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Is America an imperialist, white-supremacist, capitalist patriarchy? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Is America an imperialist, white-supremacist, capitalist patriarchy? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The gender scholar bell hooks famously described
the United States as an “imperialist, white-supremacist, capitalist patriarchy.” That description has become popular in certain
academic circles. It is a core principle of many gender studies
programs where the United States is assumed to be a Matrix of Oppression. But is that accurate? Let’s look at the evidence. Coming up next on the Factual Feminist
Let’s start with Imperialist. America is certainly an economic, military,
and cultural superpower. Yet it wields this power– in the words of
historian Niall Ferguson, “to spread free markets, to entrench the rule of law . . . to
impose order… and to pave the way for representative government.” This is in sharp contrast to empires from
Persia to Rome to Napoleonic France and the Soviet Union—who invaded, conquered, and
plundered in order to enrich the motherland. Even when the U.S. has invaded other countries,
like Japan, Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan, it has done so for a specific purpose, usually
defensive—and it did not colonize them or plunder. When hostilities ceased, the US always attempted,
with varying levels of success, to create independent democracies, usually at great
expense to the motherland. Our record is not spotless. But a menacing imperialist power, we are not. White-supremacist? The U.S. has a shameful history of racism. But we also have a long and honorable history
of fighting it, from abolishing slavery to trying to overcome its legacy. A recent study of racial tolerance by two
Swedish economists found the U.S. to be among the world’s “most tolerant” societies. (India and Jordan were among the least tolerant.) Intersectional feminists claim that even if
most Americans are tolerant, the white population still maintains supremacy through a rigid
set of political, economic, and cultural structures. If so, it doesn’t seem to be succeeding. Latino girls are now more likely to go to
college than white boys. And the most successful demographic group
in the US in terms of income, education, and life-expectancy is not whites, but Asians. Look, racism is still a problem, but anyone
who calls the U.S. a white supremacist society is distorting reality. What about “Capitalist”? True as charged . The United States is a capitalist
country. Thank goodness for that. Another term for capitalism is economic liberty. And economic liberty is essential to human
well-being. Without it, societies are miserable, poor
and oppressive. Look at Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea. Compare life in Eastern Europe before and
after free enterprise. Economic freedom, like all freedoms, can be
abused. In the US, we are constantly looking for ways
to prevent that. We don’t always succeed. But the free enterprise system has alleviated
more human poverty and misery, and broken down more systems of oppression, than any
other force in history. Finally, patriarchy. A patriarchy is a system in which men hold
the power and women do not. Women do hold power in the United States—they
lead major universities, giant corporations, and the nation’s powerful central bank. A woman almost won the presidency. Of course, that she almost won—or, more
precisely, that she lost the Electoral College despite winning the popular vote—is, for
some, just more evidence for the patriarchy. A headline in Slate declared: “The Electoral
College Is an Instrument of White Supremacy and Sexism.” In fact, the Electoral College is an important
instrument in our federal, representative democracy. But if it really is a tool of the patriarchy,
then women are free to organize a movement to amend the constitution to get rid of it. After all, women vote in greater numbers than
men. But, of course, most women don’t feel particularly
oppressed by the Electoral College, or by much else for that matter. American women, especially college women,
are among the freest and most self-determining human beings on the planet. Are things perfect for women? No. But they are not perfect for men, either. To refer to the U.S. as a patriarchy is absurd. The U.S. has many flaws—few will dispute
that. But it is also one of the most successful,
diverse, tolerant, and open societies the world has ever seen. Professor Hooks and the other intersectional
theorists view the United States as a matrix of oppression. In fact, it’s a matrix of freedom, opportunity,
and happiness. Not perfect—but very, very good. Well what do you think of the “America-is-an-imperialist-white
supremacist-capitalist patriarchy” claim? Do you find it as unreasonable as I do? Am I missing something? Let me know in the comments section. And if you find this video valuable, please
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100 comments on “Is America an imperialist, white-supremacist, capitalist patriarchy? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

  1. I have to mention that you are being a little generous to America's history of war. Many conflicts were not in the name of defense and its track record of making democracy could easily be shown to be the very opposite of that where the US has overthrown democratically elected leaders and installed puppet dictators.

