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Foreign Policy Analysis
Korea’s foreign affairs committee adopts resolution condemning Japan 외통위, 일본 야스쿠니 참배망언 규탄결의안 채택

Korea’s foreign affairs committee adopts resolution condemning Japan 외통위, 일본 야스쿠니 참배망언 규탄결의안 채택

A foreign affairs committee at the National
Assembly has passed a resolution. that denounces Japanese officials. for visiting a war shrine
that glorifies the nation’s military past. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, meanwhile,.
has taken a step back from his recent hawkish remarks on historical issues. Arirang’s Hwang Ji-hye has the deatils. The
Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee at the National Assembly on Friday adopted
a resolution. that condemns Japanese leaders for their recent visits to a controversial
war shrine and their recent comments that seem to indicate a denial of the nation’s
wartime aggressions. The resolution defined the recent remarks
by Japanese politicians and officials. as irrational. and added. that they’re an act
of provocation in terms of diplomacy. The resolution said. that the remarks are
leading to a worsening of bilateral ties between Korea and Japan. and damaging peace and stability
in the Northeast Asian region. It also urged the Japanese leaders to sincerely
apologize to those who have suffered from Japan’s military past. and called on the Korean
government to take diplomatic measures to change Japan’s awareness of history. The resolution will be sent to the National
Assembly’s plenary session on Monday. Meanwhile,. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo
Abe said Friday. that he didn’t want his remarks on historical issues to be taken as being
political,. saying that it’s up to experts and historians to judge such matters. Analysts say. that Abe’s comments suggest
he may be trying to take a step back from his comments. in order to calm tensions in
and outside Japan. Hwang Ji-hye, Arirang News.

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