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Komsomolskaya Pravda Interview with Anti Imperialist French Volunteer Fighters in Donbass – Eng Subs

Komsomolskaya Pravda Interview with Anti Imperialist French Volunteer Fighters in Donbass – Eng Subs

We’re part of a Eurasian network, a political and geopolitical alliance. First, we saw this revolution in Kiev, which was supported by the West, then we saw the aggression against the people of Donbass and we realized that the real revolution was here, not in Kiev. And we decided to come and help I know that you had some problems crossing the border Russian Security Services at the airport controlled our luggage with great interest because it contained military clothing and equipment and they saw that we’d already been to Ukraine once and arrived in Rostov to establish a first contact. One of us got into Ukraine without the proper paperwork (illegally) and the rest as tourists. We took the occasion to visit Maidan and it was like a movie set The ideological people were gone, what remained was poor people selling souvenirs So we went to the East. There was nothing left of the so-called revolution How many days you stay here (sic)? How many months? A little over a week. For the time-being, we stay with our unit and don’t participate in the combat We’re waiting for orders from our command. What do you think of the Ukrainian Army? – We had the opportunity to casually meet people from Ukraine and talk with some in Kiev They were very demoralized The do not like Russia but they don’t want to fight. They understand that the pro-Russian forces aren’t terrorists and that this is a real war- a conventional war. They have no fighting spirit left. As we drove here, we had the opportunity to see the Ukrainian army – – they are very tired, abandoned, without material support, lost … That spectacle was very helpful for our morale Of course, when we saw the bombings, the city being shelled, we noted it was being shelled from Ukrainian positions. and their goal isn’t to hit military targets. As a rule, their targets are purely civilian, industrial, and logistical facilities Residential neighborhoods are shelled. It’s simply a war crime to shell like that. And also I must stress we saw that there were no Donbass (militia) fighters. And in France, were you also in the military? We both served 5 years in the French Army. Victor was a paratrooper in the French Army for 5 years. Nicolas was in an elite Special Forces Mountain Unit. Both of them served in Afghanistan. Victor also served in Chad and the Ivory Coast. But both of them, thanks to their experience and what they saw, came to the conclusion that the French Army doesn’t serve the interests of France And it goes against the interests of France, in stark contrast to its traditional former foreign policy. They saw the French Army as a tool for NATO, and a tool for American imperialism. – And what do you profess? Anti-fascism, socialism, communism? – A new vision of the world, which is formulated mainly by Alexander Dugin – – Eurasianism. The past century was a century of ideologies. In this century, we don’t need ideology. Communism or fascism – those are ideologies that belong to the past. We need a synergy of economic socialism, healthy nationalism, traditionalism as a way of life. What do you do at home? In between the wars? My friend Mika worked in a shop and I was a student at the Department of History Nicholas was professional military – an instructor trainer. And Victor … was unemployed, with no job. How long do you plan to stay here? However long it takes to accomplish our projects We have a project of forming a Eurasian Mountain Brigade, mostly of volunteers from the West. Basically a Franco-Serbian unit, our presence here is the first step. Have you run into any Russian Military here? Equipment maybe? We have seen no military, no Russian military, not a single unit, not a single tank, no military aid whatsoever. There are some Russians here but they’re volunteers. They’re not on a mission from the Ministry of Defence and aren’t paid by the Russian government. They fight as volunteers, not as regular army units They buy their own equipment and at their own expense. The Ukrainian Army has foreign instructors, are there any Americans for example? We know that in the Ukrainian forces, they do. They also have French instructors. We know who they are. Azov Battalion has Gaston Besson, a French soldier, he fought in the Yugoslav war on the side of the Croats against the Serbs. Recently, he reappeared on the internet, shortly before Maidan, then he was supporting Maidan then he was recruiting volunteers for the Right Sector (neo Nazis). He actually asked us if we wanted to join Right Sector and Azov Bn. We know that foreign instructors are training them We know that maybe they have some connections with NATO.

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  1. их в бой то будут посылать, или боятся, что их подстрелят, а потом хлопот не оберёшься?

  2. "We need a synergy of economic socialism, healthy nationalism, traditionalism as a way of life." Perfect. Respect to these good men.

  3. these French gentalman are real heros for new world for peace merci bucu yes Eurasian Union based on humanitarism

  4. So these french foreign legion is fighting for pro russian imperial that are ongoing against the imperial

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