  2. This video was a non-factual, dishonest, disappointment. Iraq was an imperialist invasion, not a defensive one. American's went to import western ideology (enforce, imo), and of course loot oil! Your people destroyed & destabilized Iraq, and installed a puppet regime. You (American's) entire legacy in the Middle east and some African countries is terrible, bloody, and evil. You're just as dishonest as the fragile feminazi millennial movement, just selectively, I suppose.

  3. And your legal system is inherently unjust towards Black and Latino people,, this is where the white-supremacist part comes in..Statistics don't lie and neither do our eyes. How many white boys do you see being unjustly murdered by cops? Even white school shooters/domestic terrorists are afforded more honor and security when being taken into custody then an innocent Black or Latino boy. You know all of this, so I'll stop wasting my energy.

  4. Dear Christina,

    In regards to that tasteless microaggression remark you received a while back. I just wanted you to know you do not look like a Gilfing whose essence is draining. You are an attractive highly intelligent older woman ( and this is coming from a man with an IQ of 158). in fact, the feminist groups should be glad to have you represent them… as both third and fourth wave feminism have become little more than over sensitive man hatter groups.

  5. Some points I largely do agree with. However, I do feel that a part of the argument was over generalized. Nonetheless, great argument.

  6. Uh, im sorry, have you heard of Operation Condor? All those US backed military dictatorships in Latin America. Im going put a link in here. Seriously, there is no denying it, the people of Latin America can confirm for you, the US is the most imperialist country of all. But apart from that, I agree with your points.

    Link to the wikipedia page of operation condor:

  7. In the days of old, the electoral college made a lot of sense, just elect a couple people to go to DC to elect your president on your behalf. It does indeed create an error margin regarding the popular vote, and the actual results. However, when practically instantaneous communication throughout the country was not a thing, it was a very feasible way to still have elections. Nowadays, we have practically instantaneous communication around the world, and elections can be held easily. So I would say the error margin caused by the electoral college is not longer acceptable.

  8. Sorry, i agree with what she said about racism, but we are a mixed economy lol. We lean more towards capitalism, in regards to business owners owning the means of production, but we have far too many taxes, and too many restrictions destroying vital parts, of the economy.

  9. US is an imperialist power, accept it.. US can bomb anyone they want, declare anyone terrorist with their own choosing and install dictators, support dictators, spread their hegemonic agenda across the globe with 700+ military bases, and military expenditure sky rocketing. Be ture to your cause one misguided video can put all your good work in jeopardy.

  10. British Empire too I might add along with Soviet union and napoleonic France , western European and American conservative hypocrisy at it's finest .

  11. USA supported the creation of Taliban through empowering the Mujahideen , it tried to invade India when India liberated Bangladesh after 3 million people died , to say United States defends democracy and other such ideals is misleading it has and in the future will only care about it's own well being .

  12. Christina H. Sommers is the living proof that the arguments of feminists about fighting for equality have no value!

  13. Good that she pointed out how silly it is to call the US a patriarchy or a white supremacy.

  14. Imperialism is a policy that involves a nation extending its power by the acquisition of lands by purchase, diplomacy or military force. White supremacy or white supremacism is a racist ideology based upon the belief that white people are superior in many ways to people of other races and that therefore white people should be dominant over other races. Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property.

    Please explain to me how none of that describes America and its inhabitants.

  15. Ah yes, not imperialist and spreads democracy. Sound American to you?

    Case and point.
    America invades not as defence, it invades for profit in oil and spreading of capitalism.
    America orchestrates coups and brings down democratically elected governments for this same goal.

    To describe America as not an imperialist country is frankly delusional. And to frame it as fact, criminal.

