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Is EGYPT becoming a SECULAR country? – VisualPolitik EN

Is EGYPT becoming a SECULAR country? – VisualPolitik EN

With over 95 million inhabitants, Egypt is
the biggest country in the Arab world. And yes, I know what you are thinking, aren’t
Indonesia and Pakistan bigger than Egypt? Aren’t they Muslim too? Yes, my dear viewers… but make no mistake. There is a difference between Arab and Muslim. Islam is simply a religion while Arabic is
a culture, a race and, especially, a language. And, inside this Arab world, Egypt isn’t
only the most populous country–it’s one of the most influential. This is why the Arab League has its headquarters
on the TAHRIR square, in the very centre of CAIRO. And why news like this is so worrying. Death toll in Egypt rises to 305 people in
their deadliest terrorist attack. Nonetheless, despite the latest news, Egypt
is changing faster than we might think. Do you remember the Arab spring? In 2011, thousands of people protested for
days to overthrow HOSNI MUBARAK, the dictator who ruled the country back then. A year later, the Muslim Brotherhood gained
power, ready to turn the country of the pyramids into an Islamist Republic. But now, in 2017, Egyptian politics are taking
a 180 degree shift. Egyptian government closes 27,000 mosques
in move to fight terrorism So now the question is… How did we get here? Is Egypt becoming a secular country? Today we are going to answer these questions
but before we do, let’s take a look back at history. THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD There are three names who define Egypt’s
history in the last 60 years: Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak. These three politicians have a common ingredient:
they were all dictators that followed the principles of arab socialism. This was the trendy ideology back then. A cocktail that combined a centralized economy,
authoritarian leadership and secularism. But… make no mistake. As Socialist as they claimed to be, none of
those leaders had any problem with changing their RUBLES into DOLLARS as soon as the Soviet
Union disappeared. In fact, Sadat recognized the State of Israel
and, during the 80s, Egypt was already an ally of America. And, as you know, befriending America in this
part of the World puts you on the radical islamists bullseye. This is why Mubarak prosecuted every Islamic
movement. Part of this repression was to avoid the terrorist
attacks that became pretty frequent in the 90s. But Mubarak had other motivations too. He wanted to stop any potential challenge
to his authoritarian rule. And, guess who was the only organized group
who could replace him? Exactly! The Muslim Brotherhood! Despite being a clandestine movement since
1954, the Muslim brotherhood is the most organized grass-root organization since Egypt’s independence. They have thousands of members and millions
of sympathizers. Their goal is to turn Egypt into an Islamic
Republic, compliant with Sharia Law and the principles of the Koran. Nonetheless, the muslim brotherhood isn’t
the only radical group in this country. Here we can also find the SALAFISTS, who pursue
the same goals by different means. Look, the guys you see on the screen are Muslim
brothers. As you can see, they dress in a very Western
fashion, right? Jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, etc… Now, these other guys are salafist members. Do you see the difference? Salafis have traditional muslim clothes, beards,
and the ZEBIBAH on their foreheads created after hitting the ground so many times while
praying to MECCA. As you can figure out by their name, the SALAFISTS
want to live like the first Muslims, the so-called SALAF, did. However, the Muslim Brothers are way more
pragmatic and better organized. Their members infiltrate Government institutions. And they have no problem disguising their
intentions when they speak to the Western media. We are not terrorists. The Muslim Brotherhood’s philosophy is inspired
by an understanding of Islam that emphasizes the values of social justice, equality and
the rule of law. –Gehad el-Haddad, spokesperson from the
Muslim Brotherhood In other words… both the salafists and the
muslim Brotherhood have the same goals, but different strategies. Today, the salafists have a political party
called AL-NOUR that has nothing to do with the Muslim Brothers. And, as you can imagine, the radicals don’t
like each other very much. Remember this because we will go back to it
later on. Anyway, during the 80s, the military dictatorship
of HOSNI MUBARAK attacked both of these groups. In fact, since the year 1981, Egypt has been
in a neverending State of Emergency where every political dissident is sent to jail. This means thousands of salafists and muslim
brothers spending decades between bars. As you can imagine, neither the European Union,
nor the United States did anything to stop this. At the end of the day, nobody wanted to see
the Islamic radicals in the Government. If this was not enough, after the YOM KIPPUR
war, Egypt had become a good ally of Israel. And their economy was on fire. Think about it… this country has all the
ingredients for a World class tourism industry: the pyramids, the Nile, the desert and the
red sea… You can say that, by the year 2000, you couldn’t
