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Interviewed Person From Another Country In Borobudur | Smart Insani Edutrip 2019

Hello everyone I’m Rania and a few weeks
ago I with all of my friends did an Edutrip and first visit was to Pare and two people of my team bought drinks in English Language but the video is not here but (on)
another channel After that we went to Alun-Alun Kediri And this is a little of the trailer and in sixth day, the right after we went
to Merapi Mount Museum We went to Borobudur Temple at there interviewed one person from another
country alright everyone
maybe that’s all I can show to you and if I have many (wrong words) I’m so sorry
because at here I learning too if you want to see another interview you can see in this hastag (#smartinsani #sekolahberkarakter #sergantourandtravel) alright everyone thank you for watching

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