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Korea and Japan engage in rare show of cultural diplomacy   윤병세장관, 한일문화행사 참석

Korea and Japan engage in rare show of cultural diplomacy 윤병세장관, 한일문화행사 참석

Korea and Japan put on a rare show of cultural
diplomacy at an event earlier this Sunday. It′s leading observers to speculate as to
whether this will be the beginning of a thaw in relations between the two countries.
Hwang Sung-hee reports. A rare show of cultural diplomacy between
Korea and Japan is raising hopes for improved relations between the two neighbors.
Sitting side by side, Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se and Japanese Ambassador to Korea
Koro Bessho enjoyed the 2014 Korea-Japan Festival in Seoul on Sunday.
This marked the first time Minister Yun attended the annual event. “Holding these events more frequently will
not only improve relations between the people of the two countries, but also of the two
governments.” On the sidelines of the festival, the two
diplomats discussed ways to mend their strained ties, which have tumbled to a new low in recent
years due to disputes over historical facts and territorial claims. “We both agreed, we had a little chat afterwards,
that next year should be a special year in which Japan and Korea should make a fresh
start towards a closer and friendlier relationship.” The meeting comes amid speculation about a
possible summit between President Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on
the sidelines of the APEC summit in November in Beijing.
The two leaders have not met since taking office. “But whether these cultural exchanges will
be enough to break the ice between President Park and Prime Minister Abe remain to be seen.
Hwang Sung-hee, Arirang News.”

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