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Israel Ambassador reacts to US’s historic shift on West Bank policy

Israel Ambassador reacts to US’s historic shift on West Bank policy

100 comments on “Israel Ambassador reacts to US’s historic shift on West Bank policy

  1. Fun fact, nobody cares! How about we focus on our own country instead of wasting time with two factions of people who will never be at peace, and stop giving these countries money, especially israel.

  2. Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse them will be cursed. Just look at the people/countries who curse them the most. How are they doing??

  3. All Israeli settlements are fucken illegal! I hate Israel! Israeli's are murderers. There's nothing to negotiate with Israel. Israel needs to be wiped out!

  4. I am reminded of a radio show I heard a few years ago that sums up this situation properly. Imagine you had a house that has been in your family say a few hundred years. Then all of a sudden one day someone shows up at your door and says you need to leave this is not your house this is my house because my religion says this is my house. And you explain to this individual that this house has been in my family for a few hundred years and yet this person who shows up at your door says again that my religion says this is my house. You need to leave. and so you leave and you moved over to the next neighborhood but yet the whole time you're a little bothered as to why this person showed up and kicked you out of your house. and so you go back to the house to try to speak with this individual as to why they kicked you out of your house and why they believe their religion says that the house you have lived in for a few hundred years is their house and they show up at the door with machine guns and next after that you go back to your new neighborhood still angry so you start throwing rocks at your house or what used to be your house that you have invested money in up keeping and excetera excetera and so the individuals that kicked you out opens the door and say hey have you been throwing rocks at my house? I told you that my religion says that this is my house so they go back inside and then they come back to the door with an RPG. Now WHICH is the terrorist? you tell me.

  5. See, that why Israel war will continue. No reason to respeak the requirements, to be your land. I am sure they will figure out the custom gates/ports. Bracelet passports?

  6. The United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Security Council and the International Court of Justice have all said that Israeli settlements on the West Bank violate the Fourth Geneva Convention. SCUMS !!

  7. Israelis come to Palestine, welcomed given homes and take over the entire country stealing from the same people that helped them. Now they wonder why there isn’t peace. Anyone contesting this fact is a hypocrite a liar a dumb dog barking for their master. Imagine you invite someone to your house and then they kick you out and say it’s their home. Ignore it you will but god almighty know those who have been wronged.

  8. 1 Samuel 15:28… “The LORD has torn the kingdom of Israel from you today and has given it to your neighbor who is better than you".

  9. Trump is a Belial.
    A lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Abominable lawless administration and staff.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  10. Obama who?

    Everything he did is being erased. That includes his claim there were no scandals in his administration.

  11. That's kind of like saying that Latin American legal systems can decide whether illegal immigration to and occupation of states in the US is up to them. It's not up to them. The West Bank belongs to Palestinians. It's up to their legal system to decide if a settlement is legal, not Israel. To allow the Israeli legal system to decide is unethical. It's against international law. It's wrong. Or are we saying that the Palestinian legal system can decide that Palestinians have a right to occupy swaths of Israeli land to make settlements? If not, something is wrong with the point of view. You can't say one is wrong and the other is right. They're either both wrong or both right.

  12. This is great news ..Israel WANTS peace ..100% of all Palestinians time after time in surveys have said they do NOT recognise Israel and her sovereignty,
    They need a FUNDAMENTAL change in mindset viz a viz their attitude to Israel and this is unlikely to change anytime soon..have you SEEN a Palestinian school text book recently?! They beggar belief, poisoning the minds of their OWN innocent children in order to perpetuate their culture of grievance and victimhood anger and resentment.
    PEACE will come and must come …

  13. The Bible mentions the portions of Land that God assigned to the 12 tribes. Find the coordinates and let it be so. Any nation harming God's people will be destroyed. So, USA and all nation's be very careful.

  14. Today is the day that President Trump and the Republicans lost the 2020 Election. Remember this day November 18, 2019. Out of all the stupid things the Administration could do. This one is the worst of all.

