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Jeeping in bush Alaska through GOLD RUSH country!

Jeeping in bush Alaska through GOLD RUSH country!

Good morning from Nome, Alaska. We just
had a great night sleep here at the Dredge No.7 Inn…. And since we had
to leave our Overland expedition Vehicle in Anchorage…. Dredge No. 7, also
has cheap rentals!… So you may be wondering….. “Nome, Alaska?”
“That’s pretty remote! How many roads could there possibly be there?” Well our
buddy Richard said, there’s like around 350 miles of roads!…. I think we’re ready
to hit the road to Council and ahhh…It’s a 70 mile drive?…. Something like that… About that!…
Yeah… So apparently the geography and the topography is very diverse in this
direction!…. Richard the Mayor really recommended we do the drive to Council
first! Instead of the drive to Tower and we’re still in process to try to
find and get permits to go to Pilgrim Hot Springs which is on land owned by
the Native Corporation. So… This little office here on the left is where we went
earlier to inquire about permits… And no matter where you are, you can always find
a Chinese food restaurant!…. You see a lot of ETVs sporting around town…. That’s pretty
normal in the villages guys! ATVs and the winter snow machines are very
convenient forms of transportation!… And also use less fuel so they’re more
economical!…Yeah! Okay! I know a lot of you guys love it
when we hit the dirt roads…. And here it is… Boom! Let the adventure begin! Dare you say that you’re happy that google is here?…Yes… Might be a
little ill-prepared for this! Because I envisioned catching grayling and some of
the creeks and streams…. But when we got here, this area…. Let me just get this cast
master off…. This area is plugged with pink salmon! So since I was thinking
grayling, which are like yay big! I grabbed… One of my little miniature ice
fishing setup with four pound test. So this could be fun!..Look at all of them. Oh my! They are like seven at once!… You see why we couldn’t help but stop Normally when I guess snagging, I have to
just rip on the shore… There we go! That was easy!… Broke my line at the end! My line broke just as we were releasing
that fish! So yeah! You know we’re not here on a fishing trip… This is all just spur of
the moment! That’s why we’re doing catch and release. And there are literally
thousands of fish in here and that fish was released unharmed and it’ll spawn! If
something else doesn’t catch it or a predator doesn’t need it or…Yeah!… Is this the
cast?…I hope so!… No shortage of a fish out there though…No! I love the way they look like sharks… Swimming
around while only seeing their fins come up. But it’s so cool!…. Yeah guys! This
Lagoon for lack of another word… Oh hey… There it is!
Fish on!… I’ve never caught a fish on this small of a whine… Any recommendations?… Reel it in slow… If he wants to pull-drag, pull-drag! Do
not tighten the drag because the drag is our friend when you’re using four pound
test! Hehehehe..
A little bit more than you insert it… Yep..Wow look at him!… That’s a nice-looking humpy!… Hey, we
also get to show off your shoes! Nice footwear honey!
You need to get them dirty so you look like an Alaskan! Because when they’re new you
look a tourist!…It’s like being a kid in a candy shop out here! You just like can’t
help yourself! I know we’re not eating them but still… It’s so much fun being
able to just cast a line out and almost… Let’s see…. Guarantee you’re gonna catch a
fish!.. My fish is bigger than your fish! True yours was a buff this is a hen! But…
To release it is so simple!…Boom! One more cast… There’s…Oh it’s just one more cast!… Hmm… Okay! One
more cast… Last cast I promise honey!… Right! one last cast honey…Are you guys keeping
count of how many times he said that now? Because…. I’ve lost track!… There’s always
time for one more cast! How lucky are we to live in a state where
you can do stuff like this! But there’s a definite… Definitely like a different
element of the sport on light tackle! I get it.I love it!… Ready for the release? Okay! It’s time to get back on the road!
Because we still have a fair amount of distance to cover if we’re gonna make it…
Towards…. Council! This is the end of the road guys! About
73 miles from Nome… This is where Council is but…. Actually Council is on the other
side of the river and… The river is right down here!
And this river is completely crossable! If you have local knowledge and you’re
not in a rental vehicle… Because you’re not allowed to cross the river! I
understand!..I do to! There’s a lot at risk here! I wouldn’t…
You know…With Danny, I wouldn’t pull up here and just cross willy-nilly… No!… Well, There is no phone service out here…And the’re… She said there are rocks underneath the water that you can’t!…Well there’s
hazards! And.. If you know the route, it’s a piece of cake!… This is nice guys! I am in
a happy place!…. There’s not too many places in the world where one can get so
detached from civilization!! But yet still be on a road system!…. This is really cool!
And off in the distance there… You can see the village of Council. What a grand
adventure guys!… What do you think?… I hope everybody’s enjoying this as much as we
are! And I’m so glad that Ben loves this place as much as I thought he would!
Because I’ve always wanted to come out here with you… Is this like a place where
we could maybe have a property at some point in our lives?… I definitely think that we could
have like a summer home or something up here! Our buddy Clinton raves about this area
and one to retire up here… Who knows? There’s really a weird colour of
dirt out here. It’s almost green!…. It’ is!..It is kind of crazy!..It is…
Unique materials out here! It has been quite nice having the Jeep and taken the
top off there, it’s so easy!… Yeah it was really fun to do!It’s refreshing! I’ve
had a lot of fun and plus we’ve got some kick-ass angles..I think so!… Well we may have packed a
lunch but we didn’t pack dinner! And it’s time to head back to Nome but before we
do so… Rebecca is gonna fly the drone on the way back… Yeah.. You ready for them?..I told them today maybe I need my own drone because he never lets me fly ours!… No no
no no I’d never…You never want!… Well, too much pressure But this is no pressure!
And let’s see how she does guys! Leave a comment below of how you think
your drone footage looks..It might be better than his… Could be! you got a good teacher! I think this brings our Nome to Council
overlandish adventure to a close for today! We’re back at the Dredge No. 7
Inn… Alright well thank you for joining us hope you enjoyed that last drone flight
of the day! We will see you tomorrow for some more adventures here in Nome!…
Definitely catch what we’re up to here! There’s gonna be at least two to three
videos… Yeah…. Thanks for watching guys see you tomorrow