label yourself a traveler if you didn’t have an Egyptian stamp on your passport. So, for 30 years, Mubarak had a free pass
to rule Egypt. But… hold on just a second because, in 2011,
things changed! Mubarak signals Egypt succession by taking
son to washington News like this one made both the citizens
and some factions of the army equally enraged. Having a dictator is one thing. Having a hereditary dynasty of power is another. This is how the Arab spring came to Egypt
and Mubarak had to resign. A year later, parliamentary and presidential
elections were held. We are talking about a country that has spent
decades under a dictatorship. A country where the only strong political
movements, other than the Government itself, were the salafists and the Muslim brotherhood. So… Guess who won those elections! Exactly! The Muslim Brothers, led by this guy you see
on the screen, MUHAMMAD MORSI. But wait a minute because things are way more
complex! Unless you are Saudi Arabia and you are sitting
on a pile of oil, Radical Islamism isn’t good for managing an economy. So, in less than one year, Egypt’s economy
sank. Thousands of people lost their jobs and inflation
skyrocketed. Meanwhile, Morsi’s main goal was to Islamize
the Government, stop the division of powers and shield his power. Add to this the army. As we said before, Egyptian defense forces
are no big fan of Islamist groups. And this is how a new player came into the
picture. Marshal ABDEL FATTAH EL-SISI was the head
of the Egyptian armed forces. He met the leaders of all the opposing parties,
including the salafists, and said… ‘Look, Morsi and his friends are fucking
up the government… help me set up a coup d’etat and we’ll put things back in order’ And… as we say here at VisualPolitik…
said and done. LAND OF THE PHARAOHS By the year 2013, the Egyptian army kicked
Morsi out of the government. Their first policy was to make the Muslim
Brotherhood an illegal organization again. Of course, protesters went to the streets,
hundreds of them died and thousands were sent to jail. But in june, 2014, new “elections” were
held. And I say “elections” because there was,
virtually, a single candidate: EL-SISI, who had 97% of the vote. The other accepted candidate was a guy with
0 chance of winning called HABDEEM SABAHI. He got the other 3% of the vote. Do you remember that scene in ‘THE DARK
KNIGHT’ with the line ‘You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself
become the villain?’ Well… this could have been coined by EL-SISI
himself. In fact, in the past few years, Egypt has
become the World’s leader in the number of people given the death penalty. But not only that! In just 3 years, the Government has closed
over 27,000 mosques. And there is no freedom of speech whatsoever. And yes, I know what you are thinking! The Islamic fanatics are pretty angry about
this, right? Well, the opposite is true. Do you remember I said the Salafists and the
Muslim Brothers aren’t good friends? I was not kidding. Egypt’s ultraconservative islamists back SISI,
seek to eclipse Brotherhood But wait a minute because things are not good
for the salafists either! Of course, EL-SISI gave them enough freedom
so they could fill the roles left by the Muslim Brothers. But those Egyptian believers who want to go
to a Mosque have to go to those controlled by the EL-AZHAR imamate which is under Government
control. But you know what’s the biggest problem
here? There are less and less believers in Egypt! The percentage of youngsters who pray daily
has halved in less than 5 years. According to the Arab barometer, in the year
2011, 84% of the population supported SHARIA law influencing politics. In 2016, that percentage fell to 34%. But not only that! El-SISI himself celebrates the Christian Christmas
in the COPTIC cathedral of CAIRO year after year. In other words… Egyptian society is becoming more and more
secular. But… before you get too excited… Wait a minute! This could change at any moment! First of all, EL-SISI’s popularity fell
in 2017. A good share of Egyptians do not like the
fact that he gave Saudi Arabia sovereignity over two islands in the Red Sea. They don’t like the repression either. In fact, news like this one resemble Mubarak’s
times. Egypt declares state of emergency after deadly
church attacks On the other hand, the economy is Egyptians’
main worry. Despite the unemployment rate going down,
it is still over 12%. And these are the official figures. Some experts say it might be over 20%. And, despite all of this, the Government is
working on these pharaoh-like projects. Egypt to build new capital paid for by China Add to this the terrorist attacks and we can
only conclude that EL-SISI’s government is failing more than succeeding. So now the question is… Do you believe Egypt can turn into a secular
country, the way neighbouring TUNISIA did? Or do you think EL-SISI’s government is
DÉJÀ VU of MUBARAK’S and that, eventually, we will see a brand new Arab Spring in this
country? Please, leave your answer in the comment section
below. And if you want to know what happened in TUNISIA,
do click on this other video. And, of course, visit RECONSIDER MEDIA.COM,
the podcast that provided the vocals in this video that are not mine. Also, don’t forget that we publish brand
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94 comments on “Is EGYPT becoming a SECULAR country? – VisualPolitik EN

