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Is Japan’s Immigration Policy Really Strict?

Is Japan’s Immigration Policy Really Strict?

Hey guys, it’s Yuta, so people have this image that Japan has very very strict immigration policies. This is not completely unfounded, but it’s a little too simplistic and there’s also a lot of misconceptions. So today we’re gonna discuss Japan’s immigration policies in detail, and there’s no single definition of Immigrants that everybody can agree with, but today – We’re going to focus on foreign workers in Japan. First – Let’s check the numbers: As of October 2017 we have 1 million, two-hundred seventy-eight thousand, six hundred and seventy Foreign workers in Japan. And this is about 1% of the entire population. But within the working age population the number will be 1.6. Percent and the number is increasing. Compared to ten years ago, the number of foreign workers in Japan is more than double, and as for nationalities: the top ones are Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, and Brazilians. And they account for 70% of Japan’s foreign workers. Now this is the main thing of this video. We are going to talk about their residency statuses. This is very important so pay attention. And the most important ones are: Family permit, Non-work permit, Technical intern training, and professional – or skilled work permit. And we’re going to talk about these one by one. Family permit is very simple. It’s basically permanent residents and foreign spouses With this you can pretty much get any type of job So there’s no restraints. This also includes long term residents, who are mostly Japanese descendants around the world For example: most Brazilians and Peruvians in Japan are actually second generation, third generation, fourth generation Japanese immigrants from those countries, and they get a special kind of residency status so that they can live and work in Japan Now, Non-work permit is basically mostly students, because foreign students in Japan are allowed to work a part-time job up to 28 hours per week For example: In Tokyo, You see a lot of Chinese people working at a convenience store, and they’re actually mostly students. The next categories are very very Important so stay focused. We are going to talk about professional or skilled work permit. Which is basically for High-skilled work. And the other one technical intern training – It’s basically for Low-skilled work, and these categories are very very different First: Skilled Permit this includes: professors, software engineers, researchers,… translators, project managers, doctors, school teachers… chefs, lawyers, executives, etc.. etc And also, English teachers. This is usually valid for one to five years And you can basically renew it as long as you are employed. There’s no annual quota for this work permit so as long as you are hired by a Japanese company you can probably get this permit. And this is the reason why it’s relatively easy to become an English teacher in Japan, and live for a long time. So, when it comes to “high skilled workers”, Japan’s immigration policy isn’t that strict and Japan wants more high-skilled workers so last year they made it easier to get permanent residency for some people. Now let’s talk about technical intern trainees, and this is where things get kind of shady. Trainees are supposedly people who come to Japan to learn some skills, so that they can bring back the skills to their home country but in reality This is often a way to hire cheap workers for the kind of jobs that Japanese people don’t want to work anymore. And this should sound familiar to you guys because it’s happening in many other countries and Japan is simply no exception. These jobs include: farming, fishing, Construction, and food production. Because those industries don’t have enough people and there is a specific category and description for each job, but since the original purpose of this program is to train people you can only stay in Japan for limited time and after that you cannot renew your visa, you just have to go back to your country. So, here’s the thing: Officially, Japan doesn’t want to hire foreigners for low-skilled jobs However, there’s many businesses who can’t find Japanese people anymore So they hire trainees and students as temporary foreign workers And they make up as much as forty-three full percent of foreign workers in Japan But the government insists that this is not immigration, because according to their definition Immigrants are ones who stay in Japan Permanently At the same time: the government seems to be trying to increase the number of trainees as the shortage exacerbates Just last year, they extended the maximum period from three years to five years, the truth is Japan is already relying on foreign workers in some areas And the demand will probably increase in the future. In some cases like the fishing industry in Hiroshima Prefecture, Fifty percent of young people are already foreign nationals But people speculate that the government doesn’t want to discuss temporary workers openly, because their support base is conservative Now you can imagine, there’s a lot of problems around this program, for example some companies literally exploit trainees, and there’s a lot of human rights issues. On the other hand, sometimes trainees can’t work as much as they want because of the restrictions. So, there’s so much to talk about this program But these issues are well documented in Japan, so if you are interested, you can find plenty of resources And in case you are a trainee and have some problems, I’ll put some contact information in the description Now, before I go, let’s talk about illegal immigrants because they do exist in Japan But the number isn’t that significant compared to other countries like the United States. In 2017, the number of overstay people in Japan was 65,270 and in Japan is pretty hard to just cross the border because it’s surrounded by the sea So I think that’s pretty much the number of illegal immigrants in Japan and this is about 0.05 percent of the population, and in the United States it’s like 3% of the population. So you can see the huge difference. Now let me tell you one thing, because I have the impression that many people think that Japan is a popular country and the only reason that we don’t have so many immigrants is Japan’s immigration policy, but that’s not necessarily the case there’s many other countries that need foreign workers, and they may have more attractive offers and less language barrier, So, Even if Japan wants more foreign workers, which by the way the current government clearly does it’s probably not going to be that easy And in the meantime, more and more companies are going bankrupt because they can’t hire enough people At the same time, a growing number of people are concerned about the consequences of mass immigration whether Japan will have more immigrants or fewer immigrants there will always be problems and Just like any other political issues There’s no perfect answer for everybody But there’s one thing that is very certain: if you want to work in Japan Speaking Japanese we’ll give you a huge advantage So if you want to learn Japanese with me, I can send you some free Japanese lessons by email. so click the link and subscribe to my email group Japanese with Yuta. Alright. See ya guys soon Ciao ciao!

