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Judge: NYPD stop-and-frisk policy violates rights

Judge: NYPD stop-and-frisk policy violates rights

43 comments on “Judge: NYPD stop-and-frisk policy violates rights

  1. 4th Amendment
    Look it up lazy Americans
    Dont let Your CONSTITUTIONAL rights be violated, NAZI YORK CITY,NYC…….

  2. 4th amendment
    but u modern hip NY'ers
    Let Bloombergs NAZI SS (NYPD) ,bully you And instill fear in you…….THOUGHT NY'er were tough
    Guess not!!!!

  3. I am a minority. My family this land even before it became the United States of America.. And I personally do not see anything wrong with police officer coming up to me and checking me time and time again. Its what keeps us safe.. So I'm down with it

  4. CNN did a fair job in reporting this story. Everybody take a time out. Let's study this with a cool head and weigh all pros and cons of this policy. It has to be fixed not thrown out!

  5. Why does it need to be "fixed"? It works quite well! When "stop and frisk" was first introduced under Giuliani, the murder rate dropped 20 percent!

  6. This is one time Bloomberg is in the right. NYC's murder rate will skyrocket if the dumbass liberals get their way on this one.

  7. Bloomberg at :50 explains it best. They go to where the street crime is, and that happens to be in BLACK AND HISPANIC neighborhoods. Who CARES that this non-American reporter dug deep and managed to find one or two (seemingly) law-abiding blacks and Hispanics. Did they die from being frisked? Were they injured? So they were inconvenienced a little. So what? Better to be safe than sorry. And until those people truly stop committing crimes (in the Year 5000 or so), this policy is necessary.

  8. No, it has to be thrown out. It's a violation of their constitutional rights. Please bother to read the 4th Amendment.

  9. 1) And what exactly is "unreasonable" about it? Were these "poor" minorities hurt? No! But they acted suspiciously. I'll take the word of the cops over them any day of the week.

    2) Oooo! Following up on me, eh? And why is that? Trying to track me down? Want to settle something with me, sissy boy? Just try anything, fruit. It'll be the last thing you ever do.

    PS: Fuck Rangel, fuck this judge, and FUCK YOU!!!

  10. I notice how you can't answer my questions in my other posts. All you can do is make false accusations of racism. I guess it's pretty clear that I won the argument.

    Damn, I'm GOOD!

  11. There are no violations of the 4th Amendment because there is nothing unreasonable about it. Searching individuals who act suspiciously in high crime areas is NOT unreasonable. Stop acting like you're smart, for you're not fooling anyone.

    You CANNOT make the assumption that people of different races do the same things to the same degree. You cannot assume that there is an equal number of criminal elements within each race. The world is simply not put together that way. Grow up and face it.

  12. That was some racist shit bro. You can use semantics to make it sound intelligent or reasonable, but you only managed to be a well "spoken" racist.

  13. You simply lack an education in American history and government. The Supreme Court has consistently ruled that law enforcement must have concrete reasons to search a person, their vehicle or residence, and that probable cause is not that someone simply appears suspicious.

    Go finish high school, retake American history and your Constitution test, and then comment further. If you don't understand basic US rights, then don't comment.

  14. Go check the comments on Woozler's channel, incredibly racist and bigoted. And these conservatives always claim they aren't racists.

  15. Better tell that to you soda snatching hero Bloomberg. I know HE agrees with me.

    Acting furtively in a high crime area is reason enough to be searched. And because of that policy, the murder rate in NYC dropped dramatically when Rudy took office. Bloomberg had enough brains to maintain it.

    You really know NOTHING of what you're talking about, do you know that?

  16. What will happen when a cops relative is manhandled by other cops, in the same fashion as they treat, blacks, puerto ricans, muslims, etc, would be nice to see the other side of the coin.

  17. Bloomberg is such an asshole, the arrogance of this man, makes him a prime target, for a hate crime, for it is the white collars where the drugs come from, the business elite.

  18. I have every right to walk down the street and not worry about being stopped and harassed by a cop just because of the color of my skin. These cops are nothing but bullies. I thank this judge so much

  19. How has thos shit been allowed to last 8 years before the supreme court rules? What happened to the fourth ammendment? What actually to doing ACTUAL police work? Someone is suspucious because of the way they move? Wtf! I guess NY is now a Maoist state where the ends justify the means

  20. Whoever said they don't need to stop this should get frisk and harassed && see how it feels, because your speaking from an outside point of view. If it was your self you prob will have a diff response.

  21. who wishes stop and frisk to come back?? last wk 2 shootings in broad daylight in the financial district

  22. the Constitution can easily be downloaded on line, same as the bill of rights… u gots ta be a complete idiot… to listen to this nonsense….. nothing is above the Constitution….

  23. NYPD are a brutal force when the UNCONSTITUTIONAL stop and frisk was allowed the NYPD had a field day. they abuse it, 4.4 million people got their rights violated, most people did not know they could file a law suit and file a complaint against those cops. from this came the auditors, like cop block, cop watch etc auditors that walk around filming the cops, and this has had a major improvement on cops behavior and how they interact with the public,

  24. it will come to a point where to,,l got a gun you got a gun ////draw and the winner is right, criminals are going to be criminals but cops cannot use the same excuse

  25. so the "leaders ?" want to save lives by stopping innocent people and beating and killing them? they sound like rulers and slave masters.

  26. 2:54 Police afraid of cameras, always. They'd prefer to hide in the dark where they can commit their evil crimes freely.

  27. Make the laws serve the laws but violate the law is a crime against human rights and the constitution and for you is ok and for the high class but for minority is not they no have anything no right no justice only they have is be a preys of the system and the victims of the society.

  28. He patterned/ended his not 2 but 3rd/Term election as the Mayor of NYC/HUDSON RIVER PROJECT only. NOW vying the same divisive path to the white house. FOH๐Ÿค”

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