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LBCC – Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Part1

LBCC – Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Part1

good afternoon everybody please take your seats were about to
start a program I want to welcome you into today’s event my name is Jan power
and I have the privilege of introducing the 2015 Long Beach City College Alumni
Hall of Fame inductees we decided to change things up a little bit this year
by asking the honorees to come in together and that way you can recognize them all
together at once please hold your applause until all are introduced we don’t the long night honored this
afternoon ok first may i percent vice president of Molina Healthcare dr.
Martha Elena bernadette Long Beach Chief of Police Chief Robert community volunteer and leader Liz minor and finally we have this has been an
entrepreneur Kevin Nagel continued excellence for over 85 years
thank you very much and support the students today and in
the future I’d like to think the Foundation Board of Governors and ask
them to right at this moment and be recognized for their efforts in
fundraising recognized committee decided to take a higher level
this year by offering a full color tribute book as part of your part of the
festivities and you can see it on your table I’m very pleased to announce this
year that we raised almost $7,000 from this program from an ad and from you
taking a lunch and friend recognitions this is a great beginning and I like to
think my committee members and fellow foundation board members dr. Jeanne
Baxter and you can stand please call your name John Downey Jane left dusky
Jan how our little boy or Wendy Darling gail’s wander Jeff Williams and of
course our fabulous event coordinator Nancy yo ho please get them around and a special thanks goes to a porcelain
Blankenship who did the program layout and Camille Bolton way in the back over
there and I think clinton’s around here somewhere somewhere coordinating they
coordinate all the public relations activities for the college and John Hope
facilitating as the government believes on Cindy Haines ordinary all media
productions please thank your committee to putting on this event today 2020 14 2012 dr. Tom Clark 1976 john
cochran 2014 Maria cochran 2014 2014 Jana hall 1984 1988 2013 2001 1998 2010 2012 Dr Mario Molina 2002 Beverly
only in 1976 2009 UTC 0 2008 jacket teal 1975 and last one with your YouTube and
early as 2001 159 Long Beach City College Alumni Hall
obtain the Long Beach City College instructional video production services
department has compiled a wonderful historical gallery of previous inductees
the bases with the main was dinner program it will be shown during her
lunch John Hope director of communications
here Long Beach City College and and it’s my pleasure to welcome our elected
officials and their representatives to today’s event so as I announce them if
you can please hold your applause until each group has announced it has been
recognized would like to start with our very own Long Beach Community College
District Board of Trustees president Doug auto vice president Mr Gillett St
Dr Virginia Baxter trustee Jeff Cala now week from the California State Senate Senator
Janet Nguyen representatives from the offices of the
following federal state and local elected officials state senator assembly
member Patrick O’Donnell Los Angeles County Supervisor Don cannot be Long
Beach Mayor Robert Garcia and lovely city auditor Oradell thank you all for
being here very special guests that I’d like to
recognize our former Long Beach mayor and president emeritus of Long Beach
City College introduction we missed earlier Hall of
Famer take a moment to thank the elected
officials you sent proclamations and certificates in honor of cities
inductees so I encourage you all to take a look when you get a chance later at
these beautiful certificates after the ceremony and finally some pretty
balanced meals to those who made today’s event possible the Hall of Fame planning committee the
Alumni Office LBCC foundation instructional media services staff
academic computing and multimedia Office of Community Relations and Marketing
student volunteers SP cabinet presidents ambassadors and all the other staff will
help put together today’s event I’d like to stand and be recognized for all your
work program over to doctor to see so many
people here today and hopefully welcome new people and I hope you come back
again that’s why we’re starting the ceremony now so we keep this movie to
recognize my my predecessor in the 5th district director Tom who recently got
married there is general peter is generally for the California
Distinguished Alumni Award and he’s getting that award at the California
Community College League of California convention in November to
congratulations now I know what my guess is that today
for former added to the previous list of honorees each year and a half
solicitation and name occurs during the spring semester when nominations are
collected in the Alumni Office you don’t have your diaper change your I’m used to
silence back to the classroom I major in order to be considered as a candidate
the following criteria apply 10 years must have elapsed since the candidate
attended college the candidate must have a proven track record of achievement in
a chosen field their service in the community that candidate must have
gained local state and national recognition emphasis in consideration is
given to candidates who have continued relationship with the college normally
at this time I would be introducing president unfortunately he was called
the way for a family emergency but he didn’t want you to think he wasn’t
thinking of you and show our wonderful media production office produces video
which everyone and welcome to the hall of fame and I’m sorry could be here
today but it’s wonderful again to celebrate the great work for
outstanding alumni and this group of alumni is just as great as all the rest
I’m really sad that I couldn’t be here today but I’m really happy one more opportunity to celebrate Long
Beach City College and its great speaking of alumni I want to thank all
of the students who are here today and supportive of the whole way particularly
associated student body sore great bunch of students who come out in support of
this event and who will one day have the opportunity to be standing here today
and I look forward to that day thank you all for coming particularly I
want to thank dr. Virginia baxter et College Foundation for their great work
and helping put together this event to celebrate the great achievements of our
outstanding thank you all for being here and I hope you have a wonderful ceremony
and I look forward to hearing about it when I get back to campus have a great