  15. It Is About Time Israel & Palestine Settle Their Differences By Themselves……Fight For Your Own Land Or Make A Peaceful Agreement. Winner Will Take All

  16. Obama was a complete mess, Trump just reversed all previous policies, now there's a possibility for stability in Middle-Asia

  17. Thank you Mr President for siding with Israel , this is their land, they can build where ever they want !i have never known why Israel tolerates the terrorist

  18. Where were Israel and the US in 1978 when the revolution was starting in Iran? Did they think an Islamic Revolution overthrowing the Shah would bring peace to the Middle East and for Israel? Actions should have been taken then not now when it’s too late and only an all out war will change the regime there. These nut jobs in Iranian leadership won’t just walk away from their posts now peacefully.

  19. Freedom? Our Democrats are NOT creative entities, they're led by Marxist Feminists who have inferior minds, so they don't think of profit in terms of a free market, where they create things and sell them, they're leeches who penetrate male businesses and take them over. Israel is entrepreneurial and creative even though their Feminists are destroying them, rotting them out, they still believe in Judeo-Christian ethics, so Democrats hate them.

  20. WHO gives two shits what the Council on Foreign Relations says? The CFR is a Globalist entity that has controlled past president’s.

  21. Democrats are in bead with the Islamic brotherhood, thats why the push the hate on Israel. thats why they want open borders

  22. We really support peace for Israel $Palestinian people Palestinian should recognize Israel failure to do that there will be no peaceful coexistence

  23. If Israel were to show the Palestinians that they wanted peace by reserving if not restoring sacred/ancient territory of the Palestinians, perhaps they would do the same for Israel and both 'sides' can find common ground and celebrate each others peace and victory.

  24. I think it is clear now that the Zionists have never wanted to be fair and just with the Palestinians. They have always wanted it all, from the Nile to the Euphrates. The Zionists control America. Both want total Israeli hegemony for the whole Middle East.

  25. The Zionists have never made compromises and they have never negotiated in good faith and they know it. Propagandists to the max. THE OCCUPATION OF THE AMERICAN MIND is a good documentary on this. Also KillingGaza dot com.

  26. too bad Israel isnt an ally of the US
    they just use us for muscle

    sorry but they keep stealing land and the US keeps backing them…
    we need to leave these bronze age idiots from both sides to fend for themselves..

  27. Oh Goodie! It's all Israel's, all the land, all the water, houses, trees etc. All of it belongs to Israel because God said it. So, when is Israel going to give full, equal Citizenship to all the Palestinians that it just acquired. This Rat being interviewed wants to negotiate while he steals it all. He and Bibi and many others are War Criminals.

  28. Why was it not okay for South Africa to have white only settlements but it’s okay for Israel to have Jewish only settlements? Both are racist.

  29. The unclean settlement's goes back to the unclean lineage. A municipality full of pigs, rat's, street dog's goes into municipality settlement.
    Obama-SamparkSeSamarthan and his municipality beware of consequences😠 from EL ÈLYON.

  30. This is against international law Mike Pompeo is wrong and by saying this and Trump acknowledging makes the USA complicit in their crime.

  31. He actually said they would take "No view" on any individual settlement, and it really doesn't concern the U.S. The CFR. are a bunch of Democrat Soros-whores, and the ECFR. was even set up by George Soros. I'll start listening to Soros when the career criminal gives his Katonah mansion and 63 acres, back to the Wappinger Indians. With that being said, I also doubt the powers that be in the US. UK or the State of Israel, will be giving me that which would fill a thimble; despite all the blood and treasure I've saved them. It would mean admitting that I was unfairly targeted for years, and I ultimately wiped the floor with every Intel. prick they had to throw at me; it is quite comical how they thought they could beat me.

  32. Another great decision by Trump. The only aim the Palestinians have is to completely drive out Israelis from Israel. That's why they don't want ANY kinds of settlements by the Israelis. They don't even want Israelis. God bless Trump. He does not practice hate on any people.

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