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Lifetime – In God’s Country (2007) – Part 2

Lifetime – In God’s Country (2007) – Part 2

– It won’t be long
til we get to Harmony. – [Faye]: Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir. – Brother Thomas
is this all of them? – Yes. All the men are here. – Good. Edward Martin stand up. [Sniffling] These are your sins
revealed to me by the Lord. You have questioned the Prophet. You have monopolized
the loyalty of your sons. You have failed to keep
your wives in order. Salvation rests in obedience and you have not been obedient. Your wives are no longer yours. Your children
are no longer yours. Your Priesthood
is no longer yours. You are like a filthy rag. Now gather your things
and get you gone! George Collins. Stand up. This is your sin revealed to me by the Lord. You have disgraced
your Priesthood by unsanctioned
communication with a girl. You are like a filthy rag. ♪ When upon life’s billows you
are tempest tossed ♪ ♪ When you are discouraged
thinking all is lost ♪ ♪ Count your many blessings
name them one by one ♪ ♪ And it will surprise you
what the Lord has done ♪ ♪ Count your blessings
name them one by one ♪ – Morning. ♪ Count your blessing
see what God has done ♪ ♪ Count your blessings
name them one by one ♪ ♪ Count your many blessings
see what God has done ♪ – You’re working hard. – Mother Erleen says everything
has to shine, even the floors. – And here I am dropping
little bits of wood everywhere. I should be
more careful. – Don’t worry.
I’ll clean it up. – You’ll make
a fine wife someday. ♪♪ – Welcome, Prophet. – It’s good
to see you Josiah. – And you sir. – Community is
growing, prospering. – We’ve been very blessed. – What a beautiful smile. She’s going to make
a lovely bride. – Yes. – Welcome my dear.
You’re going to like it here. Construction company’s booming. The dealership broke a sales
record this month. – Very good. – With success comes
more scrutiny. – Yes there are many people on
the outside who would like
to see us destroyed. I need… I need
to tell you something. In complete
confidence. We’re under
such pressure. The people need a strong leader
to guide them. – There’s no one
stronger than you sir. – Well Josiah… I’m… I’m
not well. I’m going to
name a successor. Our people need someone
who can lead as I’ve led. – Well if you need my help,
I’ll do anything. Just ask. – I will. – Well there is one thing. – What’s that? – My stepdaughter, Charlotte.
She wishes to marry. – Tell me about her. – Well, she’s sixteen.
She’s beautiful. Lovely. – And how old is the man? – Seventeen.
– Hmmm… Well our young
girls need… older husbands
to guide them. Don’t you think? – Yes of course. You’re right. ♪♪ – I’ve got butterflies. – What if he doesn’t like me?
– He will. He’s been
chosen for you. – I wish my
mother was here. – It’ll be okay. It will really. There. That
should stay put. You’re a beautiful
bride. Did he say why? – [Sighing]: He thinks
I’m not ready yet. – So what now? [Sighing] – [Prophet]: Sister Pearl.
As senior wife, take Sister Faye’s hand and
place it in the hand
of brother Thomas. Fulfilling the law of Sara. Father Thomas, do you receive unto yourself
Sister Faye as your
lawful wedded wife? For time and all eternity in the new and
everlasting Covenant? – Yes. – Hey. First wedding
has started. – Uh-huh. I was finishing
my prayers. – You know. In a couple of years, It’ll be your turn to marry. So you must wonder… How do you know
you’ll make a good wife? How do you know
you’re developing properly? I mean most
of the girls get someone
to check them. – They do?
– Hm-hmm. In secret. And like the Fathers say: Every secret you keep
is a secret for God. I can check
you right now. It won’t take a minute. – Sister Faye.
Do you take Brother Thomas with the Covenant
and promise that you will keep all laws, rights and ordinances
in this holy order of matrimony. [Grunting and struggling] And this you do
in the presence of God angels and these witnesses of your own freewill and choice. – Yes. – You are husband and wife. – Get off of her! – [Prophet]: I seal you with the
blessings of kingdoms, thrones, principalities, powers,
dominions and exaltations. – Bitch. – Be fruitful and multiply. Go forth and
replenish the earth. Together. – Sweetheart,
I’m so sorry. – Mom it hurts.
– I know sweetheart. – I’m sorry.
– Don’t you dare apologize! – [Doctor]: Well it’s
a pretty bad break. She’s gonna need a cast six weeks at least. I also noticed there
was quite a bit of bruising. On your daughter. You said that Alice fell
but this type of break only happens when
the bone is twisted. – She… must’ve twisted her
arm when she fell. – Right. – Look if you don’t tell me what
happened there’s nothing
I can do to help. Okay. Well uh… I have to file
a report and child services will be
in contact with you. And as for you, let’s get that arm into a cast
shall we? What’s your
favourite colour? – [Judith]: Do you have purple?
– Well yeah sure. – Purple’s her favourite colour. She loves lilacs. – [Doctor]: Okay. – Just as… Adam was tempted by Eve sometimes our young men are
tempted by the serpent

