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Jeh Johnson: Donald Trump Foreign Policy Failures Hurting Border Effort | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Jeh Johnson: Donald Trump Foreign Policy Failures Hurting Border Effort | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

46 comments on “Jeh Johnson: Donald Trump Foreign Policy Failures Hurting Border Effort | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. The Youtube channel named 'edward cebada' had this uploaded 40 minutes before you did, MSNBC. It appeared on my feed and I watched it before I realized it wasn't this official channel. You should probably get some lawyers on that ASAP.

  2. Here are my immediate worries….
    1. Over 2,000 kids have already been separated.
    2. The agencies are so inept and unconnected that they will lose track of kids as they shuffle from DHS to HHS.
    3. The flow of detained families will keep going, resulting like larger and larger tent cities.
    4. t'rump might not get to go golfing every weekend now.

  3. i.e. dishonest corrupt subversive treacherous anti constitutional dnc domestic policies are even less respected than their rejected laundry list of leftist legacy deluded foreign policy blunders. the humiliated clinton catastrophe crew endorsement industry cant even manage their own trump derangement syndrome propaganda, and its working, according to their polls. lol.

  4. "The Latinos; they love me! Whenever I see them they refer to me as Pinche Bendajo which I believe means Great One. They are thankful that I have fixed this problem that the Democrats created. Also this Executive Order I signed clearly exonerates me of any wrongdoing."

  5. Funny how loyalist want to watch what they don't agree with in order to CLOUD the TRUTH, I've never wanted to hear INTENTIONAL LIES that's why I've NEVER listened to a word that DRUMPF SAYS!

  6. Why is it so hard to watch an entire Rachel Maddox show? I couldn't find the second part of this interview. Whoever puts TRMS on YouTube breaks the show into pieces and no label indicates what is what. This is frustrating

  7. Potato famine Ireland 1845. One group of white Christian people help starve, a million other white Christians people. Bloodsuckers line up regardless of race, status, party or affiliation! I am passing out garlic, are you?

  8. Trump has backed down, with egg on his face. WHO, in New York, stands to get these, “contracts,” for his STUPID Wall? Hostage Taking was a pretty DESPERATE ploy. WHO is Trump trying to PAY OFF? . . . And, before you Trolls get started, I too, am a conservative. I will be voting Democrat, along with MILLIONS of others like me, to SAVE DEMOCRACY from these ANTI-Conservative, EXTREMIST, RIGHT WING, CORRUPT STALINISTS

  9. Wait till these Southern States involved, get the BILL, for Trump’s Hostage-Taking, Blackmail-Extortion ploy? THAT will serve them right . . .

  10. Rachel, regardless of how ugly and sad as the Truth is, Please keep reporting! Let Justice be Blind, Not the American Public!

  11. Obama was a president with a Republican Congress and Senate. A president without the power to do the change.

  12. BUSTED: Obama DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson Admitted Role He Played In Getting Louis Farrakhan As Graduation Speaker For His College Class
    MAR 5, 2018 by gotnews 2
    Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, who headed the Department during President Obama’s second term, seems to have successfully advocated for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to speak at his college graduation in 1979, according to a graduation speech of his own that Johnson delivered in 2014.On May 18th, 2014, Johnson gave the commencement address at his alma mater, Morehouse College. Unsurprisingly, Johnson devoted a large portion of his speech to reflect on his own Morehouse experiences as an undergraduate student in the late 1970s, in which he fondly recalled how he first discovered his passion for activism there. On a more surprising note, Johnson also brazenly admitted that he and other student activists in his class were behind the effort to get Farrakhan as their graduation speaker, and claimed that they clashed over it with Dr. Hugh Gloster, the President of Morehouse at the time, who wanted to get a “mainstream” speaker.