afternoon is vice president of administration
college today future inductees students being
educated and outstanding facilities cycle continues and the future remains
bright behind the great history and future of this college together are the
thousands and thousands of students walked the hallways of our campuses
students who have been educated by cable members of the faculty they have
prepared themselves in classrooms labs and production home all parts of
facilities which have needed to change with the times in order to make the
educational experience that skirt as possible staff and student have her results in
individuals can significantly contribute to society students who attended always do you see
a select few become members of our hall of fame and service important examples of the
power of education they have not only become leaders continue to serve as role
models workers Beach Police Department is dedicated to
providing laundry services seventh largest city and to the Port of
Long Beach Long Beach transit and this is the world of work for next Hall of
Fame nominee Police Chief Robert Luna Luna has worked most of these
assignments including swat homicide drug and gang investigations Metro Detective
Division Field Support Division canine operations and communications in his 29
years with the department Mayor Robert Garcia and city manager Pat west through
the attic about their choice of Luna as the 26 police chief for the city Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia has this
to say about Robert chief is really a cop’s cop he’s incredible leader in the
police department he’s compassionate he’s thought his
creative he’s always thinking about not just police see a bit ways that we can
really help our youth in our community the biggest thing about the chief we all
know this is that he really has a huge compassionate hearts graduations again chief city manager Pat West comments on
my robert is the best person to lead our Police Department he’s served the city
with distinction and all areas of policing whether it’s been a patrol
deputy chief and now of course chief of police he continues to bring innovation
to make this a great safe city Robert Luna is not someone who simply passing
through he’s been here for a very long time and he’s giving it his heart and
soul and I congratulate chief lunar for the wonderful job it is doing for the
City of London commander Lisa Lopez winner of the Chiefs Leadership Award
sums up why she loves to work for Robert very much enjoyed working for chiefly
because I have found him to be very collaborative and the kind of person who
sets a great example for people he doesn’t expect anything from his
employees that he isn’t willing to do for himself he takes on great challenges
he’s the kind of leader but I described as a person who’s all in he puts in
tremendous ours is very active in the community and he truly doesn’t deny any
employee the opportunity to meet with him to discuss issues that they feel are
important grew up in a lower-income area of Los
Angeles but claims he never felt poor because of his wonderful family he made
his career choice watching first responder TV shows such as Adam 12 an
emergency or Luna becoming a police officer was a childhood dream but he
felt he couldn’t tell too many people because of his peers and negative views
of authority he draws on is less than positive interactions with the police as
a young man to help him understand the communities they remind him of his
childhood graduated in 1984 from Santa Fe High
School where he participated in football and track attended Long Beach City College there
is general education requirements and majored in administration of justice at
age 18 while attending LBCC una meta Long Beach police sergeant had a career
day they struck up a conversation and within a couple of weeks he signed up
for the Long Beach Police Reserve Program he loved being a reserve officer
so much that he worked at least 10 hours a week even though he was only required
to work 10 hours each month on his 20th birthday he went straight to
civil service and applied for the police academy throughout his career Robert could count on the unwavering
support of his family who are extremely proud of his accomplishments at every
step on his way to the top one is a from LBCC chief moon is advanced education
includes Master of Public Administration and Bachelor vocational education
degrees from California State University Long Beach and further training with the
FBI Harvard and USC he’s married to wife salinas and has two children daughter
sexy and son Asher they enjoyed traveling in family outings and by the
way has it that he is an avid Steeler fan seafood enjoys opportunities where
he is able to volunteer his services or mentor youth and the importance of
education a strong work ethic and personal
responsibility is crime prevention and reduction coupled with his bilingual
abilities and dedication to public service have given him the opportunity to
maintain productive and trustworthy relationships between the police
department and the community it probably serves his exemplary work as a community
leader for its public service on the Long Beach Police Department president
Ortiz Oakley and the Long Beach Community College District Board of
Trustees probably induct Police Chief Robert it to the 2015 Long Beach City
College Hall of Fame all pictures especially when you start
looking at the old hairdos rather embarrassing but I can’t tell you how
how much of an honor and a privilege it is to receive this award I’m truly
humbled by the whole thing I want to thank Mark Taylor for the nomination lawyer for your influence not only for
this but Grant retired many years from our police department the years of
service you provided to our city as a police officer and then how many lives
his influence in a classroom too many to name so thanks grant wanted to thank
President Oakley who wasn’t able to be here obviously he’s been a big influence
to do Gado thank you for your friendship and your consideration for this however
I want to point out that anytime any of us get any recognition for anything and
that was outstanding video it’s not about me it is about everybody around me
it starts off with my white home I couldn’t do what I do if she was in a
supportive taking care of our children and people always ask me what’s the most
important job you’ve ever had or you have it’s been a father a husband
leadership starts at home and I couldn’t do it without my wife salinas my staff
Julia Lee sorry here there what makes everything tick I can’t tell you how
honored I am to have sure if McDonnell here my my boss right before this and
such a big influence on my life not only my personal life but my professional
life and then the employees at the Long Beach Police Department ladies and