  1. Egypt can contribute a lot of progressive enlightened ideas and steps towards the Reformation of Islam which has already been eaten away by the extreme Orthodox fundamentalism of Fascist ideas. It must stand against the ISIS or Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. it's just the government trying to protect itself but the egyptians are not changing that much .. people are just as stupid as they are here.

  3. Excuse me but,Egypt is already an Islamic state that follows the principels of Quran (Unless few stuff tbh) ,The Muslim brotherhood don't want to turn Egypt into an Islamic state,Nethier to a strong super power,They want to "RULE" Egypt for their own good,Just rule Egypt,Known as Muslim brotherhood in Egypt,This international organization have different bases and names everywhere,And what's their goal?IT'S RULE THE COUNTRY,NOT TURN THE COUNTRY INTO AN ISLAMIC REPUBLIC,YOU CAN'T TURN AN ISLAMIC REPUBLIC INTO AN ISLAMIC REPUBLIC,IT ALREADY IS.
    They often brain wash their followers,Sometimes Christians,Who all of them think that the Quran rules and commands of religion freedom(Even if atheist) ,No corropution,No benifits for head of states relatives and equality between all people and races,etc.
    To find them the eay we all saw during 2013
    Islam is more peaceful than that

  4. Egypt has always been secular, and follows Islamic Sharia. We are teaching our kids Islam and they will not be non-religious…

  5. The muslim brother hood isn’t a radical group they are a political party they want to you to believe that they are radicals to promote their deadly propaganda Morsi was the first democratic elected president in The republic of Egypt

  6. ِِEl Sis does not care about secular or any thing except his power and by the way many Salafi is muslim brotherhood and most of them supported Muslim Brotherhood and al azhar most of it students and its doctor except some of them have a good relationship with the government was against El sis and they was the most people support Morsi . secular idea will spread by stupid dictatorship

  7. A Muslim country can only be short-lived secular. Not in the long run. The best example is Turkey. It borders with the EU, but then a maniac camed would with dictatorships and Islamist ideals. I'm talking about Erdogan. And you see what happens to Turkey right now. Simply because of this, virtually all of the European, North American and South American and some Asian countries, plus Australia, New Zealand, have been contributing to ALMOST ALL the development of the last few centuries. Truly sad…

  8. I saw a video by KJ Vids on General Al-Sisi, and their take was that Egypt is being severely repressed by the government and that all is not well.

