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Joe Biden Isn’t Sure If He’ll Comply With Subpoenas If Republicans Issue Them

Joe Biden Isn’t Sure If He’ll Comply With Subpoenas If Republicans Issue Them

Republicans in the Senate have kind of been
going back and forth a little bit about whether or not they should subpoena Joe Biden and
possibly even his son Hunter Biden as part of their trial for the impeachment of Donald
J. Trump. That’s going to be coming up in just a couple
of weeks here now. Joe Biden last Friday said that no, if they
issue him a subpoena, he absolutely will not comply with that subpoena. I’m not relevant to this impeachment. I don’t know what Donald Trump did, so heck
no, that’s a bunch of malarkey. I’m not going to go and comply with this subpoena
and then after several hours of public backlash saying, no dude, you, you kind of have to,
you don’t want to be on the same page as Trump. Joe Biden came out and said, well, hold up. Let me clarify now. What I meant was I will comply. I know I said I wouldn’t, but I will. I just don’t think I should, but I will. Maybe probably, but I don’t even know. Okay, so right now Joe Biden may or may not
comply with a subpoena. I think he’s leaning more towards I will comply
if they issue one but they better not issue one. This whole thing is stupid. I am no fan of Joe Biden by any stretch of
the imagination and I think people who regularly watch this channel understand that. I don’t like Joe Biden, but I also believe
that Joe Biden has not committed any crime whatsoever with this whole Ukraine thing. I think that part of it is silly. It’s, it’s about like Hillary Clinton and
Bengazi wasn’t a fan of hers. Still can admit she didn’t do anything wrong
with Bengazi, but for Joe Biden, that is what this has become. It’s his emails now. Almost, not that there’s emails involved with
it, but comparing it to Hillary, it’s his Bengazi. Right? He didn’t do anything wrong, but Republicans
are going to try to pretend he did to deflect away from the real issues and that is one
of the biggest reasons why Joe Biden would be a horrible candidate for the presidency
because his baggage, even though this part of it is imaginary, Republicans think it’s
real and there’s nothing we can do about that. They still think Hillary Clinton should be
locked up for her emails. They still believe that 33,000 emails got
deleted or that the FBI didn’t take the computers. Those things didn’t happen folks, the FBI
got their hands on the computers. They created carbon copies of them, but Republicans
still don’t believe it. But for Joe Biden, if he gets subpoenaed,
I do believe he should testify. I believe it would be a disaster for him,
not because he did anything wrong, but because he’s really not good at talking, but he has
to comply because if he doesn’t, what’s going to happen? You’re going to have the Trump administration. You’re going to have Republicans in the Senate
and Republicans in the house, in every card carrying member of the Republican party in
this country, hammering for years and years about the fact that Joe Biden didn’t comply
with a subpoena. They will completely ignore the hypocrisy
of it, of the fact that, Oh well, all these Republicans didn’t comply. Trump didn’t comply. Trump ordered his people not to comply. They’ll pretend none of that happened and
they’ll only focus on the fact that Joe Biden didn’t comply. And you think I’m crazy. You think that, oh well the public won’t buy
that. No, the public will. The public is stupid. You know, I think one of the best lines from
the movie men in black is a Tommy Lee Jones character says a person is smart, people are
dumb and panicky. And that’s what the public is. The public is stupid, made up of individually
smart human beings. So when this Trump administration tries to
sell something that they’re guilty of, but they accused somebody else of doing it, they
win. They work, it works. I don’t know why, but it does. And that’s what they would do to Joe Biden
if he didn’t comply with the subpoena. Now again, Biden tends to screw things up
every time he opens his mouth. So God only knows what would happen if the
man did comply with a subpoena. But the most important part of all of this
is that it is, it is entirely predicated upon whether or not the Republicans decide to subpoena
or to not subpoena. And I think at this point they understand
that they’re not going to get anything out of this subpoena. So it’d be perfectly honest. I think all of this is hyperbole right now
because none of it is actually going to happen. If they subpoena Joe Biden, it means they’re
going to have a real involved trial, and I’m sorry, but that’s just not on
their agenda.