gentlemen people walk up to me and say can you be a police officer or a police
executive in these tough times because of everything going on around the
country I look at them and smile and I see I would rather be with nobody else
in the police officers that i’ve seen served with the last thirty years this
profession is in my opinion second to none the heroes they done this uniform 24 7
they leave it all on the field every day for all of us I also want to point out
that it’s it’s obviously awesome to get this recognition but when you talk about
Long Beach City College and getting something from Long Beach City College
I’m telling you right now I got my gift from Long Beach City College back in
1985 when I first walked on this campus spoke to a police sergeant and he put me
on a path to be in Long Beach police officer there was no greater gift the
career that second to my family and the good Lord above I love nothing else
other than the Long Beach Police Department and the people that I work
with every day and a half for the last year so fulfilling that dream was truly
the biggest gift anyone can offer me so this is this is just as good but just as
important but you’ve given me a huge gift I remember just somebody really
quick Beverly crawl if any of you remember Beverly as a young police
officer trying to find myself guiding myself to get the best education I could
remember the hours I spent with her when she guided me inventor of me and put me
on a path and educational path to succeed and that’s important it’s
important because I achieved my first degree here at Long Beach City College
the first one in my family to graduate from college my mom reach the third grade my dad
reach the ninth grade education wasn’t always the priority it was surviving and
they did a wonderful job and I love them both in glad to be here but again there’s no
doubt that Long Beach City College had a major impact on me personally and
professionally it provided me not only with a quality education but gave me
confidence hope and opportunity and mentorship and what else can a man ask
for you gave it all to me so again you always will have a special place in my
heart thank you so much and obviously I’m a big fan so I will hopefully be
around this college for many years to come thank you very much Long Beach City College Board of
Trustees administration faculty Associated Student Body and the Long
Beach City College Alumni Association it gives me great pleasure special pleasure the quintessential volunteer Elizabeth
elva gail was born in Rapid City South Dakota not far from here and if this
were a monument to volunteerism loses head would be right up there with the
rest of these guys her career as a volunteer started early on the home
front during world war two many volunteers needed socks scarves and
sweaters to keep american soldiers warm it was a big part of pop culture provided warmth and comfort for the
soldier and therapeutic distraction for the knitter in 1941 life magazine even
explain how to knit as a young girl scout Liz knitted caps for the
servicemen after the loss of her father Liz her mother and her sister Barbara
moved from the ranch in the Badlands to Long Beach to be closer to family
members she enrolled in the 10th grade in 1945 at Long Beach Poly high school
and immediately became involved in a number of service clubs and
organizations while maintaining superior grades after school she volunteered
working with kids at the long beach day nursery for this and for her work with
the red cross and March of Dimes she was already receiving recognition and awards
including this prestigious one from the Daughters of the American Revolution at
Long Beach City College Liz was involved in TNT and participated in silky day the
college’s spirit day which consisted of a caravan to Irvine Park and involve
such activities as commute sting tug of war back braces and ink drawing contest
between freshmen and sophomores in 1951 Liz met the love of her life
very minor on a blind date soon they were married and Liz was swept up into
the whirlwind that was his career gary was a player and a Hall of Fame
Award winning scout with a 65 year career in baseball during his lengthy
career in professional baseball listen harry lived and worked in every
state in the Union and traveled throughout Europe Japan China and
Australia they raised four children Debbie Bob
Mackie and Steve and have nine grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren
many of them also volunteer in Long Beach and other areas served her
children and grandchildren schools as PTA president carnival chairman Andrew
mother this earned her an honorary life membership in the california Congress of
parents and teachers liz is also a life member of camp fire girls where she
received numerous awards and pins he was also instrumental in forming both the
bobby socks league and the basketball nightly for the girls in Long Beach
board member in Foundation director Virginia Baxter has this to say about
live list by owner is the epitome of a volunteer when I met her I was so
impressed with her devotion to the life of our city she is in many organizations
and gives completely of herself and yet she’s humble and practical and a real
inspiration and serving as a role model for her stools congratulation friend and fellow Hall of Famer Mary
Alice prolly tell us what it’s like volunteering with live I would like to
share with you a few things about loose minor that have been very special to me
we have worked with the Long Beach Center Guild of ability first to provide
charitable funds through our and booty luncheon and fashion show one of the
groups that we were in was the Children’s Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
known as the nightingales we worked in the gift shop to raise funds to help the
needy children another group was the steel magnolias to
help us raise funds to support to strip ski center for children in need also the dramatic arts group who give
scholarships to worthy recipient attending Long Beach City College in Cal
State Long Beach congratulations lose well-deserved Liz was honored by Rick
crackers as Woman of the Year and also received the Ruby award from the server
Optimist Club continues to give her time and talent to many organizations in the
community as a volunteer executive board member or fundraiser for her work in making a difference in
the life of our city for being a model for volunteerism by making life better
for the less advantaged for her humility and inspiration to others and for
leaving a legacy that will be evident for generations to come president UARTs Oakley and the Long
Beach Community College District Board of Trustees proudly induct Elizabeth
scaleminor into the 2015 LBCC Hall of Fame

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