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K. Michelle Goes Country

K. Michelle Goes Country

it’s uh it’s a big day here at Wendy
because Michael Ealy and Meghan good are here together but they’re together in
the new movie called intruder it looks like a must-see of the entire we sent
our co-hosts last night and apparently they love to yell at the screen and tell
people to turn around you had a good time I’m glad so I look forward to
speaking with them in the meantime Chris Rock is under fire Chris why so he
mocked Whitney Houston okay here’s the deal
he posted a meme saying me sitting in a meeting
could have been an email hurry up I got cracked the smoke it’ll you can’t even
say too soon there’s certain people that just dump along excuse me I just think
that Whitney pardon me I could have called in sec I think all right I think
that Whitney Houston is one of those people because she’s not here to defend
herself and because she passed away seven years ago but doesn’t it seem like
seven minutes ago all of the specials and stories being told about her excuse
me I had to will it away you give me a moment okay I coughed my way out of a
meeting last night I was only there for 45 minutes I’d to leave I’m like oh my
gosh I’m coughing anyway Bobby got pissed and posted during this time of
women empowerment you choose to use your time to try to humiliate our queen I
thought you was of him a friend of the family
well one thing about Chris Rock is that if he’s not your family friend who are
you Chris Rock is like the type of person he endeared himself to your
family like I think of Chris Rock as a family friend whose side are you on
Chris but I think I think of Chris Rock his family friend I know Bobby you just
want to be heard you’ve crossed the line several times I understand that this is
your you know your dearly departed Whitney I do think that comedians are
allowed to pass when they’re doing in the right time and place and the right
time in place would be on stage at a venue where you bought tickets to see
Chris Rock go I feel like if he was telling jokes about people who passed
away untimely like you know you include John Ritter and you include John Belushi
and somehow Whitney was in there some people might not like it at the comedy
venue but most would like it because they’d say that’s Chris and for
comedians comedians really they have no limit unfortunately these days it seems
like you forced them to have to cuz you’re so sensitive about whatever is
going on in your life then you blame it on people who just try to make light of
stuff like there’s horrible stuff in life that you can make fun of I just
think that Whitney when you’re in a business meeting mister wealthy man
probably for what two hours of your day where you probably walked away with a
ten million dollar contract for something new
where-where-where Chris and everyone was sensitive to it you
know everybody I I just feel as though it was the wrong place that’s all I’m
going out on comedy I’ll let you know about it there’s a tour set up for me Oh No thank you
yeah no the tea is better thank you though I don’t know what jokes I’ll tell
I know one thing I’m gonna be on the road with a bunch of comedians and I’m
like the host in between in between so I’ll tell my one two jokes in between
but my one two jokes if you ever saw me on tour still the same Wendy yep and
there’ll be people who complain what a heckle oh well so k.michelle everybody
is demanding respect as a country singer well well
oh excuse me this is a young lady who graduated from high school and got a
yodeling scholarship to college k.michelle has been trying to break
through in the country music genre for years if you know anything about
k.michelle have seen any of her interviews she’s mentioned this before
the thing is is that she was at a recent Nashville event so you’re in the middle
of country country k.michelle and you got on stage and well
this is how she used her evening this is something that she wasn’t even invited
to she just kind of jumped onstage like little mama and and grabbed the
microphone and well here’s what she said I mean you’re clapping for k.michelle
but the thing that she said I can sing better than any I guess she said white
woman out here and that she’s better than whoever’s out there already in
country that’s not how you speak to a crowd that you want to be a part of I
mean and she certainly does have the vocal dexterity to speak any way she
wants because she sings beautifully she really does and she does have three
number ones on the RMB she didn’t say the arm be part with you in case you’re
looking on the R&B charts she’s been pegged as an R&B singer but her dream
even over that is to be a country singer I think that the thing that she should
have done was gone there and humbly how about acapella acapella a country song a
country song and she writes and stuff at everything she’s very very talented but
you know a better way to do it was either acapella when you um you know
jump the stage cuz nobody pulled her off so it was a very calm crowd and the
place was packed well she spent some time recently with Chris Stapleton me
you know he’s a country singer maybe they should do a duet together he’d be
good to help her uh sure in or better yet since she said she sings better than
any white woman and I guess that is a statement that will go viral in the
country world why don’t you hook up with you know um a white country singer and
humble yourself to get into this new genre before you take over you know
before you take over I mean and you don’t have to be country
all the time Nellie’s not country all the time but he had success with country
music you know that little guy nas nas acts he sang with um Billy Ray Cyrus
