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Kristinn Hrafnsson, Editor-in-Chief of Wikileaks at ‘Imperialism on Trial” on May 1st 2019

Kristinn Hrafnsson, Editor-in-Chief of Wikileaks at ‘Imperialism on Trial” on May 1st 2019

[Music] you we’re privileged unexpectedly to be able to welcome as the next speaker the head of WikiLeaks Christian welcome to the meeting [Applause] [Music] Thank You George thank you all and I’m happy to be here it’s been a very busy day I my mind is full of anger actually after today’s sentencing that you’ve all heard of it was a great shock to be in court today and observing a judge basically dismissing every mitigating and strong evidence in support of Julian Assange the jutsu obviously had pre-written the decision before she heard the counter-argument it was quite obvious and then giving Julian Assange well de-facto the maximum sentence of a year imprisonment minus two weeks this is absurd this is no justice this is a vindictive and a political decision and my god there was a question going through my mind will we ever have any justice Whittle Julian Assange have any justice in the tough fight that we have ahead of us which is fighting the extradition in the United States where we all know what awaits him life imprisonment possible death sentence for the crime of publishing truthful information for doing journalism it’s an outrage and I’m still angry and I I’m sorry if I’m expressing it in stronger terms but it is are we seeing a total breakdown in every norms I was seeing a total dismissal of justice on every front just not not just national but also international I was observing the judge today mocking the United Nation and the finding by a respected tribunal basically a United Nation Court who found in Julian Sansa’s favor she was mocking the finding and say that it was all based on misunderstanding and it doesn’t even touch upon us we don’t have to abide by that it doesn’t really matter what the United Nations say and the judge was echoing the words of the former trial former foreign secretary of this country who said exactly the same so the United Kingdom government and the judiciary here has decided that the United Nation do not matter you can dismiss it when it when it when it is is not ruling in your favor when it doesn’t suit your political objective at the same time it just the judges and the political leadership in this country are saying well nobody has above the law Julian Assange is not above the law but who is claiming to be above international law and consensus about core values it is the government of its country and the judiciary here well Julian Assange have any justice facing the extradition requests by the US government in the court in this country I doubt it but we will fight on we will we will not give up because it’s a fight about fundamental principles it’s mostly ignored by the media the mainstream media as well which is alarming for the first time today I sensed in the eyes of the many journalists are told you maybe an inkling of what it actually meant to them their security their future their jobs if this extradition would be allowed to go ahead I think they are slowly getting it and it’s about time I was just reviewing you know I had to stop on my way here to do to to read over an interview that I had was passed to me and with a German weekly where I was asked its Julian Assange a journalist or an activist I said is that a question I mean if you’re an activist fighting for transparency for accountability for truth that is that activism well I called it journalism I was raised on that principle so there’s no difference in my mind somehow in its out distorted world that we have been led into there’s a distinction here so what does journalists journalism mean today to people who ask questions of that nature well it’s obviously not being critical to power to hold them to accountable and I was reflecting today as well many people were asking me what can we do I would say actually lacking words I would probably be better to taking advice from you I’ve been in the mainstream media for 20 years I’ve been with wikinews for 10 years it’s my carrier I was I’ve been trying to be a dedicated honest journalist and the values have never changed but I’m feeling that we are coming to a juncture where things actually are breaking down totally all the norms everything we believe in in the democratic principles when Julian Assange the other day was was awarded the Italian Casilla award by the European Parliament one of the members of the year the panel said that the extradition demand by the u.s. is extraterritorial power the reach which obtains taken for granted now you mentioned honey it’s it’s absurd he said this is this is not tack on European democracy our principles on this end and it has to be thought what can we do can we trust the politicians can we trust the judiciary can we trust the mainstream media you tell me I told people it’s time probably to mobilize to take to the streets to actually let people know to demand justice we can’t take this anymore I’m in motion about this today is my 18th birthday of my daughter my younger child what kind of I feel ashamed that I am sort of been trying for 30 years as a journalist to fight for some principles what kind of world am i delivering to my children why what is I feel ashamed that I’m delivering to my children about a world in a much worse place than at Wars even decades ago even threw him in the Nixon era it’s absurd Daniel Ellsberg once told me the person who leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971 he said my god if if I had been doing this today under under the secret courts the grand juries the the the fists of power crashing down everywhere I would not see a day outside prison I would have spent the rest of my days in prison so we are worse off today than we were in the early 70s in the Nixon era that is pretty chilling that is bad I wish I could leave me with a positive note the only thing I can tell you is that we will not give up wickless was will not perish we will get our sounds free I was asked by the same journalists will weeklies be alive in ten years I said well my mother is born in 1941 at that time there was a British Empire where the Sun never said it has diminished quite a bit so empires her tendency to exponentially actually diminish in power these days we have now one Empire presiding with extra territories all over the world in ten years we don’t know about the Empire but I will put my bet on WikiLeaks and the ideals that weekly self or to be alive in ten years that’s for sure thank you [Music] you you