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  1. Amazingly, you don't really have to take anything serious from Republicans because well of the current situation that they're and they're all delegitimized… which I admit is a little crude but oh well. Shoe's on the other foot now. What's funny is that Biden can do is subpoena them through Congress and they do have to show up. Crazy but funny as hell

  2. Why should he or any other Democrat comply with subpoenas from Republicans. It's not like they've complied with any of the numerous ones the Democrats have issued.

  3. Minus a small handful of good people, our government is nearly full of corrupt officials, politicians,judges and investigative officials. All paid by the same BILLIONAIRE CORPORATIONS, including big pharma, mic, wall Street, oil Co. Etc.
    They use these methods against the people (us)
    Fox, MSNBC, CNN (MSM)
    NYT, LAT, Washington Post, Bloomberg etc.
    Including local newspaper.

  4. F** the bidens, of course whatever he did is illegal! Why would Ukraine give a ghost job to his son at the annual salary of what 100 if not MORE Ukrainians make?! He is just as corrupt as trump is, stop defending these A********s. We need Bernie and we need him 4 years ago!

  5. Why bother? If Trumpster Fire's administration has taught us one thing is that the law doesn't matter and if you're rich and/or powerful, you can ignore Congressional subpoenas at will.

  6. If Republicans can prove that Joe or his son did something wrong, then fine subpoena away.. but there's nothing concrete.. there are no inquiries.. there are no criminal indictments occurring.

  7. Biden crap will come up and hit the fan hard. They already dug out records, how they pocketed millions of $$$. The reason they are fighting this, is because this is not just Bidens – John Kerry's step son and other relatives in Obama admin. Basically, whole dems hornet nest was involved in stealing Ukrainian money, transferring it via Lithuania, etc. Ukrainians are digging and Poroshenko company was raided. End is coming to Biden

  8. He has no reason to testify. Donald Trump extorted a foreign ally. This impeachment is about Donald Trump's abuse of power not Joe Biden. This is lunacy and these Republicans are just spineless, gutless cowards.

  9. Creepy Touchy Joe Biden ought be subpoenaed and let him deal
    with all the fireworks he will receive from the Republicans side.

    That way Bernie Sanders can surpass all them weinies that don't
    have a chance to defeat this moron who continues to embarrass
    this nation as a sitting president.

  10. I'd be sure not to comply. Why should I break with their precedent? They aren't decent people. They are a ball of deplorable swampy creatures. I'd fight them with "fire and fury, the likes of which the world has never seen". "Be Best!"

  11. What he needs to do is publicly come out and say yes I'll comply because it's the Constitution and I believe and will uphold it. However, you've got people in the White House and Donald Trump ignoring their own Subpoenas defying our American Constitution. A President who's appointed more Federal Judges in our American History for Life Terms, a man who is doing all he can to not hand over 8 years of tax documents, and all of a sudden I'm being labeled as the bad guy here? I'll admit it myself I don't much like Biden but I haven't seen any evidence where he nor his son did anything wrong. If Joe Biden wants to rattle the fence he needs to point out not only Donald Trump's illegal acts and corruption but the White Houses as well. Let it go down in the History Books for Centuries for future generations that he was on the side of the just.

  12. A science writer with a PhD in neuroscience named Bobby Azarian has laid out why Trump supporters (and a lot of Republicans in general) are so quick to fall in line with politicians like Trump who are clearly charlatans. He identifies five different common traits that we see in these die hard supporters, and they are each more disturbing as the list goes on. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this:1) Authoritarian Personality Syndrome
    2) Social Dominance Orientation
    3) Prejudice
    4) Intergroup Contact
    5) Deprivation

  13. If they want to investigate Biden that's fine but not in conjunction with the impeachment trial, one has nothing to do with the other, just more deflection, the Republicans are an embarrassment to the country, I'm sorry I was ever a part of that party, these far out news sources have contaminated people's minds and that can't think for themselves, installing fear that the Democrats want to take away all our rights and hate the country, sad time's.

  14. Joe and Hunter aren't the one's who should be subpoenaed. Obviously the American ppl need to hear from Corn Pop and crew.

  15. No Reason Joe should respect the Republicans anymore than they respect the Democrats. He has Every right to tell them to Fuck Off!!!!!!

  16. Joe Biden should accept under the condition he comply only after the Trump administration has complied with all the democrate subpoenas.

  17. Joe Biden is a politician and a jackass….just as bad a choice as Hillary; that's why he'll win the nomination…..Americans are idiots who will always choose unwisely….and we all pay for it…..