  16. I agree that the hysteria not healthy but the entire segment is glossed over from current empirical political scientific and international relations perspectives. "Opportunity" always needs to be defined so as to allow for comparison to other democracies and their brand of opportunity to better further discourse. On an international level, the States is cruelly Darwinist towards it's population. I respect that generalized claims are only possible when describing world political discourse in five minutes, but the non-empirical claims come off as conservative talking points rather than your usual presentations of facts and risk undermining the actual cited facts and your credibility in your other videos. The UN recently released a damning report on the damning effects of American "opportunity". Some areas have been comparable to third world conditions. As for US on the world stage. Since the fifties America has under the banner of "national security" interfered in and changed outcomes of elections in foreign sovereign countries. National security motivation has been vague at best and abuse has come to the fore for all to see. This is apart of the historical record. America is empire, but as you pointed out, it has not been as cruel as the historical examples you pointed out. This is true, but you're comparison has more to do with the time of those empires than the actual phenomena of empire. But the empire is weakening and is showing signs all too familiar to the last chapter of such a society; more war to protect it's expanded empire just before it implodes.

  17. Only one point of disagreement. The Electoral College actually was a white supremacist invention as the 3/5 clause gave more voting clout to residents of slave states. With our extreme red/blue divide, it has no point today and focuses all campaigning on a small number of "swing states." Trump has called for abolishing it – which may be his one good idea.

  18. Sorry about that but that's the first video I violently disagree with and I guess your US blinders are on rather tightly. Talk to your middle class. They'll tell you about their problems. One of those, maybe the biggest, is the mega-companies that have formed. They're killing the market which is the thing capitalism NEEDS to function. You have – in certain fields – turned into an oligarchy.

    All those shiny bottles of hair conditioner, so many brands, yay, capitalism works. Now go and slap ONE label per ultimate company,/majority shareholder on them, instead. Ooops, where have all those different labels gone … you started out with about 80+ in the beginning and are most likely now down to 3 or 4.

    And look at the CEOs, their donations – especially the amount – compare to the whole amount donated to parties and you see where things are going in your country. You're remarkably blind in that field for someone who has shown to be pretty sharp-eyed in so many other videos. I learned DINO to be "Democrat in name only". The US economy is, in many though not all fields, a CINO: "Capitalist in name only" or perhaps an OICD – "Oligarchy in capitalistic diguise".

  19. plenty of conclusions but not strong evidence….how does one demographic group succeeding in a particular area mean that the white supremacist patriarchy isn't harming them or other groups?

  20. Wow, that was great, Christina. Is the new set a blank wall? It actually works well. No distractions from the commentary!

  21. I have to agree with the Sommers on white-supremacy and patriarchy because the majority of Americans are not white-supremacist and sexists morons and women in the US do hold power in politics and corporations. But the fact is the current US president empowers white-supremacists from his speeches, and extremely sexist does paint that picture for the US on the world stage even though the majority of Americans don't share those ideologies. However the US does have a bad reputation of overthrowing oppressive and non oppressive governments and paving the way for brutal dictatorships or imposing there own dictators, the best example of that I can think off is Cuba. So yes the US does come across as imperialistic to a lot of countries. Capitalism works when you have a stable economy, no working poor and public services that benefit the majority of people. However when things go wrong in the economy it takes a long time to correct as well as gives to much power to the wealthy.

    The US political system is damaged because of the money in politics. The two major parties in the US chooses candidates not just on similar ideologies but on how much money they bring into the party. But the major issues that the US has today is in infrastructure, healthcare, and poverty and militarizing law enforcement agencies.

  22. The imperialist politics of USA aren't the most important problem of developing countries, it's only one of some problems, but isn't a lie, and exclusive paranoia of left-wing activism, I'm Sorry Ms Summers, I really like her work, but I'm from Colombia, in South America, and I can to say that the excessive influence of Washington in the politics of my country is a reality.

  23. Is it possible that when people say America is all of those things, they're comparing it to much of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or maybe even Japan? Those are all capitalist without a doubt, but might women and/or minorities have more power in some of them?

