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Jaguar Softball Hosts State Title Assembly

Jaguar Softball Hosts State Title Assembly

(light music) (cheering) – Only five times in Missouri
Large Class sports history has a softball team won back
to back state championships. And that’s what we’re
here to celebrate today with these ladies behind the table. (clapping and cheering) It’s just so much fun
to be able to share it with others, it just continues to unite our Blue Springs Community
and to show that our kids here do amazing things with amazing
support from our principals from our athletic directors
from our superintendent from the teachers that are
in their lives everyday, it just shows how much they’re
able to unite a school. (cheering) – Everybody around you
is telling you congrats and they’re all happy for you
and it’s just nice to know to be a part of something
that everybody cares about. It makes you appreciate it more
just because you’re playing with all your best friends. Knowing that you get to
experience something so great with all the people that
you love and care about.

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