  9. Thanks for your videos. Very informative and balanced. As a Pole I watched your clip on Poland and can attest it's pretty spot on (how do you do your research man???). Keep them commin'!

  10. As I recall BHO forced our ally leading the nation to resign and put in his place the Muslim Brotherhood. How odd that this bunch was so easily replaced when America had the will. Did you miss the part where the Salafists burned the Egyptian Institute with over 200,000 pharaonic exhibits and were willing to compromise by not destroying the pyramids but would consider covering them in an opaque wax? By the way why no mention of FGM?

  11. The Egyptians are not even in Egypt. Leave or you will be hurt when we come back . The war was never over for us.

  12. We are not Arabs we have been colonized by Arabs hundreds of years ago, however we speak Arabic, they changed our language and religion, it’s like Americans who speak English while they’re not English.

  13. Youre channel has finally shown its true colour…pure western propaganda.

    You've got to be kidding me. Egypt has already been a Secular dictatorship supported by the West.

    The problem with the western mindset: viewing all muslim groups with bigotry and no sophisticated understanding of the differences. Its like mistaking Communists with Capitalists just because they are both Secular.

    How can you expect Muslim brotherhood to turn the economy after only one year after 30 years of corrupt secular rule before which there was colonialism.

    Salafis only emerged in Egypt by the backing of the secular regime to undermine the Muslim brotherhood. These terrorist attacks are blatantly fake – why would the Muslim brotherhood start this now when they have been campaigning peacefully for 30 years.

    Oh and the uprising didnt start because some Egyptian politician went on holiday to the states but because of forced Secular "progressive" rule in Egypt for decades.

  14. democracy for the sovereign of people within them but needed the muslim brotherhoid as elimunated with some democratic parties as a alliance with continuity of government with much freedom of speech lgbts rite is a utmost for a yiungster as rhey are mush mire westernars wirh passiin and fasionable wirh no contril on them as they are god gifted beautyness as children wuth tourism sector more focus and industry and otherss

  15. 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  16. a democratic Muslim brotherhood government was "radical". But an oppressive dictatorship is "secular".
    why west doesn't want to give Egyptians the right to elect whoever they want.
    you people just want a puppet which Sisi is.

  17. Egyptian politics ? They are not politics. General Sisi!!!!!!!!!. He came with army coup. with weapon. Not with election. This channel is lies. Full of propaganda. Don't believe what he says. All lie.

  18. i guess u missed something that muslim brotherhood has the full support of america
    muslim brotherhood as u said are pragmatic they hate america in front of us to gain our hearts and make deals with america under the table
    america and of course israel dont want strong egyptian army they wanted to dismantle that huge army and no military general will accept that even mubarak refused that
    only muslim brotherhood shared the same goal to gain full control of the country
    and thats why america was furious after sisi and the army take control again the army became way more bigger and stonger than ever and as egyptian i am very happy with that

  19. I am a secular Egyptian and I can only say that supporting military dictatorships in the Arab world as the only way to suppress radical Islamists leads to nothing but empowering them even if things in the surface look otherwise . The way out is a liberal civil democracy guarded by the army not ruled by it .

  20. Hi Simon, I'm a big fan and I what's a lot of your videos especially on top tenz and 10 things but let me tell you that I was disappointed when I saw this video cos I really think you got your facts wrong, president El Sisi really rescued us from the Muslim brotherhood they are evil and they would have transformed our country into another Syria or Libya or some other isis controlled action but also he did some major reforms in the country since he took office I think you need to read more about that cos you describedthe situation from a perspective from one perspective but that doesn't cover all aspects of the situation there that's only one side of the story. if you look at the statistics and analysis of the Egyptian economy issued by the world bank with the IMF or Oxford business group or any other supposedly non-bias entity you will find that Egypt has economically developed much since 2014