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  1. Well at least it's great news for me. I'm a software engineer, want to work on humanoid AI for androids, and since Japan has the biggest amount of androids, I figured gaining my dreamjob has the biggest change of succeeding there. Good to hear immigration policies on Software Engineers are good, especially since I probably can finishing my study in Tokyo and with a bit of luck can get a job offer at the university from it (as it happened to others of my University as well).

  2. I worry that they will follow me and cause the same problems. I am certain that the Japanese Tsunami was triggered by unnatural means right after I did a search.
    It is recommended that my case be looked into but those currently doing so are biased and corrupted. They were on this case for decades following me around and sabotaging verything and now surround me with those who they think I will blame and single out.
    It is intricately layered and there are many people who had cashed in and spread the wealth over a vast network so it seems too shallow to be the source of the problem.
    I am still convinced it originates from the Catholic center with medical, legal, media communications networks.
    Europeans dont like Japan and Asia much and the differences can be seen if you sit on the fence. I take no sides but now had faced backlash from other people because of what childhood connections had done which is why I am on my own and want no part of those things.

    My communications are heavily distorted and manipulated in order to supress certain information and redirect communications and dilute any concern of serious issues. They turn it into a joke. very impoortant matters have been dismissed because those who take it seriously connect to others playing with commmunications networks which at some point did include India and call centers. Information on various businesses all going through a central hub you might as well just hand your country over and put up a foreign flag.

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  3. Hey Yuta,

    I like your videos, you have a lot of interesting information. I’m Mexican, my girlfriend is Japanese and we’re gonna get marry this December in Tokyo, I would like to meet you someday !

    Cheers !

  4. im pretty sure any country immigration policies are strict. if a single country accepted every one. overcrowding will be a big issue

  5. What about IT work? I've been meaning to specialize in networking with Cisco certifications, but is that considered low-skilled labor?

  6. Japanese migration is not strict if anything. the #1 role of a government is to protect it's citizen, that includes ethnic homogeneity.

  7. I agree and support Japan's immigration policy. I'm 24 years old and quite a liberal person except when it comes to immigration. Multicultural countries are too complex. In the U.S.A., we can see so many issues regarding racism and discrimination. It is always in the news even today. Hate crimes are non-stop.

    Japan is correct. No need for Japan to be a multicultural country.

  8. Wish my country (UK) had proper immigration laws because even radicalized terrorists don't have much of a difficult time entering.

  9. sir may u help me to get work visa for japan i m from india 34 year old.i m gym trainer.i can do labour job what's up no is.00918146009990

  10. It's very strict in many respects. However, they let all kinds of worthless people into the country as well. Missionaries being a good example.

  11. Hello my friend Yuta. I want to visit Japan and train with the legendary mma fighter Kazushi Sakuraba. I cannot find any information in Google about where he trains. Can you plz help me? Thank you in advance.

  12. The response is how many immigrants are in Japan. Ethnic Japanese make up 98.5% of the total population and that the rest are Koreans 0.5%, Chinese 0.4%, other 0.6%,
    The fact that Japan in the past or present receives immigrants also doesn't mean they last, they are mostly temporal immigrants. And not necessarily because they want to.

  13. It should be, or Japan will be like the U.S full of arrogant racist complainer trouble maker Latinos specially Mexicans.

  14. Reality is japan needs immigration I can understand not wanting them but just like Europe if it’s not for immigration Japan losing population but CONTROLLED migration

  15. How on earth is a nurse considered a "low-skilled worker" according to that chart?! They have so much they need to know in order to do their jobs, which in some cases means someone's life is literally in their hands.

  16. It's wrong.
    We already have more than 500,000 Koreans.
    Japan is one of the countries that let foreign in a lot.

