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47 comments on “Kazakhstan, the country of the great steppe.

  1. when that lady use russia introuduce,i feel disappointed,why she didnt use in kazak language?
    hazah tar hazasha soylew kerek hoy ,basha memeleketin adamdari hazahtin tili joh eken dep olaydi hoy

  2. What a fascinating and beautiful country-and people. I would love to visit, but not all Americans are affluent. Perhaps I can find somewhere to purchase some textiles (rug, wall hangings, art works) on line. I'm sure the Expo will be a success and wish all the people of this country the very best in their continued growth, development and formation of their unique National Identity.
    Thank you for posting this documentary. Much appreciated!

  3. What a great work! The video really shows off our strong and beautiful sides (*feels raising patriotism*). by the way, I'm from Kazakhstan and I've launched a Youtube channel about my country. The video are in English, so I really want to share what I know and love about Kazakhstan with international community. I think such documentaries like this are really valuable, but the view of modern Kazakh people on our everyday life is important too. If you think so too, join my channel – as I've started it several days ago, I'm still gathering ideas for videos and I can include answers on your question too.

  4. Great video. Shameful that there are absolutely no good english language documentaries on the stans though

  5. Вау классный документальный фильм много чего узнаю… И освежаю свою память… ++++ спасибо румынским репартером

  6. Rompetrol – a dessert is something to eat at the end of a meal. The term you might have been aiming at is desert.

  7. What language did they use here? Sounds like a derivative of Latin. I can pick up a few Latin words here and there.

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