  18. Joe's president, Barack Obama, extended his executive privilege to Joe, therefore he doesn't have to appear before congress.

  19. It might be worth noting that republicans will scream and cry and accuse their opponents of being worse than Hitler no matter what the facts are every single time. What democrats actually say and do isn't even a consideration, because as every right-leaning voter has proven, they just don't care about reality.

    That said, Biden is still a terrible candidate regardless and we can't drop him soon enough.

  20. I'm curious where you got the information that the FBI got the computers (servers), all witnesses that I've heard either didn't mention it, or said the opposite.

  21. To say "Joe Biden did nothing wrong" may be true in a legal sense. He may have broken no law, but his obvious "support" of his son, and wielding the weight of his vice presidential office will be recognized by the public as a case of corruptive nepotism. His nit wit son (kicked out of the military… with a previous prosecution for drug offenses), had, and still has no credentials to do the job for which the Ukranian oil company hired him, never mind that he was paid a tidy sum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) a month. But because his father, the vice president, Joe Biden could give American support to that corrupt Ukranian government, in the form of military aid needed for its war with Russia, additional financial aid, and political support in the international arena, young Hunter Biden landed an obscenely salaried position with a foreign country's large oil company, and thereby would have earned the condemnation of any self respecting American citizen (and prospective voter). That there still remains no law on the books calling for the prosecution of such nepotism, or to prevent a high political office holder from engaging in such self serving enterprise speaks only to the miserable level of corruption to which this country has sunk. And Joe Biden clearly sees that this exposure in a public senate hearing would further erode the already flimsy level of support for the Democratic Party nomination in which he is comically engaged. 

    If America is not the most profoundly ignorant, and deeply stupid collective of citizens on the planet, then please explain how we managed to elect a man (never mind the previous four corrupt presidents preceding him) of such deep moral degradation, that he could boast in a taped conversation, of "grabbing a woman's pussy" (a woman he had never previously met) and the woman neither slapping, nor prosecuting him. Nor does the American public electorate subsequently reject such shameful behavior, though many of those who do support him take a very high ground as regards "Judeo/Christian values", and "morality" (including Jews, both American and Israeli, and Christians, alike…Trump owns a significant base of support among both "religious" groups) 

    So which is the greater embarrassment; that Trump won the presidency with the votes of slightly less than one quarter of the American electorates votes, or that only forty three percent of eligible voters in the US turned out to vote? Or, perhaps, that Trump also lost the popular vote by approximately three million votes, owing to the electoral college means of deciding presidential elections? There is no way to explain away the deep criminal shame of American politics, and oligarchic control of the masses of working people. We are a fallen imperialistic state whose demise has been heartily earned! Let us hang our heads in our most deserved, deep shame, and abandon all attempts to defend our degrading moral corruption, laziness of mind, and spirit, failed human compassion, and most profound, materialist greed.

  22. Nawwww well. What did you expect was gonna happen? Republicunts have set the standard. Tit for tat. The pricks in the GOP better put theirs up first – since they were subpoenaed or charge the cunts right now with obstruction. Screw the bullshit with the constitution let the courts decide. Conservative judges haven't exactly sided with their side.

  23. You mean to tell me that a candidate for the president of the United States of America somehow thought it was okay for him to reject an order of the court?! No one citizen gets to do that and a honorable one would understand it's his duty to provide all information. He of all people knows that, he just didn't think we knew that. That's embarrassing for him to pull that cop out.

  24. the public is stupid, eh??? well fuck you too… so all your listeners are stupid??? you are as stupid as trump for saying that.. i thought you respected your readers and listeners.. what you should have said was " the trump 25% core supporters brainwashed and are stupid"

  25. All Biden has to do is say, "Sure, I'll comply with a subpoena – as soon as everyone else does."

  26. Show up, Joe, and plead the 5th. Trump's the one on trial, gave written answers in the Mueller trial, would not testify before the House & stonewalled every other witness.

  27. If I was Joe Biden, I would have said "I'll comply with the Subpoena when the republicans who were Subpoena'd do the same." I mean that would have been a slam in the face of everyone Trump told not to comply.