  17. All i wanna do in Japan is:
    1. Touge
    2. Car meet on Daikokufuto
    3. Tougeing again
    4. Visit every touge course (Mt. Haruna, Akagi, Usui, Myogi, etc.)
    5. Drifting on Ebisu circuit
    6. Visit every race track
    7. Touge

  18. With Japan's aging population couldn't they lighten up a little? I don't mean just accept everyone who wants to move in Japan you wouldn't want to take in a lot of Logan Paul types after all. Speaking of aging population is that related to Japanese employees being overworked? Like they have to double the effort because of the shortage in labor?

  19. So it's kinda like
    Japan: "We need cheaper workers so we'll let you in for a few years but after that go home because we don't want you staying here."

  20. Liberals have damn near ruined the US with near-open borders and loopholes in every welfare program we have. It has bankrupted most liberal cities, and will probably bankrupt the country in the end.

  21. Yuta san
    I enjoy your videos but I must tell you if the information you give us were wrong.
    Japan is the No.4 biggest country that receives the immigrants.
    Check all the data before you upload.

    1. Germany 2,016,241
    2. USA 1,05,1031
    3. Britain 479,000
    4. Japan 391,160
    5. Korea 372,935
    6. Spain 291,387
    7. Canada 271,808
    8. France 252,643
    9. Italy 250,465
    10.Australia 220,3654

  22. can i get a professional skilled work permit as i have a barbers licence in the united states? or would i need to retest in japan?

  23. I am looking a job in Japan, specially Technical Intern Training programme. How can I get a job while I am not in Japan?

  24. Do you think its common to threat them (trainees) un the way Vice revealed to the world. You miserable racist country

  25. You said it's completely free to subscribe and get lessons by email so what's with the free trail and marketing stuff ?

  26. The smart thing the Japanese are doing is not taking people from low IQ countries. The Brazilians coming are part Japanese.

  27. Don’t read the comments, it’s all angry segregationists spouting racism against Muslims, Indians, and Black people. And they’re all really mean.

  28. No its actually pretty normal, but the western countries are losing their minds just letting anyone in… And the media is trying to make it seem like that's a regular thing to do. Its not.

  29. don't be fooled though, japan knows that young people of japan aren't staying and working in japan anymore, they're moving to europeand the US, this is an attempt to bring back those lost generational young japanese people that are born in other parts of the world that are treated like 2nd class citizens, and to encourage those young ppl to come back to japan

  30. If I was extremely rich (ie have royalties to live off of, won a lottery, or have a shit ton of savings), then I would no doubt try to move to Japan. But because of the salaries compared to the costs of living, I don’t see it happening.

  31. Immigration it's harsh.

    First hand experience, I migrated to the US, working construction, cutting grass and as a carpenter. For every american on those jobs there were like 10 mexicans like me, working those jobs.

  32. Very interesting video.
    Maybe Japanese policies are not as open as in Europe, but they are much more open to foreigners than in Thailand.

  33. Yuta, are you planning on doing a follow up video based on Japan's new visa policy? I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  34. In bet the over stayers are of no benefit to Japan. Its time for Jappies to have some kids and save there wonderful culture

  35. I think it'll be very hard for Japan to accept foreigners, because of their history of shutting off from the world for a long period of time, which then affected their demography and culture. There are societies that are multiethnic and then there are those that are monoethnic, and Japan is on the latter end of the scale.

    Today, a lot of the natives in Western countries are complaining about globalization and multiculturalism. But in the long-term, they'll realize it's benefits when they look at monocultures and how far they've declined.

  36. Just the kind of video I was looking for. I'm mainly looking forward to a professional/skilled visa! A lot of work to do before that will happen, though.
    Thanks Yuta!

  37. DON'T WORK IN JAPAN. It's a tip to you from a japanese high school student. It might be better that you come on here as a international student or travel visiter.

  38. Hi Yuta, I am interested in reading one of the resources you mentioned in the video. "Skilled worker migration". Do you mind sharing it with me please?

  39. both my wife and daughter is a Japanese its been almost 3yrs since she decided to go to japan to work as hard as she can just to send money to us, and now i was suffering to depression because were seperated by two country and i can find a decent job because i need to take care of our daughter, today my illigibility was denied and i can help it than to cry all day,. want to ask help to everyone who can,. i just want my family to be reunited and so we can help each other,. for our kids future she deserve it she a japanese even shes born here in philippines

  40. yuta, thanks for any help/info you are able to share ahead of time. i am half japanese and my japanese family are all in japan. my mother is still a national of japan but we live in america. my question is, what visa is available for someone in my situation (american citizen) that wants to move back to japan?