80 comments on “Lifetime – In God’s Country (2007) – Part 2

  1. Wtf he's gotta be atleast 19 or 20 targetting a girl who is only 12? Sadly in their religion the younger the better.

  2. that poor little girl that guy should go to jail for trying to rap her and broke her arm he dont really even get in trouble for it

  3. The preacher is Paul Hornsby from General Hospital.Several wives and lots of kids.Not much different then A soap!!

  4. This movie is ..supposed to be based off true events that took place the sick bastard was arrested an is jail but he is still having someone continue with all the sick practices

  5. Jail the old perverts! It’s completely illegal! The one man and one woman shall become one as it has been from the beginning before man had corrupted The Way God had intended for a marriage to be. Or castrate them since they can not control their wicked lusts and meanness. The brainwashed women are also corrupt. Jail the ones condoning this also!

  6. I wouldn't be married to any of the men in there. All of them are pathetic and weak. If u listen to a stupid so called prophet on how u should run your household then maybe, he deserves to take your wife as his.

  7. Why would ANYONE chooae to live this way. I'm sorry but I was raised in a strict but loving,spiritual home. But there is no love…so why do they stay? It blows my mind

  8. He is the same profit as JC was … This is the outcome of believing in man … We have to believe in GOD and no another as he say in the Ten Commandments you shel not have another GOD upon my face . JC is not God . This is terrible.

  9. Well at least those young girls dont have to worry bout sex w these old ass men-they ain't got much dick size anyways…better for the girls & b over w fast…

  10. How this not illegal giving girls to thses old men this is just straight up gross and wrong last I checked that was statutory but I guess in thses religious communities the law is not real to them.

  11. Mormonism is NOT Christianity. Mormonism (LDS, FLDS) is a cult which greatly deviates from God's word the Bible.

  12. Lilith was the so-called serpent seductress, she created as an equal to Adam, in the fairytale world of the bible.

  13. Oh no, cannot ever allow the younger women to marry men closer to their own age for they must be saved and fed (sacrificed) to the older pedophiles within their pedophile network.

  14. I found this very hard to watch but I watched all the episodes. How sad that people can be brainwashed into thinking it is right that women and young girls can be treated in this way. This is so wrong on every level but sadly cults still exist and people think this is the right way to live.

  15. The man they chose with the glasses is too handsome. Should have chosen someone more average looking.

  16. 🤢🤮 I would have killed myself than marry that old fool!! Also @ 8:51 The mother should have NEVER lied for that sick rapist!

  17. It really pissed me off when sick people use God to spout their evil propaganda and use God as a mask to act like they are doing good when it's really evil

  18. The pedophiles in this movie deserve to DIE in jail. Sickos! Monsters! And the people lying and covering up for them also deserve to be punished!

  19. "The Prophet told you?"… "He thinks I'm not ready yet"… "So what now?"… RUN AWAY!! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!!!

  20. I escaped from that world in Utah. I don't know what is like to go to the mall on weekends hangout with my friends or have the cute guy ask me out to prom . My life was stolen and brainwash . Back in 2007 I was just a 14 year old CHILD force to marry an old 30 year old man. I still cry watching see how brain wash I was not knowing woman we're free to do whatever it please. Enjoy life have fun because someone out their doesn't know better .

  21. I have a daughter who is about the same age as that darling little girl – Let me just say that had that been my little girl in that situation – I can promise you that sick man would have been found dead and dick-less. The God that I serve has no tolerance for pedophilia.

  22. I was a waitress and waited on one of the wives from Warren Jeffries clan. They were with their lawyer. The woman wanted a coke. The other man with her refuses her request to have a simple coke. I felt sorry for her.

  23. Oh my God what kind of this people, even the young women there is freedom. I feel sorry of this woman's they are just holding their neck.

  24. I'm not against polygamous marriages as long as both parties are over the age of 18 and they are not arranged that both people are in agreement and want the marriage

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