  24. with men being treated as disposable nowadays and family courts I agree that it's a patriarchy but a feminist patriarchy. what sane man in the United States would get married now because even with a prenuptial agreement once you have kids it's out the window

  25. This is a very poor response to bell hooks' highly accurate criticism, so full of flaws it is hard to know where to begin. Your take on US Imperialism is child-like in its naivety. Tell the Vietnamese, carpet-bombed by B-52s, napalm and Agent Orange, of American benevolence! You are often lucid on domestic feminist commentary and should stick to local affairs that you understand. Here, you are out of your depth.

  26. America is corperate imperialist, we rob poor countries of their natural resources and pretend we are doing them favors in our own media. Tick tock America, someday there is going to be a "me too" movement for all the counties we have violated without consent.. hey, that is a good idea actually. Okay, I see someone mentioned "me too" in Chile now who else feels violated by the u.s.'s unwelcome advances in their country?? #metooamerica

  27. Those people who criticzed America as mperialist, white-supremacist, capitalist patriarchy have no idea to live under communism. I wish there would be more country like America.

  28. At what point are white leftists going to be satisfied that they’ve destroyed whiteness? September 13, 2018 BFH

    Under White Privilege Theory, Progressives Won’t Be Happy Until You Hate Your Kids
    You're probably perpetuating racism. How? Because you love our kids and want them to do well in life. right?
    By Robert Tracinski September 12, 2018

    Under the “Family” heading, The Atlantic recently carried a cheerful little article titled, “How Well-Intentioned White Families Can Perpetuate Racism.”
    How are we doing this horrible thing? The problem, it seems, is that we love our kids and want them to do well in life. Which is just the worst, right?

    From a rational perspective, of course, this is a deeply silly argument. Yet it perfectly represents some fundamental things that have gone wrong in our culture’s thinking about race, human nature, and morality. It also demonstrates why those ideas are dangerous, because it seems that so-called “progressives” won’t be happy until you hate your kids.

  29. you need a history lesson… please name one democracy we "spread". what about the entire history of latin america, where we still demolish real democracies for corporate run banana republics so we may strip their wealth… how blind is the person? we have invaded every small country and abused them…. she also excludes contemporary events like Lybia…

  30. I have watched now maybe 15 of factual feminist videos i agree with all of these. this is first where i am like naah and yaas i wouldnt say us is very good i would say its decent or good but not VERY good

    And about imperealism… Ok uh i didnt get that one

  31. Yeah the first argument was that USA is spreading democracy 😀 I seem to disagree with feminists and "real feminists" and conservatives for fuck sake.

  32. Imagine that, a white women vaguely deconstructing imperialist white supremacy capitalist patriarchy. Don't forget that 53% of white women voted for trump. This is why centering third world feminism is imperative when talking about feminism in general.

  33. Wow .. we came to Iraq to good reason wow….fuck that this is a big lay I came for oil and killed Iraqi people and destroyed our country

  34. Sommers have sensible and just critic of extremist feminism and so on, but the take on US global dominance aka "imperialism" was redicolus. The US "imperialism" are more like the Dutch imperialism. The states global power, diplomatically and military, backs up corporate America's global dominance. If you do not toe the line you are a "threat" to US "security" and US have to defend it self, anywhere on the planet.

  35. This is the most ridiculous rationalization for all the war America takes part in, funds, and STARTS around the world, the us FUNDED extremist Islamic counterinsurgents in Afghanistan leading to a rapid decline in womens rights, has overthrown countless democratic or populist regimes from Latin America and Central America to the Middle East to Africa, supports right wing authoritarian leaders for as long as it is beneficial and looks the other way when these right wing allies or military dictatorships brutally oppress the people in that country. This is the most whitewashed, ridiculous portrait of American involvement around the world since, during and before the cold war America promoted corporate interests whether it be the Panama canal, banana farms, opposing nationalization of natural resources in other countries and generally thinking about "power relations" over the human cost of their coups, popping up of dictators, and thwarting leftist movements that might have actually benefited the people of that country

  36. Oh and the fact you're a WHITE WOMAN inAmerica, where consistently white women vote for white conservative men in favor of the status quo and therefore in favor of white patriarchy, voting against progressive candidates or candidates of color, perhaps makes u a little blind to the fact that since you benefit from white supremacy you therefore dont pay much attention to it

  37. White-washed bullshit. This type of liberalism is what made DT the 45th US President. The U.S. IS an imperialist, white-supremacist, capitalist, patriarchy and you should learn all the statistics of inequality. White feminism is bullshit.

