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Liz Truss: UK tax policy on tech corporations is ‘not a matter for the US’

Liz Truss: UK tax policy on tech corporations is ‘not a matter for the US’

The statement from the Trump
administration that we’ll be subject to retaliatory tariffs if we
proceed with the digital services tax is set to come in in April, seems an
early test of how we will fare in independent trade talks. Could the secretary of state tell us
if the government intends to concede to American pressure? Let me be absolutely clear. UK tax policy is a matter for the
UK chancellor. It’s not a matter for the US.
It’s not a matter for the EU. It’s not a matter for anybody else. And we will make the decisions
that are right for Britain, whether it’s on our regulatory standards,
whether it’s on our tax policy or whether it’s on anything else.

22 comments on “Liz Truss: UK tax policy on tech corporations is ‘not a matter for the US’

  1. UK tax policy is not a matter for the US. That is true, but US tax policies are not a matter for the UK either.

    You come after our companies, we come after yours. Simple as that.

  2. See the House is packed again with eager politicians all working hard to represent the people. πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

  3. January 31:
    UK Independence Day from Europe.
    UK Subservience Day to The US.
    UK will start adopting the American model in taxation, healthcare, social security… It would be amazing 🎊 πŸŽ‰ the middle class would love it so much πŸ₯³

  4. Hello there. I like to share that I am proud that you stand strong on self controlling over taxes and trade. Yes!!! Be strong and Independent. Brovo Brovo Brovo!!!! Christopher Miller 1-23-2020-7:25am EST.

  5. France has already backed down. UK will unfortunately be no different. Trump will spit his dummy out and everyone will run around apologizing – it's sad. The US should pay taxes – they're happy to take our money and collect our data for the own gain, why should we not get a cut of that!

  6. Where it is obvious that large multinational are not paying their taxes here in what many would consider to be 'sharp' business practice and where the Uk government only seeks to remedy this in a fair way I am sure a path will be found forward. I was kind of amused when it was reported that they would tariff our car industry to the US ….. do we actually sell significant amounts of cars to the US from the UK ?!?

  7. This is a world of shared interests. Is there really any 'free trade', in a world of subsides, quotas, sanctions etc. If the US does not threaten with car tariffs, they will find something else. In the end, the US whom have the 'biggest' guns, pointed close to their rivals, will call the shots.

  8. Threaten to tax ALL US companies… we could spend the proceeds on our military budget, then we would have the biggest aircraft carrier

  9. The US tech corporations, will pay taxes anyway, wherever they are located around the globe. The difference is here is in the UK our taxes will be competitive especially now after Brexit. The choices are do they want to pay more tax in the Eu or less tax in the UK.

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