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Japan wants evidence from S. Korea over its concerns over possible water disposal …

Japan wants evidence from S. Korea over its concerns over possible water disposal …

Japan has has South Korea to provide
evidence to back up its concerns over contaminated water from the 2011
Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown potentially being discharged into the
Pacific Ocean according to Seoul’s foreign ministry the economic Minister
from the Japanese embassy in South Korea delivered a diplomatic note on Tuesday
in response to Seoul’s requests the previous day for clarification of
Tokyo’s disposal plans to this the South Korean government said it’s delivering
rational concerns based on scientific facts it also stressed the issue should
be dealt with in a way that does not affect the citizens of either country or
the ecosystem surrounding the nuclear plant

6 comments on “Japan wants evidence from S. Korea over its concerns over possible water disposal …

  1. South Korean nuclear power plants also (have to) regularly discharge wasted water into the Sea of Japan. Failing to report this fact, Arirang is responsible for making Korean people half-witted or science-illiterate.

  2. It's OK that only South Korea will boycott the Tokyo Olympic game…
    But this is nothing for South Korea but aiming to block the Tokyo Olympic game''s being held, spreading bad reputation of Japan to the world before the Tokyo Olympic game. Show your (SK's) radiation! South Korea has already had radiation which is 3 Times of Japan!

  3. Korean claim always doesn't include the supporting information. 200,000 of sex slaves were killed, millions of workers were enforced, the hardest conditions of colonization, etc. None of them were proved by even a single record. Without the fact support, your claim will be ignored. That is the rule of the international society.

  4. SK is all about emotions and feelings. If they are into facts, there would have been the evidence for comfort women and the forced labors and such.

  5. 1. Japan’s reputation has been tarnished since the whitelist was introduced. They’ve fallen into their own beartrap and was ousted as conniving, condescending, humiliated, embarrassed as they continue to loathe and grieve. Japan’s image is irredeemable and in unsalvageable conditions.
    2. No one cares about Tokyo’s Olympics and I will continue in all my powers to sabotage it!!!
    3.There is no evidence of radiation in Korea as an result to the plutonium atomic bomb dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. As japan suffered greatly from the radiation, korea however did not, no matter how badly you wish we would’ve. Japan is so misconstrued.

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