country people wouldn’t put it on the charts they said it wasn’t country
enough I think that was black thing but just I am just saying and then there’s
Darius Rucker whose country all the time he’s doing it it’s not like it can’t be
done so Kourtney Kardashian mmm and Scott Disick or opening up about how
they call parent so you know they have three kids two girls and one boy and
they have a video that they shared on her new blog I would eat this one if you
don’t mind yeah I know I know whoa there she has this new blog and she’s talking
about some of the biggest challenges that she faced as a co-parent with Scott
after they broke up here you go I think the hardest part was when we both
started new relationships don’t you know like the hardest part
with because that caused fights between you and I about introducing the kids
right Aaron oh we like had to literally go to therapy to talk yeah to even get
through like you know to be able to like communicate together here’s the deal it
probably is hard when you start dating but when you have three children you got
to make it work out and we were talking in a hot topics morning meeting and
actually my bureau chief came up with a really good idea I don’t know why it’s
not implemented if you have children under 10 and then it should be required
that if you’re gonna divorce that you have to go to marital counseling well
you know family counseling to learn how to co-parent just you know to learn how
to co-parent kids under 10 kids older than 10 well you know not so much
they’re already gone but they are who they are I like them do you think
they’ll ever get back together I don’t kortnee dates he’s a mess she already
has the kids I bet you she’ll want a fourth probably with him just to keep it
all the same counseling if you have kids under 10 it doesn’t help that you notic
me every time I call Brendan so it’s a very sad day in Hollywood John Singleton
we know the director he passed away he was only 51 you know about two weeks ago
he suffered a massive heart for another and you know he had a lot of
accomplishments under his belt in Hollywood he was the first black man
nominated for Best Director that was four boys in the hood and he was only 24 so he was the
youngest person ever he went on to direct poetic justice with Janet and to
pop higher learning boy a baby boy and you know he’s remembered by actors in
all types of things samuel l.jackson Ice Cube Tyrese Regina King I interviewed
him once I socialized with him a few times seemed like a nice man 51 51 so
our hearts go out to his family and keep everything peaceful what can you say 51 that pendulum swings
closer and closer shout-out to anybody celebrating 50th birthday welcome so
Cynthia Nixon is calling that Sex in the City for being too white well
now remember her a lot of what she says these days is because she’s not the
actress anymore she’s the political political person she wanted to shoe if
she was running for governor of New York now she still does stuff on the politics
level I like her but anyway she says if it will produce today the show would
have to be more diverse Joseph says that the show is too
centered around money and there weren’t enough working-class people in the in
the show she says that her steve you know the pizza guy was probably the most
working-class person and also the show was too centered on looking perfect all
the time i don’t see that none of it because because they just look they’re
no different than Housewives of New York which is filmed right now there’s still
black people in the city they’re not on that show I mean I just feel like I watched those girls
with ease and comfort even today and I think that what they talked about is
still relevant I think carry is still a stupid
character she she’s she’s she’s got no sense with money you know she’d rather
have things and she’s always looking for eternal love in a stupid way Samantha we
all know somebody like Samantha but when they close the door on their own lives
it’s a pretty lonely life we all know people like that does she have to be
black or Asian I don’t think so they spoke to me you know what I mean
they spoke to me I never had a problem with that I and yes it was something
that I observed once people made a big deal over it once I was already in love
with the show in the first season I was like you’re right where are the black
people and the other people well you see him in the background I don’t know I
think Cynthia Nixon just wants to stay out here and talk about something if
it’s not political she’s going to talk about the sex in the city and she should
it’s an iconic role that she played in an iconic show but clap if you feel that
that show wouldn’t go today if it was new because there’s no diversity like 40% of people Wow I would like to
see sex in the city the musical but but I would like to see it done the way the
movie was done like don’t all the sudden start interjecting characters that we
don’t visually realize because you know Charlotte was not Indian do you
understand and don’t don’t do like corny music do
music that they actually listen to disco you know music we can sing along with
anyway that’s it for hot topics we’ll be that way everybody you

100 comments on “K. Michelle Goes Country

  1. I think k Michelle said those things because country fans have a habit of thinking black people cant be country singers and there’s a lot of racism surrounding that genre. So I don’t really blame her for what she said, the singing better than every white woman part was probably too much but I think they got the point 😂😂😂😂

  2. Sex in the city was in a different time and place. From a few episodes that I watched, I thought it was kind of funny…. and teaching.