  21. also concerning girl fighting terrorism I believe it's safe to say that Cairo have seen much less attacks than Paris since 2014

  22. Answer: NO Sisi is a dictator people are starving to death under his rule the economy is going down hill and he is selling Egyptian land to saudi-garbagia and israhell and kicking people in the Sinai out thinking he will be able to deport Palestinians from the west bank to a desert also did I mention he imprisoned over 60k people as political prisoners(aka anyone who opposes him or even some of his friends) absoloute power maniac also talked about how he dreamed to become the most powerful leader on earth LOL he is mentally unstable he thinks he is becoming like putin but his time is limited before some military dude who wants democracy chops his head off, BECOMING SECULAR CAN NOT BE FORCED SOCIETY IN EGYPT IS GARBAGE PEOPLE WILL RAPE STEAL AND KILL IF NOT PUNISHED BY BIG FAMILY TRADITIONAL GROUPS MODERNIZATION NEEDS TO WAIT FOR A SLOW DEMOCRATIC-SOCIALIST-REPUBLIC TAKEOVER TO DESTROY CORRUPTION AND KICK OUT THE FILTHY CORRUPT OLD PEOPLE WHO DESERVE TO BE TORTURED TO DEATH.

  23. This is my view in Egypt as a half Egyptian and half philipino that lived 17 years of his life as a egyptian civilian and I will be honest with you , I won't say I am open minded or such , I am Egyptian but living here is a pain in the ass , my work gets me 3600 le which is equivalent to 200 dollars per month , less than the lowest income that a person in America gets , imagine that being halved for people working in public and governmental places , pricing increases and police raids all over the place , I talk to canadians most of the time and when they say that I am lucky I just wish I could tell them to switch places to feel how I feel , as orphans (me and my sisters) at such a young age I would thank God that my father and mothere gave me English as my first language and not Arabic
    People in Egypt are becoming shallow and very aggressive it is saddening , egoistic and very VERY rude , it makes a person hope that someday Egypt will be a better place , but one day I don't want to be there I will go away from here and make a better life for me and my sisters
    Sorry for the rant , working all nighters to get the extra cash heh
    Also yeah , I noticed about the religion side , I used to pray every Friday before but now ever since they got these ….. Mongols in the mosques , all I see them is fabricating a couple of words and shouting them down our throats , it is annoying and for a call center agent that has headphones on his ears 8 hours or more a day , it gives me a headache , havent told this reason until now but now I said it truthfully and honestly because dealing with canadians , I actual got respect for the people there more than the people I lived with a solid 17 bloody years of non stop aggressiveness and bullying only because i am half philipino
    That is my view of Egypt thus far from the eyes of a person that lived in the most suppressive household and most spoiled brated way since They would always be like "You are your father's son" all the while treating my sisters like shit because they are girls and I am the only boy , yeah , I wish to say this to people on the phone all the time they tell me that I am very lucky to live in Egypt

  24. Guys i need your help. I am a law student and i have to United Nations representative. I represant Egypt. The topic is sexual education and gender based violence. I need a friend from Egypt to explain to me what the situation is now and what is the society's way of thinking. Please answer so i can send my email. Thank you!!

