainly punish violators of the city’s ban on mass
rallies at public plazas Kim dummy zooms in on the actions being taken local
governments and nationwide are adopting stricter emergency measures to stop the
virus spread that includes a postponing hearings and courts on Monday the Office
of Court Administration recommended that courts across the country delay or
reschedule hearings that are not urgent the capital city whore is doing all he
can to stop the virus – at the safety management community meeting held at 10
o’clock this morning related organizations such as the local police
agency and the Korean Red Cross and civic groups discuss ways to strengthen
corporation also to disperse people during commute times starting Monday
over a seventy percent of government employees in the city will work from
10:00 to 7:00 instead of a 9:00 to 6:00 that applies to more than a 40,000 civil
servants across all 25 districts in the capital more than 5,000 kindergartens in
the city will be closed for the next two weeks but teachers will take shifts to
take care of children who can now get parental care at home Plus on top of 400
beds a newly prepared the city plans to secure a total of a more than 900 to
minimize a close-contact as much as possible mayor Park won-soon once again
a vow to ban all rallies and major plazas across the city all structures
set up for rallies and that do take place will also be taken down again most
of the participants in rallies and protests are elderly and more
susceptible to the virus we need to take tougher measures to protect the citizens
health congedo province has also taken emergency measures all churches in the
province will be closed and rallies related to the shin 20 turns of diseases
will be prohibited for the next 14 days Shin Chon ji is the religious group from
which a large number of confirmed cases in Korea have originated provincial
Governor General has urged the group to a list of those who live or work in a
congedo tsunami Arirang news

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