  3. I love me some windy but all that coughing honey you need more than a cough drop and some tea #HowYouDoing

  4. Wendy you look good but man your coughing into the mic was annoying as heck.  And then you want to shake people's hand later.  Eww!!


  6. Ok some shows are ok the way they are having a more diverse case is not always necessary. That’s like saying it should be a more diverse case on Girlfriends…NO. Now if they want to bring out a new show with a more diverse case of women then OK but sometimes it’s good to have array of shows showing the different lifestyles.

  7. *"# in the city is for the stuck up rich on 5th Ave it'ss for them, every class has their show. Do I watch any of it, no, to stay un programmed.

  8. omg i cringe every time i watch that K michelle video, no matter how much talent she has she just gave black women i bad look by doing all that. That what she did was extra and uncalled for

  9. Don't change the make up of Sex and The City. I am black and realize we are everywhere but not in all circles. Let the show as is as well as Friends.

  10. I fully disagree with the audience when they clapped in agreement of sex and the city not working today because of the lack of diversity. As huge as the push for diversity has become in all industries, people still love and give their attention to stories driven by white people, so that consensus was just unrealistic.
    And the woman who played Miranda was right. There wasn’t any diversity and when their was, they portrayed that one black woman who was the sister of the dude Samantha was screwing as aggressive and angry, while Samantha tried to be “down.” It was a complete fumble. They also didn’t portray any working class people, they were all successful and never lacked a dime. Wendy saying that it didn’t HAVE to be diverse was dumb, because that certainly would’ve more realistically reflected New York.

  11. Wendy as per usual did not tell the whole story and left out details that ultimately made K Michelle look like some raging lunatic. Before that speech she gave, the crowd or someone in particular had booed her off the stage or disrespected her in some fashion to where she wasn’t able to sing. So THAT is when she went up there and essentially called them out on their intolerance/racism. Google is our friend! The receipts were on twitter too. Do your jobs Wendy bureau!

  12. Tiger golfs, Obama was President and Michelle sings country. Why not?!

    Wendy don’t give him spousal support!

  13. It Is mandatory in some states, like the one I live in. And it’s mandatory if you have any children under 18.

  14. K.Michelle needs to learn how to respect another person. Dream or not you respect others around you. ClassLESS!

  15. Alright, you could have called in sick and should next time. It's ok. You are not going to fire yourself for taking a sick day.

  16. Wendy is baaaaaaaaaack 😍still the same Wendy even better…just saying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️
    K.Michelle …white poeple are like…girl bye…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣As a black woman if it was a white girl saying that… I would have been offended y'all 🙈…

  17. #Sexinthecity… Sorry I've never watched like for real… too fake…like for real… diversity is really important now…we need Asian… Mexican… Black… miss USA IS DIVERS…JUST SAYING

  18. black ppl started country music. so why do you care to fit into the box that they have made up and chosen to say they did it first. As a black woman sing country and black and brown individuals will support you. And many other ppl will too.

  19. Dang K. Michelle…you went about that the wrong way Sis.

    I'm a black woman that loves country music and would be pumped to blast your country songs but dang…there was a better way to introduce you to the country world…and that was far from it.

  20. Wendy is glowing!! She finally took the trash out!!! I always say How u dooin when she shows up on my tv at work,all my old people laugh .I make them watch Wendy.

  21. Clap if you’d like to see Girlfriends come back with the same cast. Maybe a movie. Like how they gave Veronica Mars some closure with a movie. 👏🏽

  22. Cynthia Nixon didn't seem to have an issue with the lack of diversity when she made that check for six years. But keep pandering for those votes I guess.