  38. Economic freedom is bad one gets more second gets less , they only speak what men allows women to speak thats it

  39. Economic freedom is bad one gets more second gets less , they only speak what men allows women to speak thats it

  40. Face it women you have the responsibility to bare children and nurse them because men cannot. Very soon we're gonna see these wonderful women launch a jihad against biology and issue a fatwa on errections off with their head!

  41. Very interesting video, but what bothers me is that she talks about Eastern Europe and uses pictures from Berlin and Prague. It may be a little thing, but I find it very odd.

  42. Hoy encontre la negación de lo que toda suramerica ha vivido a manos de tu país. No puedes negar el caracter criminal de las intervenciones de US en latinoamerica y el mundo. Han matado hasta presidentes.

  43. With regards to "imperialist" I do not think that the USA is and evil empire. But you can not refute that claim only by citing a few lines of some historians text. This is not being totally honestly factual, why not just recognise its pros and cons. She actually does at the end. The imperialist claim is not the purpose of this channel to fact check.

  44. This lady just said the US invaded Iraq for defensive purposes. OKAY, this is bullshit. And yes, the US is an imperialist country.

  45. YOU ARE lying! Recently US and Venezuela meet at the UN . This talk was the most unfair and dishonest speech of US in the history of International meetings. You go and resolve your fucking problems in America that you got plenty.

  46. Why dont fucking take your fucking base of Guantanamo to your land? Why is Cuba in your terrorist list countries? THIS IS JUST AWFUL. YOU ARE EVIL!


  48. Wonder if she know Venezuela is that way because of a certain capitalist country is fucking it to coup it? Tho same could be said for the others. Capitalism is the worst thing that fucks over the vast the majority unfortunately. I mean having to pay hundreds of thousands for medication and to get treatment when you get sick wow that is a great system.

    Also freedom? Are you fucking kidding me? You guys have the highest incarceration rate in the world lmao like wtf are you smoking?

  49. I think that usa and all the other Big countrys are imperialist but still is a good place post data i m from Venezuela and socialist destroy the country

  50. Came here for ridiculous leftist conspiracy theories. Stayed because this woman is actually spot on.

  51. I need to find something we disagree on. Otherwise, I will be like a disciple. 🤣🤣🤣 jokes aside, it's not that I agree with you as much as the tone and the facts that you bring to the public discourse.

    I recently found out about you and it makes my life a little bit better. Thank you.

  52. I don't think that the USA's war in Iraq was defensive or even built on a valid reason. Bush claimed then that Iraqi regime owned mass-destruction weapons and allied with Al-Qaeda which was not true. After Saddam was overthrown and executed, Iraq did not become a democracy; the Americans made sure it had a sectarian regime and it remained in that loop until now. Moreover, the USA made money out of invading Iraq because of its oil. The argument in this video is too naive.I am not defending Saddam Hussein though; he was a tyrant. My purpose is to correct the misinformation in this video.

  53. Imperialist? Most definitely. Patriarchal? I'd say so, but probably wouldn't stress oppression as much as you. Capitalist? Unfortunately no, we have "Crony Capitalism" here in the States.

  54. Dear Ms. Sommers, I am so happy I found you! You are a breath of fresh air to the debate. Whenever I need sane insight on the topic of Feminism, I make you my first stop. Your insight on US imperialism is unfortunately less impressive, pretty much disastrous if you don't mind me saying. When you tried to explain it away with Nial Fergusson, the first thing that came to mind was "tragically misinformed or delusional". If it's the former, may I suggest that you read more, MUCH more before you touch that one again?

  55. If amerikkka seeks to “impose order” based on western philosophical foundations and institutions, disregarding others’ –non-white– approaches to public life or resource use, thru the use of political, economic and military power, it is a white-supremacist empire.