    “By our senior year, Dr. Gloster was glad to see the class of 1979 leave his school, but not without one more fight,” Johnson reminisced. “Dr. Gloster had invited a civil rights leader of national stature to be our commencement speaker. We told Dr. Gloster his choice was not acceptable. To us, the speaker was too mainstream, and I now realize I am out on a limb with John. So, in 1979, our baccalaureate speaker was Louis Farrakhan,” Johnson told the audience. “And our commencement speaker was Joshua Nkomo, the leader of the revolutionary movement in Zimbabwe.”

    After casually admitting that he apparently supported Farrakhan when he was a senior in college, Johnson dove into a more broad discussion of the “transformational” academic, intellectual, and personal development he underwent during his college years. His candid remarks about his push to have Farrakhan as Morehouse College’s 1979 baccalaureate speaker begin at the 5:38 mark:

    You won’t hear this stuff from the lying mainstream media. Keep the GotNews mission alive: send tips to [email protected] or donate at

    Before leading DHS, Johnson served as the Defense Department’s General Counsel during Obama’s first term and as the Air Force’s General Counsel for the final two years of Clinton’s second term. Earlier in his speech, he recounted how he first became committed to political and social activism shortly after he arrived at Morehouse. “I realized I was in a special place, a kingdom. I became proud of who I was, and what I was about to come,” Johnson described. “But for those of us who were freshmen here in 1975, something was missing. The ambition, the energy, the talent was here, but the great struggles on the Civil Rights Movement – the marches, the sit-ins, the freedom rides – were largely over.”

    “We in the class of 1979 were quite literally rebels without a cause. We looked for anything about which to protest or march,” Johnson told the new graduates in the audience, who gave him a long, loud applause when he concluded his address. Johnson included various stories from his formative years like these throughout his speech, looking back on them with fondness and adding to them with new observations and wisdom. However, he curiously does not explain what compelled him to push for Farrakhan as one of his graduation speakers.

    Regrettably, Farrakhan’s 1979 speech at Morehouse’s graduation seems to have been an effective recruiting tool for his hateful movement. Last month, conservative radio talk show host Kim Wade told the biweekly evangelical WORLD magazine that hearing Farrakhan’s speech that day inspired him to drift towards the Nation of Islam’s poisonous ideology for a few years, although he eventually rejected its bigoted views. According to the WORLD piece, which quotes Wade on Mississippi’s new civil rights museum, “During his 1979 graduation from Morehouse College, he fell captive to the words of the commencement speaker, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Wade says he spent his next years ‘dining at the banquet table of hate’ before returning to the Christian faith of his family.”

    Recently, a number of public figures on the left have come under increased scrutiny over their ties to Farrakhan, an infamous bigot who has once again been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. On February 25th, Farrakhan went on various unhinged rants against Jews, whites, and women during a speech he gave in Chicago to an audience of 10,000 – an audience that included Tamika Mallory, a national co-chair of the Women’s March who has praised a good deal of Farrakhan’s other work. And in January, a photo surfaced of Johnson’s old boss, President Obama, smiling with Farrakhan in 2005 at a previously unknown meeting that the CBC invited him to.

  13. Trey Gowdy GRILLS Jeh Johnson "You Have Seen no Evidence That Russia Meddled With U S Election"

  14. Hey Chucky bOY Chuck Schumer you wanted the families together with the stroke of a pen!!?!here is my executive order…Now here is My BILL LMAOFFFF

  15. XOrder directs SESSIONS 2 challenge FLORES Act & hold IMMIG. Families on Military Bases, out of SITE!!! NAZI IN W.HOUSE!!!!

  16. Hi Rachel Anne.👋.
    Exceptional, excellent, brilliant(smart) reporting.👍👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Rachel.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  17. What about the American children being separated from their law breaking parents?? How is this only a immigration issue? Ohh yes thats right… this is a democratic attack on Trump only… bunch of brainwashed fools if youre actually buying this msm garbage

  18. Lol sad network. People are pouring in this country because of jobs jobs jobs best economy in 30 years.

  19. I love when they put these "former" workers for past presidents on the shows. Especially when they worked for Obama or Clinton, What exactly do you think they will say
    about a Republican President on any issue? Losers 😀

  20. God bless you President Trump! Now sign an executive order to keep Planned Parenthood from (literally) ripping children away from their parents!