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  1. When he ZIONALD was a candidate; his
    convenient cry was 'LOCK HER $hilter UP". Once he had the POWER AS POTUS, his
    CHUMP/ shame on you sceert service/ shame on you both pro WAR PARTIES OF USA.

  2. Excellent speakers here 👍👍👍
    THESE ARE THE TRUE GOOD GUYS… World 🌍 TAKE NOTE… before it is too late to chose your side! 💕✌️

  3. So says the man who is voting for Brexit . A man who is helping to turn the world back to nationalism as if it has any solutions . Surely in a very decidedly objective sense , with Galloway who needs enemies ?? Because if Assange stands for anything it is Internationalism. What Julian has committed is a revolutionary act . In telling the truth against Imperialism and nationalist interests he is the opening salvo of what revolution is really about… the truth!!

  4. Any justice? There is only JustUs, laws enforced for the elite capitalists only, who have used 1984 and Brave New World as operating manuals.
    God Bless and Protect Julian. A true hero to Democracy.

  5. The spirit of the anti-Christ is here, and the big war is upon us. We know who's behind this and what they plan on having: rule the world from Jerusalem with their stupid 3rd temple and mochiak. The US empire is being planned to fall for another one in the ME to take its place.

    We have no one to blame but ourselves. We let them set up the unconstitutional Federal reserve over 100 years ago. They have taken all that profit, bought up all the politicians, all the judges, all the pastors, and all the big corporate giants. Similarly they have done the same to Europe. God help us all.

    Yes, get on the street and protest this injustice, but you must talk about what has allowed this power to fester. Central banks and fiat banking. Period. Everything comes from the control of money. And even though our founding fathers codified it in the Constitution, they still had their way-again.

    So, what should we do when they eventually lose against a higher power that will strike them down? How will we not repeat this in the future?

  6. First they came for Snowden, then they came for Manning, and then they came for Assange! What’s the crime? Exposing the truth! Humanity the time is now to fight for our freedom or you will be next! We the people have the power! But we must act now! The time is NOW!

  7. thanks for the reupload in shorter video i guess its ok to copy and upload in my chan? Also, its sad we non-english speakers cannot discern the names of all the speakers:(

  8. can you isolate and upload if possible al;so the speeches of others in this event

  9. You can fire up your seo for your channel if you transcribe your video and paste a summary in the description:) Then google crawwlers can lead ppl googling ''assange'' here and understand what is going on. There is a lot of misinformation and most ppl dont get what heppned, who is assange, who is manning, and what is wikileaks:/

  10. Yo Google-execs, I know you're reading this because of my ridiculously impactful status on YouTube (with the 100 million views on 1 video), you should do something about this. I mean seriously, this is ending the little respect me and my family had left in justice or government or authority figures. This is it for me. I can't explain this away to my 8 year old, she'll hear the truth, not some bullshit twist of it. And like Kristinn, I'm embarrassed to even have to try and explain this to my offspring. Someone tell me how to NOT create anarchist youth the world over resulting from corruption like this. Who are they freakin' kidding?

  11. Mainstream media is a part of the establishment propaganda machine.

    I think we are nearing the end of civilisation.

  12. On a more immediate level, this is what we're dealing with (i.e. many of the old guard Roman neo-liberal souls unfortunately reincarnated here and presently holding positions of power): Renegade Inc: And Forgive Them Their Debts On a much deeper/creation-wide level, this is what we're dealing with: You, ETs, Earth, and the Cleansing Purge of Creation (7-25-2018) And the entire transition is due to: The First Being's Legacy of Abuse, Disease, Chaos, Destruction (12-4-2016) We are literally living in UNPRECEDENTED times of transition on and off this planet from the old format of creation (ascension through abuse) to the new (honor, compassion and equality), so we have to expect some hardships, especially from those who refuse to give up their abusive control-over delusions of power. So don't give up the fight of right-consciousness!