    Yisuskkkraist, its quite obvious from ur own references!!!
    Are u deliberately lying and misleading? 🤔

  56. Regarding American imperialism, this video fails to recall these cases:
    (1) MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR (1846-48), which was condemned as an imperialist adventure by Abraham Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, and many more.
    (2) THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR (1898), which was condemned as an imperialist adventure by Mark Twain and many others, and led to the formation of the American Anti-Imperialist League
    (3) AMERICAN ACQUISITION OF HAWAII (1893), which involved the U.S. Marines overthrowing the native gov't of the islands at the behest of American sugar cane growers.

    The American Enterprise Institute appears to be either very poorly informed about American history, or just dishonest. I'd say nothing coming from them should be considered reliable.

  57. New set as in pre natal or even pre nuptial modeling software, that tracks sexual attraction between peoples in RL and on telco networks, and conceives offspring in digital environments, that might result should encounters end in reproduction?

    Which would happen more frequently were it not for the fact, that entire networks of females, are little else then endentured chattel, hookers and jail bait used to conversely raise civil structure and boost market activity, from outside lawful or ethical lines.

    By being misleading among other things

    Under protection from governments and public bodies, who make use of these drunken butterflies and wiggling worms on a hook. Because they are the primary drive trains that powers all public enterprises.

    From tramways and bus cooperatives, to civil courts and police lockups, – these city limit projects (comparatively small scale spending, next to heavy infrastructure budgets like power plants and national defense system), is the purview of the "working woman" and her "petty coat cash"

    The age of the public, and the the pubes

    From a paradigm and era. where money itself was disreputable. And the only women that worked were orphans and widows, who did not have a lord of the land to protect them, whereby all transactions stayed inside the family anyway (the roots of not just mafias but nation states too).

    Because if you were transacting in money, it involved complying to a larger force (or confederation) that you needed for some reason or another. In a world of feuding fiefdoms, capital networks and states. Something that militaries for example still display, where spending cash among rank and file can only get you into trouble.

    Leading to "mates of civil states" that are little more than lures and bait, conglomerated into labor forces (value determined by reproductive capability), leveraged onto stock markets to draw in cash and capital, so that more fishing expeditions? Always looking for Whales and trying to stay clear of sharks and barracudas, when they are not that themselves?

    A game now taken up into the Internet? To what effect I wonder? Until all the saliva and semen, equal to the oil and gas we have already expended, is exhausted – and we remain as blinking lights on a screen? But even that only so long as there is a pair of eyes connected to a nervous system, still interested in watching us?

    Is this why we try to rob each other blind? And no one notices? Except when it involves the least valuable thing?

  58. The only part I disagree with is when you mentioned that USA invaded Iraq for self defense because it's clearly not.

  59. Another word for capitalism is economic liberty? Wages in the US are so low that there are 39.6m workers receiving food stamps!
    There are plenty of better examples of capitalism in the world than the USA. Germany is a much better example of a successful highly developed capitalist economy because they have far better income equality without having embraced the Scandinavian system.

  60. I am sorry, but the US has aspects of ingrained racism in its society as well as imperial attitude when dealing with other countries. I won't say the US is RACIST or WHITE SUPREMACIST, but you cant simply go ahead and ignore those aspects completely either

  61. Latins are native to southern Europe, and are racially white. They are not the natives of Mexico, Central America, or South America. They're the conquistadors. Why TF are you using whites attending universities as proof of non-whites doing it? You're very ignorant, and very racist.

  62. Free markets don't pay living wages, and abuse employees. How exactly does that lower poverty? You are really stupid.

  63. Women do not hold power. We live in fear of if men like us, and try to become unrealistic beauty ideals of the men with hair removal, makeup, shapewear, cosmetic surgery, hair dye, fake nails, and more. And, even other women enforce it to brownnose men.
    If you don't do these practices, you're considered transgender even if not transgender.

  64. This is the kind of white woman who says America isn't racist, yet it'll be her son who makes bombs in the basement or has a stockpile of guns; goes on a mass killing spree, targeting non-whites and jews. She's then shook!!

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