  25. I’m an 18 year old Egyptian and I really don’t like most of my Islamic teachings and furthermore I was fortunate enough to be educated in a language school (we studied everything in English and we had more subjects than réguler Egyptians do) , I was fascinated by science when I was 10 years old , I started self learning when I was 14 from TVdocumentaries,books,internet and my school , I became a huge fan of science that my only dream is to become a scientist , I started questioning my religion (Islam) since I was 14 when I first talked to an atheist in my life , I learned that Muhammad married a 9 year old girl and had sex with her at the age of 12 and I was shocked then I asked a shiekh (Muslim priest) about what happens to the non-believers who are really good people like my atheist friend even better than most Muslims , he told me then that it doesn’t matter if they are good or bad people they will just scorch in hell’s fire suffering forever crying for forgiveness of our god and we will look at them laughing from paradise .. I told him (why isn’t god the one who created him just like me , he is the one who made him have this ideology .. he was born in an atheist family so he wasn’t fortunate like me … this is just unfair) then I asked him what happens to ex-Muslims who just lost their way , and then I was shocked again when he told me ( Kill them .. they are the enemies of our god that’s what sharia law says , they are cursed people ) . This is just taking so long but I learned about evolution and the history of the universe and it just makes more sense than this book ( Quran ) , this series of disappointment in my religion continued for years until 1 month ago .. I discovered that I have lost my faith completely.. I no longer believe in this religion .. it doesn’t make sense anymore.. that’s how I became an atheist and I’m not alone.. I discovered that some of my friends also have this kind of disappointment or questions about our religion but they don’t have enough courage to face it .. my point is ( YES , we are here.. there are a lot of atheists in Egypt who just can’t make it public because it too dangerous but Egypt is becoming more secular each day and I have faith in my country ❤️IEgypt

  26. feeling the need to make the distinction of arab and muslim as if you're speaking to children…who is conflating the two?

  27. thought you guys taking about "EGIPT" kinda referring for LGBT cuz Egypt being more secular/liberal country, lol.

  28. As an Egyptian, no, Egypt isn't secular, although there are many secular Egyptians, most of them very young people or too old people (who lived under the rules of the secular president Nasser). Fortunately, atheism is growing very fast too, but we are still a very small minority. Egypt is like 60% Muslim and 40% Christian, our laws have a combination from both religions. Maybe in a close future Egypt will be completely secular but now it's impossible.

  29. How Egypt can survive?
    The answer is simple we need Russia, USA, North Korea and Iran to nuke us at once so we can start again from zero ( if anyone left alive of course) without the military dictators .
    If you read history you will know that Egypt was never a free country since Nectanebo II
    the last native ruler of ancient Egypt, since that Egypt was occupied by foreign invaders sucking our blood. And for the last 70 years Egypt has been fucked in the ass by the military dictators. This country needs to be fucking rebooted.
    And there's a great chance of me getting prisoned for writing this.

  30. I think a lot of the thing you say are wrong like the Muslim brotherhood trying to turn the city into an Islamic state or lowering the economy value which was already in dirt , all I know is if you elected someone in a pure democratic way that means that a majority of Egypt wants that idea and person . Period
    Anyone that comes against that strikes me as someone with double standards

  31. It's fn hilarious how the american MSM doesn't understand yet defends the muslim brotherhood. That whole maga hat debacle took precedence over the homophobic brotherhood members.

  32. You don't even know how those "26000" mosques look like. They are called "corners" as small as an apartment without anyone governing it, spreading hate in it. You should be praising the removal of these mosques.

