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14 comments on “LIVE: Latest health news & numbers from across the country

  1. Why do you conservatives even pretend?
    If someone lies to me once … we’re done. But you immoral little freaks
    can be lied to daily by Trump – and you don’t even care. So why even pretend you have morals? You can fool yourselves, but the rest of us just pity you.

  2. So today, the U.S. leads the world in cases of Coronavirus. I know we've got a lot of people in this country but still. I remember a few weeks ago when everyone was talking about the first cases in California and Washington State. And here we are. I pray every night and every morning it's worse.

  3. The first incoming ship came in, we all knew its Coronavirus people. U.S. should Alert everyone to safe it up and start getting ready all the needs for everyone in U.S. things start it late…now, theres more infected it.

  4. Worst mayor of all times. Bill is an ass clown!!!! Why don't you give up your salary Billy boy. The Democrats are going to destroy n.y.c. that rudy Giuliani cleaned up and turned it in to a profitable clean city. From bankruptcy to safest city in rhe world all done by rudy Giuliani. With Democrats they will do everything they can to return new york to the new york city of the 1970s the Chinese biological weapons spill

  5. You all need to get semi trucks and trains to the underground FEMA camps and tunnels that have been stocking up on all the supplies of food, medical supplies, tents, respiraters, any and every need AMERICA needs to live. Lives are what matters now not your budgets you spent wasted on your on agendas instead of housing your homeless and the needs of your people working and paying in taxpayer money you throw away maybe this pandemic was started to cover your Greed losses of what you were given from the gov. for the people

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