  13. This world the way it’s going is very scary,I’m the mother of a19 year old…..if I would have known what I know now,I would never have brought a child into it and that really hurts me.Free Julian Assange UK,he’s a HERO not a criminal and of course UK government You’s know this but still you try to destroy this wonderful man,how can You’s sleep at night…I’ll tell you why because you’re psychopaths there is no other explanation. Julian they can take your freedom for now but their day will come.🙏🙏🙏

  14. Oh wow!!! The way he ended that speech !!! Holy shit!!! I'm so amped !! That needs to be transmitted to all TV screens in the world

  15. I REBUKE ALL EVIL….IN THE NAME OF JESUS THE CHRIST…!! Aussie Girl Hey Mates!! Cheers!.x👍🐨😇💕

  16. Everytime I tried to comment this keeps shutting down.
    Yes we are seeing a breakdown
    This world is in the hands of globalist evil. How things will turn out I have no idea.
    I'm bloody sick of it all. We see the evil getting hold more and more.
    They are all corrupt. The whole lot of them.

  17. Agree Lady Justice is a fraud. I am furious as well as any person with a functioning moral compass should be. Now is the time for those of us with a desire to live in a world of honesty and integrity and true justice to support
    Wikileaks however we can either financially or physically.

  18. We are experiencing rule by the largest European and American corporations. They actually control almost all elements of the media. The NSA's surveillance apparatus is at the service of these corporations and the US government is completely controlled by these same banks and corporations.

    Our democracies are dead.. Corporations are unaccountable and they will kill to keep it that way.. We are fucked.

    I was stunned to see how quickly news “presenters” like Rachel Maddow call for all out war on little or no evidence. Her daily copy is highly crafted language designed to inflame and allow for plausible denial. There is no requirement for evidence and speculation becomes fact.

    A friend is visibly angry at Julian Assange.. I asked why?

    “Because he gave away secrets!”

    I asked, “What were the secrets.”

    He didn't know. If I tried to give him the other side of the story, I would be met with anger and hostility.

    This shit is right out of Orwell and I am beginning to feel like Winston Smith..

  19. Porque o que eles entendem de jornalismo, é que contêm e recontêm, como eles querem deixar registrado.
    É mostrar fotos de destruição.
    É que mostre corpos e terras devastadas.
    É que mostrem como os bancos "são bons emprestando mais somas de endividamento".
    É mostrar poderío de armas.
    Nunca foi 'jornalismo' na visão deles, antever, denunciar horrores programados, ou simplesmente ter consideração e respeito pela vida alheia.
    Máfias corporativas contam com tropas governamentais.
    Suborno político é prática histórica.
    O que através da atividade cibernética são atos de amor, contemplação pela vida.

  20. What on Earth is going on with people who have been “educated” taking blindly the side of all these putrefact sistems of the world? it is shockingly worrying. When would we all stand up to the bullies that separate us and “rule” to their own greedy needs these world? When we all in unity no matter creed, beliefs, nationalities and colours cry out for FREEDOM of speech? We put the governments in power, therefore we deserved to know the truth. We pay our taxes, we work hard to sustain the economies and make rich people reacher, therefore they OUGHT us the TRUTH.

  21. Free the people's hero Julian Assange!!! uk is clearly a fascist state no Democracy no justice shameful!

  22. Julian is a barometer of our times. His existence, his future hangs on a continuum. A continuum which is the difference between fascism and counter revolution at one pole , and revolution and internationalism at the other. His freedom or his death is intimately tied to what we do now. The subjective factor is down to the revolutionary leadership of the working class . I urge all to join the only revolutionary party out there. The Socialist Equality Party

  23. British judge seems like all she is is a sellout who is BOUGHT BY THE DAMN SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What do you think everybody!?!?!?

  24. your fight, fighting to free Assange, is a fight to free us all from this sick world . Never give up. Thank you <3

  25. In hind sight I wish now that Julian would have taken secret refuge with Tibetan monks or anyone other than government embassies, ETC. Tommy Becker's comment

  26. There is a way OUT of this mess. DDP´s and DDR´s, change to Democracies of Direct Participation and Democracies of Direct Representation.. CoGoverning in an AutoGoverned System between People and their Public Representatives. I´m working it in Argentina. FULL SUPPORT TO JULIAN. 1x1_yattah

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