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Leader of the Opposition – Legislative Assembly

Leader of the Opposition – Legislative Assembly

♪♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪♪ The Leader of the Opposition leads the party with the
largest number of seats in the Legislative Assembly
after the government. He or she is also
a shadow minister and sits here
on the opposition front bench.Leader of the Opposition.Thank you Acting Speaker.I rise to make
a few short remarks
with respect
to this legislation.
And I just wanted to cover off
on a couple of the concerns
that the opposition have
and why we would like
to be going into
consideration in detail
with this legislation.To ensure that we can understandhow this new medical fund
will work.
In question time, more formally
called questions without notice, the Speaker will usually offer
the first question to the Leader of the Opposition.My question is to the Premier.Premier you must admit
that your government
is failing to meet
the community’s expectations
on a range of
law and order issues.
Given this, what actions will
you be immediately undertaking
to rectify this
unacceptable situation.
The Leader of the Opposition will also play a major role
in debates in the house. ♪♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪

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