35 comments on “Jeeping in bush Alaska through GOLD RUSH country!

  1. Wow! Your drone footage gives an amazing perspective. Your drone shots are usually good but we couldn't have experienced those buildings/rigs that way without it. Incredible! …and a long way away from Tampa,FL. Thanks for bringing us along!

  2. One more cast, lol. You'd come back empty handed here in California, I know youre familiar with San Diego fresh water fishing, dudsville. 🤣🐟 Would love to live in a place where we are able to pull over and throw a line in. Beautiful Alaska!

  3. I have been missing Alaska this year and this video did nothing but make the feeling worse 😢. Really cool video, it looks like I may have to wander that way sometime. Good work with the ice fishing setup, that looked fun! My wife has heard “one more cast” one too many times 😉

  4. Excellent drone footage! Especially loved the bit when you were driving beside the creek/river. Looked so cool.

  5. Do you miss going to Kansas for wheat harvest? To me the area is surreal, eerie, and beautiful all in one. Excellent footage!

  6. You always need some luck to make it through but you guys have worked hard for where you are at in life . Well deserved!

  7. awesome video as always loved the drone shots great job really nice area to bad you can't drive there would love to have seen it when we go up there safe travels take care bye for now

  8. Just found your channel by watching other rvers… Idk why I love watching these type of videos. I guess just wishing I could get on the road and travel the U.S. Someday I will! Subscribing now 💜 safe travels guys from Alabama

  9. I'd love to make that drive. Still I'd do my best to bring my own vehicle. Checking out the town on Council and all that.

  10. please don't make it sound like we don't eat fish. its ok. good job letting him back. but, we eat creatures every day directly or indirectly. so its ok. If your not hungry or don't plan to eat it, then let him back. that's the right thing to do

  11. Rebecca great drone footage, no need to fear the drone! Really liked the old buildings & dredge fly over, I enjoy your travels!

  12. Only pinks I’ve caught were in Valdez. Also caught in Valdez enough Silvers to fill three 120 quart coolers. A few winter Kong’s and a few Halibut. Wish you could have caught some Grayling. My favorite spot for Grayling was Beaver Creek tributaries in the White Mountains and the upper Chatanika. Pike we fished Medicine lake near Circle Hot Springs. Sadly the Hot Springs is in disrepair. Love this trip to Nome. Yes Gold claim. Might be green dust from the soap stone or jade in the area?

    Great drone footage there. Love the music too.

  13. Mem mmmm u are right where i have dream to be.. thanks thou I can’t go, you did it for me, thou i hope i will go.. too bad u didn’t cross but hey maybe another time..

  14. great video and love to see Nome has real Natural Beauty Thanks the NICE BEN and Rebecca you are lovely people one day i will meet you its honor for me

  15. Hey guys,just randomly came across this video. My wife grew up there in council and down river in white mountain where I grew up. We eventually came together in Nome and had children before moving to Eagle River. So in a way,welcome to my stomping grounds. You have gained another subscriber from Alaska lol

  16. 12:38 — – 12:45 — that's nearly Quigley's camp. I lived right there beneath that mountain from May to September 1983… shoveling our diggings into a sluice box and panning clean up every night. I was 16 years old. 😉 We used to drive out to Council once a week. Back then, Bill and Betty Laws along and Steve.. Peterson? were among the very few year long residents in Council. I think it was 7 people.

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