  33. It is the Zionist powers who always appointed/sent their agents to rule over Muslim countries as that was the only way to keep Muslim resistance at bay, ie otherwise Israel could not be established if Muslim countries were strong and united as they would always oppose Israel. So it was always a Zionist dedicated mission to either appoint a Jew to rule over Muslim countries like 'Al SiS' or the Saudi Royal family or Attaturk (are 3 non-Muslims), or a corrupt Muslim who would obey Zionists for money eg Zardari of Pakistan etc. So please step back and take a wider look, the anti-Muslim' policies began with the British empire who made sure that the new Muslim countries they created after WW1 would be headed by Arab royalties chosen by the British. But the British empire at around 1906 when they broke up the Ottoman empire were dealing with Rothchilds who were in the British government to shape events for Israel's creation. So please take a look at the Yinod Plan ie the Greater Israel Project, as these plans were made long ago and therefore the Zionists were not going to allow any good Muslim leader to run the Muslim world because a good Muslim will never allow Palestine to be taken or any Muslim lands. Zionists have worked full time behind spying on Muslim countries to ensure they never allow a good Muslim to rule Muslim lands. Islam doesn't allow royalties so the fact that the Arab world has royalties, then it means that it was set up by foreign elements like the British empire and not by Muslims. So, already, the Zionists had control over the Arab world via these mostly non-Muslim royalties. They are non-Muslim because they exhibit every aspect of their character as non-Muslims and are working for Zionists and not Islam. They have to have Muslim names in order to fool the Muslim population otherwise they will be found out and removed by Muslims and Zionists will lose control over the region. So it is very important that you see through the Zionist plot to use deceptions to do regime changes otherwise Israel could never have survived in the the heart of the Muslim world. Muslim countries have fallen like a pack of cards around Israel precisely because of the power Zionists yielded with secret regime changes, so please do not judge the leaders as Muslims, they are Zionist agents and therefore NOT Muslims. And Zionists always use the word 'terrorism' as an excuse for suppressing any revival of Muslim values because Muslim values respect defence and so it was a way to suppress Muslim defence by associating it with the meaning of terrorism even though most terrorism has been and is being planned and carried out by Zionists with a view to blaming Muslims and taint our religion:

    KenOkifee on RT about Isis:

    Putin says Israel is training ISIS:

    British forces dressed up as ISIS :

    Isreali ARE ISIS according to daughter of Isreali spy :

    Smoking Gun proof that ISIS is a CIA/Mossad/M16 JOB:

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    Srilankan Bomber ISIS: –India knew:

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    Kenokeefee on Greater Israel Project:

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    by Knowmore news.

    Confessions of an economic hitman from USA :

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    CIA controls Al Qaeda :

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    How CIA does regime changes: by TRT

    Christopher Bollyn -Solving 911 :All Muslim countries should see this video.

    No plane hit the Pentagon ..911 by General Abert Stubblebine:

    Purpose of 911:The New World order and corrupted legislation ) (Perdonas Global Peace)

    Dollar vigilante describes missing of US funds just b4 911 event :

    How the Caliphate ended and the fake SaudiArabia-British connection -Wahabi rule: Sheikh Imran Hossain

    Refuting the Zionist Claim to land of Palestine:

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    Saudi MBS punishes religious clerics who speak out about his policies:

    Look what the Hadiths say about Saudi Arabia :

    War lies deception that was used to start WW1, WW2 by Zionists:

    By Corbet Report.

    The war plans and regime change in current times, Zionists, control..organisations….by David Ike:

    False flag plans for starting civil wars now for Lebanon: by American Vagabond.

    The type of deception Zionists use to destroy Muslim countries and expand Isrtael/control:

    By Empire files

  34. There are also more and more Jihadis and Jihadis' fans in Egypt than ever in 1960s, 70s,… 2000s

    Over 14000 soldiers from the Egyptian army were killed in Sinai alone since 2013, which is a Wilayah that pays allegiance to ISIS

    The economic situation is dire, which most probably triggers more extremism and violence

    Trump and his allies think they are now safer, but they can't be more wrong

  35. العلمانية ببساطة تجنب الدول الطائفية والصراعات الدينية نرى سوريا صراعات دينية وتقسيم ونرى العراق صراعات دينية وتقسيم وقبلهم السودان العلمانية تضمن وحدة الدولة وتجعل الدولة قوية لا فرق بين طوائف المجتمع بسبب جنس او عرق او دين او لون الدول تقدمت وعاشت فى محبة وسلام لانها علمانية .. العلمانية هى الحل وغير ذلك هو نبح كلاب

  36. Secularism is the solution for Egypt⁦🇪🇬⁩

  37. Egypt needs to go Secualar and protect it's culture than be like an Islamic State founded by Arabs to control. The Egyptian Muslims and Copts are of same Ethnicity, Race still the Copts are discriminated under Law just because of the fact that they are Christians. Egypt need to change that laws and become Secular so that all have equal rights to religion and live together.

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