  23. I hope Chris Rock dies a firey death. N we all know Taylor swift can't sing for ish but it's her writing that makes her 🔥

  24. Well the back story that club people randomly get on stage and sing like Karaoke. K said she wanted to sing and they told her NO IT IS COUNTRY NIGHT. That is why she jumped up on stage and went off. If they come into a black establishment on Karaoke night we don't deny them. We embrace and sing along. But Country Music Industry, which is mostly white men, have had a chokehold on country music and they don't want our people in it. Even white women had to kick the door down with steel toe boots. I do agree she shouldn't have lost her cool and instead she should've just grabbed that mic and sang her best country song and dropped the mic. And then they would've shown us their true colors.

  25. Sucking on that fucking candy is the most disgusting noise ever i had to turn it off she’s actually gross

  26. Courtney, It's "between you and me" look it up… Wendy, WTF with the bronchitis…go to the doctor…

  27. K Michelle,WTH sorry(not)that you can't sell your music anymore BUT don't go to country music!!!!WE DONT WANT YOU!!!GOAWAY!!!!STAYAWAY!!!!!

  28. K. Michelle wanted to get into country but she went 'inner city' on them instead; that's not the way it's done. I'm aware K. M is an excellent singer and country has black roots and yes, they're trying all they can to keep black singers away but I think her actions were ill advised. Young ladies, please learn a lesson or two from this situation, their is a way the game is played and it's not what K.M did on that stage.

  29. they had diversity, Jennifer Hudson playing the sassy secretary who was proud of her white boss buying her a purse (sarcasm)

  30. Don’t nobody want to hear K. Michelle ! She’s so goddamn country ! That’s why she think she can sing country music 🤣😂😐🤨🤣😂 🤚🏾 bye Felicia !

  31. Tisk tisk K Michelle. Have a seat and your rant and uninvited appearance and your comments are inappropriate. Out of line on so many levels! #wherewasyourprteam

  32. K. Michelle's music been soudin country and that's not an insult. She has a twang. Listen to "Love Em All." Not the instruments.

  33. But if you follow Chris Rock on a social media platform then you have to acknowledge he’s going to be the same. You can be sensitive to it and not like it and that’s fine, so unfollow. It’s that easy.

    Also, I really like Wendy’s hair parted like that. It’s really pretty.

  34. Wow nooo she didn’t come on k well we have our bad moments we gone let her off the hook k gots to do better!!!

  35. Did you guys forget he was a comedian? It’s a joke period I don’t see any harm but for family I see the issue. This is coming from someone who cried when I heard she passed. I’m not sensitive to what he said.

  36. You all are missing the point! Why does she need to get permission to sing country music, when it was a "BLACK WOMEN", a slave, that invited the genre?! It was just culturally appropriated like everything else. smh

  37. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 k.michelle funny asf for that. OMG did y'all hear the crowd. 🤣🤣🤣 She gone force her lil way into country.

  38. Wendy you need to go straight to the ER after this set…. I’m praying you don’t have pneumonia! That cough is horrific

  39. K. Michelle!!!! Whyyyyyyyy??????!!!! Dam, dam, dam. Try humility and meekness. It takes more than talent to shine.

  40. Wendy is that professional cos I'd have called in sick.

    Why did Chris rock even bother with that joke. It want even funny

    And k Michelle is the most insecure mess in the industry…after all this time she can't get it together in front of a crowd…no excuses let a white person have that same rant and see if people applaud…she's never been the diva she wishes she was.

    I never liked her so call R&B music I'm more of a Tony Braxton Janet Jackson Freddie Jackson Maxwell Brian McKnight Montell Jordan type of R&B fan but I recently saw clips of her singing country and I am a fan of that if she don't start doing all that cursing and acting ghetto LOL

  42. John Ritter didn't do drugs, let's not lump him in with people whose deaths were caused by drugs. And I wouldn't do what Chris Rock did, but i never associate Whitney with anything but being in magazines when i was little, then HOLY COW she can sing like nobody 's business!

  43. 10 million-dollar contract for something new Chris Rock hasn't done nothing new for a good while he's played out and outdated!!!! Looking like Pookie from New Jack City!!!!

  44. I was actually a fan of K. Michelle until this ignorant AF moment. A true artist knows they don’t have to put ANYONE down in order to succeed in their craft. It is in no way a contest between white and black artists. The majority of country fans, however, ARE white, so insulting your potential fan bass is about the dumbest possible thing you can do. You shouldn’t aspire to be “The next Taylor Swift” anyway, you should aspire to be the FIRST K. Michelle. As usual, Wendy says it right. Love you, xo😘❤️💐

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