  41. Recently, most of all Japanese people don’t like permanent foreign residents in Japan.
    They come to break our safe country, and make Japan unsafe.
    To live in Japan, you need high revenue and have to speak Japanese language.

  42. Hello Yuta! I want to ask a question. Hope I can get a response.
    What if I worked in Japan as technical training for 5 years. After that, I went back to the Philippines. And then I studied Japanese and got N2 or N1 level of Japanese. Can I apply as high skilled worker or working visa in Japan?? Thank you in advance!!

  43. And if you want to run your own company or work as – say: a writer – can you still move there? 🙂

  44. Yuta could you do a video on marrying in japan. I’m moving to japan in late June to marry my fiancé and I’m wondering how the process works. I know somethings of course, but I’m wondering if I can get a spouse visa while still being in japan after we marry.

  45. there is no such thing as Japanese man , Japanese is a nationality and japan immigration affairs is none of your fucking business, because you are not an immigration inspector . .you re just a Korean ugly fuck

  46. I visited Tokyo for six days only.
    I wanted from deep of my heart to continue my life there.
    I want to ask u if I don’t know how to speak Japanese , can i still immigrate to japan ?

  47. Nobita san I like Japan by watching NJPW AJPW DDT etc….and I considered Japan as my 2 nd home….sir…I want to do my masters in Japan…so what legal procedures I do?

  48. When almost everyone want to get higher end jobs, which is totally reasonable because of higher compensation and opportunities opening up, hardly anyone would want to aim for low end jobs…
    not unless if those jobs would get higher compensation as well.. probably~
    And even if they did it'll probably be just a stepping stone to eventually get to a higher one~

  49. In Japan, if you don’t have high-skill, you can earn just a little money and have to pay high-rate tax.
    And, if you do not have it, those who don’t speak Japanese language well as native speakers cannot find a job except for low salary, part-time work, dangerous work.
    That is real.

  50. I was a fan of Japan I spent almost a year learning Japanese and finally I applied in Tokyo in April intake 2019 I was quiet excited and I had almost every genuine document I was eagerly waiting for the notice and then I got the notice that everyone from my country including me has been rejected and there is no reason for my rejection and I was in the level zero again all of my friends did ilets and were about to fly abroad just because I choose Japan I ruin my life. There immigration took almost a year to give the result and I am paying my life for loving Japan.

  51. Japan needs to change it's immigration policy. I had the chance to study in Tokyo as my uncle is a permanent resident there but the restriction I'll have to go through in order to receive my PR in 10 years time is enormous. It's a pain in the ass tbh. Can you imagine applying for work visa every year!!! You will get limited benefits compared to other people as well. Unless you are hell bent to live in Japan it's pretty useless to immigrate there as the policies are so anti-immigration friendly. The Japanese work visa is a scam in it's own right. The country is very pretty with polite peoples but unless these policies changes they will turn to nobody in 50 years time!!

  52. is it possible to get a tourpackage visa to japan after five years if ur been caught overstaying there

  53. I’m a half Japanese living in Japan. I want to work in Japan customs so I can work as an interrogator so I can detain and question English speaking foreigners. I can read and write Japanese and I was educated in the west. Do you think it’s possible? I am a Japanese National.

  54. Hi Yuta,

    I'm 23 years old. My opinion is that Japan must NOT accept foreigners. Look at the mess that the United States of America has right now. Look how bad it is. There are so many hate crimes.

    Have you heard of the Los Angeles riots? You can type that in Youtube and see how bad it is. There many other riots because of racism in the U.S.A. U.S.A. sucks!

    Discrimination and racism is terrible in the U.S.A. Some minorities who want to be accepted even have plastic surgery so they can be accepted by white people in the United States of America.

    Dear Japan,

    Be smart….. Please learn from the mistakes other countries are having right now with immigrants. There are bullying in schools because of being a different race, etc…… Look at Michael Jackson. He is the result of racism and discrimination in the U.S.A.

  55. Ive been struggling on what i wanted to do in life for years till i decided to to myself what i was most interested in doing and that was to learn the japanese language because its a challenge to me. it took me half a year and i know so much of the language. so what popped to my mind was” i want to teach english in japanese “ which is a good career opportunity. so im planning on getting my Visa soon just for a head start before i plan on moving. im not one of those foreigners who moves because its japan. i have a goal and a very great reason too. lol. plus its good to learn something before you go there.

  56. How about YouTubers, you know, some of the main faces we know, foreigner YouTubers that live in Japan, what kind of visas / permits are they on? Honestly, I follow some of them, and I really enjoy it! XD

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