  21. Helping them get along, helps us get along. Helping everyone get…
    Possibility of decreasing the underlying basis of immigration: middle-high
    Smart man
    Doing the opposite would increase immigration therefore Trump does it, or what?

  22. Gee, why didn't you rant and rail when families were separated under Obama also you biased, showing partiality evil liberal biased morons?



    President Trump INHERITED the problem at the Mexican border CREATED BY THE DEMOCRATIC NUTCASES!!!

    These liberals are the sickest fascist lunatic wackjob wackos on God's earth!!!

    I am neither liberal nor conservative.

  23. I am so glad that someone else saw the problem from the root . I have been saying this and nobody understanding it , Thank u Jeh Johnson, I thought I was only one.

  24. The Senate and Congress are blind, deaf and dumb while Trump destroys America's reputation for humane moral values, imprisoning children in cages. The representatives of the defunct GOP control both and are now betraying their oath, the people they represent and our country. They have surrendered their honor and their integrity to Trump the destroyer, who already acts like a dictator with their unqualified support. Your children shall one day curse you for betraying America.

  25. as long as we keep deporting our gang problem we're gonna keep having more refugees fleeing gang violence from south america

  26. The lawsuits should go after administration personal wealth if at all possible. Any for profit group needs to be exposed a and sued too. Suppliers and so forth

  27. JAG lawyers, resign your commissions! If you can! We need a gofundme to help any Officers who refuse to be part of this. Many can't resign for monetary reasons.

  28. If it wasn't for good journalism we would have never found out what was going on, 20 years from now we'd be wondering who are  these kids in all  the mass graves.  Check your history it's happened before right here in the Now great USA.

  29. the minute this crap started i thought jeff sessions > private prisons > slave labor – go ahead, try to make me a liar – the republicans are counting on immigration being a cash cow permanent problem. they're banking on it. you're very likely making money off this depravity in your stock portfolio right now – america has recreated slavery and sessions is running the plantation – END THE REPUBLICAN PARTY NOW!!!


  31. Jeh Johnson under Obama also separated kids from parents.

  32. Love seeing k
    Johnson he's so smart. Can he replace trump pence republicans goof ball dangerous fools for us rachel????

  33. Saw this obaMOFO era loser on tv and he had no answer for the illegal alien problem. That was his answer…… "I DON'T KNOW"
    President Trump HAS the answer.
    OBEY THE LAWS !!!!!

  34. They are using the kids at the border to bring in drugs and that's just the tip of iceberg….from krwg liberal media in las cruces new mexico 45 minutes from the border … and weep…btw. ..don't hold your breath on that money for your toy train…and tell Heinrich that it is now called the BUILD act not the TIGER act and you won't be getting that amtrak deal either….the jig is up for you crooks in the failed state of Nuevo Mexico…and the country bumpkins are awake too…


    KRWG Jazz

    Authorities Abandon 'Zero-Tolerance' For Immigrant Families


    RENO, Nevada (AP) — The nation's top border enforcement official acknowledged Monday that authorities have abandoned, for now, the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" policy toward immigrant families after the president ordered an end to the separation of parents and children who cross the southern border.

    The comments by Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan came shortly after Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended the administration's tactics in a speech in Nevada and asserted that many children were brought to the border by violent gang members.

    Together, their remarks added to the nationwide confusion as mothers and fathers struggled to reunite families that were split up by the government and sometimes sent to different parts of the country.

    McAleenan told reporters in Texas that he stopped sending cases of parents charged with illegally entering the country to prosecutors after President Donald Trump ordered an end to the separations last week.

    The commissioner and Sessions insisted that the administration's policy remains in effect, but the cases cannot be prosecuted because parents cannot be separated from their children. McAleenan said he is working on a plan to resume prosecutions.

