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Late Policy Reminder

Late Policy Reminder

English students are both
English 103 and my creative writers are in terms of poetry.
I wanted to send out just a quick announcement to you to
remind you of one of the policies in the syllabus just
simply because it is the beginning of the semester and
sometimes it’s a little different than what some
instructors do within their classes and that has to do with
the late policy. I know for some of my classes. I talked about
that. For some of them. I didn’t so I just want to remind you of
that. I’m going to share my screen with you here. So that you can see one of like
what’s a typical Moodle page. Remember our syllabus can be
found over here in this little navigation that pops out so when
you click on the course syllabi. My late policy is the same for
all classes essentially and so we can find that late policy. On our page 5 of the syllabus
and largely what this says, is that within the classes. I don’t
accept late work except for the major assignments and what that
would mean is for my English, 104 classes that would be the
annotated bib and the research proposal and then for my poetry
classes that would be the first poems as well as the meta
essays, OK, so please take a look at that on page 5 know that
you need to make sure that you get that working on time we do
have assignments coming to you today. Oh, that won’t be able to
be made up. That means printing off the syllabus. Getting that
picture posted for the roster and then bringing that last page
of the syllabus to class OK. So hopefully this clarifies
anything that may be unclear. Right now, but most importantly,
it helps you understand the one of the major policies for the
course in terms of allowing you to be successful in knowing that
we get everything in on time so that we can get the points for
it. OK thanks everyone and I will see you in class on the day
that we have class. And stay brilliant.

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