  28. USA seems not to know that sub-peona means under penalty. No one IS being penalized for not complying. It Now Has No Teeth!. Either penalise or call it something else

  29. Excuse me but Joe's getting a SUBPOENA for what! His son could have been investigated when the House and Senate were all Republican. Why are this stories being redundant! This is BS and boring. Joe has done nothing wrong and neither has his son. Are the media that far up the monsters ass that they have to keep recycling nonsense? It's making the news outlets looked BOUGHT and paid for truly. Why keep repeating nonsense from a proven LIAR! PLEASE HAVE SOME DIGNITY!

  30. whether biden did anything wrong with any dealings he had with ukraine is a completely different matter than trumps dealings. what is happening here is republicans still trying to make this about biden and not focus on trumps own wrong doing…

  31. There they go again, manipulating like typical narcissists and bullies. I feel sorry for their children. No wonder they’re so messed up (although pretending to appear “normal.” Goes out to Biden’s son too. They ALL need to go away ALREADY! Time for Real Change ( Bernie2020 🔥❤️🔥🇺🇸✊✨).

    Seriously, maybe we need new news like on the latest discoveries on how to combat Global Warming… How the Dark Sky’s Initiative can be badass in helping us to re-heal our Planet). They’re so OLD NEWS: Both the RNC/DNC, so YESTERDAY like stale bread- all stuffy and Bland. Bernie represents the Real Change WE Need: A MODERN PROGRESSIVE TOMORROW! ✊🔥❤️🔥💪

  32. As much as I don't like Biden, I wouldn't blame him, Republicans have decided that subpoenas are merely voluntary now.

  33. Why is this even a question? You get a subpoena, you comply, or you go to jail. That's how it goes for normal people. Why is it different for politicians?

    How many times have the Bidens been taken to court for suspicion of criminal activity?
    Then COMPARE
    how many times the trump family have been taken to court AND fined for illegal activities.
    Then with these facts determine who is the most loyal to the image of a law abiding American!!!!!

  35. You know they just don't get the big picture you know Hillary Clinton had baggage that's what got cost us the presidency last time now they're trying to push this sleepy Joe up there with all his baggage and clearly we got a candidate like we had the last time matter fact it's the same one it's been tromping around this country for the last well I guess about four years now probably at least four and a half years he's been tromping around this fucking country trying to tell people this is the way we need to do things because it would be better for all Americans not just the top and the ones on the top. Paying their fair share and they can't get it through their thick heads that they're robbing the American people in the process of having no taxes on their asses and then they make all these bills in-laws that go through that don't even benefit the American people at all Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi and DNC allowed to happen but like I said thankfully we got some new sheriff in town and hopefully they'll get to the bottom of all this and if our Nancy Pelosi's and anybody like that Alice has caught up in it that is there sorry luck he'll just be their day in court wanted it'll be like why are you no evil finally gets paid

  36. People are like our officials are any out there not all but there are quite a few that are black areRoman people that used to be in charge well they're a lot like them because they used to basically I mean they did everything everything that you weren't supposed to do and if you did do what they were doing well you know it's kind of like they would rather person quu and for their self and the Bible even says that it's a Roman persecute the meek for theirselves and that's what the problem is today it's still happening you know the same way they've adopted a lot of things from the you know Romans you know even our money system is kind of like that from back then you know how it goes around and ever so often everything screws up all that's that's from the Romans everybody else gets messed up and they still you know their day just keeps on moving along you know like nothing ever happened to it they your yours will be all messed up see for a while scintilla everything trickles back around to you

  37. Hey if you're so confident won't you take your pussy ass over there and and get on the witness stand and do what you're supposed to do

  38. The Senate trial is scheduled to begin when? Worthless son of longtime politico then serving as Veep gets a position on the Board of a corrupt energy named Burisma in the Ukraine to the tune of 50k per month. Worthless son knows fuck all about "energy". Sounds very normal to this cat. Influence peddling is pretty much taken for granted these days. Is it criminal? Well….yes it is, but we prefer to pretty much look the other way when highly placed politicos are involved. "God's Country" baby.

  39. The reps won't call biden, because the dems will want trump to testify in return. I hope they call biden😂😂😂

  40. Why not just do what the repugnants do? Ignore the question asked, and just state the impeachment talking points. OR talk all about the emails that just came out… or what Rudy has/is doing… or how Ivanka and the kids are making money… the list is endless!

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