    Speaking at a school-safety conference in Reno, Sessions cast the children as victims of a broken immigration system" and urged Congress to act.

    While hundreds of protesters rallied outside a hotel-casino, the attorney general said more than 80 percent of children crossing the border arrive alone, without parents or guardians, and are "often sent with a paid smuggler. We can only guess how many never make it to our border during that dangerous journey."

    He claimed the MS-13 gang "is recruiting children who were sent here as unaccompanied minors, and some are brought to help replenish the gang. And they are terrorizing immigrant schools and communities from Los Angeles to Louisville to Long Island to Boston. They are able to do so because we do not have a secure southwest border."

    He said five children had been found at the border carrying a combined 35 pounds of fentanyl, the powerful synthetic opioid drug blamed for an epidemic of overdose deaths nationwide.

    Drug cartels, Sessions said, "take advantage of our generosity and … use children to smuggle their drugs into our country as well."

    Just outside the building where Sessions spoke, more than 200 protesters opposed to the administration's immigration policies blocked a busy road. The coalition of civil rights, religious and union activists carried signs and drums and were joined by a mariachi band. Some sat in a busy roadway for while police diverted traffic around them.

    No arrests were reported.

    McAleenan's remarks follow an announcement last week by the federal public defender's office in El Paso that federal prosecutors would no longer bring criminal charges against parents entering the U.S. if they have their child with them.

    Amid the confusion, some Democratic members of Congress reiterated their frustrations Monday that the Trump administration had not released its plan for reunifying families.

    Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut was among those who toured a shelter at the Tornillo border crossing in West Texas.

    "I think there is very, very powerful consensus on both sides of the aisle that reunification should be done immediately," Blumenthal said. "These stories are gut-wrenching and heartbreaking of children 6 and 7 years old, separated from their parents, not know where they are and the parents not knowing where their children are."

    U.S. defense officials said the administration had chosen two military bases in Texas to house detained migrants. The officials identified the bases as Fort Bliss and Goodfellow Air Force Base. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record about a pending announcement.

    As many as 2,300 children were separated from their migrant parents from the time the administration adopted the zero-tolerance policy until June 9, officials have said.

    The temporary shelter at Tornillo was close to its 360-person capacity. Reporters were allowed Monday to briefly visit the shelter, where more than 320 children ages 13 to 17 are being held in air conditioned tents. A facility administrator told reporters that the main complaint he hears from children on site is that the tents get too cold sometimes.

    About half were from Guatemala, and 23 of the children had been separated from adults who accompanied them across the border.

    Reporters were not allowed to enter any tents holding children. Two girls who stopped briefly in front of reporters said that they were doing well.

    The exact process to reunite families has been unclear because migrants are first stopped by Customs and Border Protection. Then children are transferred to the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services, while adults are detained through Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is under the Department of Homeland Security. Children have been sent to far-flung shelters around the country, raising alarm that parents might never know where their children can be found.

    Justice Department officials have asked a federal judge to amend a class-action settlement that governs how children are treated in immigration custody. Right now, children can only be detained with their families for 20 days. Trump officials are seeking to detain them together indefinitely as their cases progress. Advocates say family detention does not solve the problem.


    © 2018 KRWG

  35. hahahahahaha, the dude scored the biggest win in North Korea and MSNBC continues its mental masterbation

  36. Everyone with the mind to do so should peacefully gather in the streets around the offices of any member of the REPUBLICAN SENATE OR CONGRESS and chant (without shouting) in unison, "SHAME ON YOU!" Hmm…maybe even around the Whitehouse?
    Peaceful protest using our right to freedom of speech without any displays of anger or violence. Simple chanting en masse can be very powerful and we the people have had enough of the BS. Are we going to wait for Cheeto-Head-Chump to come for our children?

  37. They have cut Johnson short and buried this. This reveals what is really going on with MSNBC. I will watch them no more. The poor people at the border, it is like they are wanting this too??? Encouraging people to the border to suffer??? Why???

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