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Interview Brenton Caffin (NESTA) – projet i-school of public administration

Interview Brenton Caffin (NESTA) – projet i-school of public administration

Bonjour. My name is Brenton Caffin, and I’m the director of innovation skills at NESTA, the UK’s Innovation foundation.Thank you
for the opportunity to contribute to your debate today and I wanted to say
a few words about some of the thoughts that we’ve had here at NESTA about public sector innovation
and where we could go next. So one of the things that we’ve found is
that despite the huge rise in interest globally in public and social innovation
and the spread of a number of great resources to support it including some
that we’ve contributed ourselves there’s precious little by way of a more
systematic approach to building the skills and competencies for public and
social innovation the responses from educational institutions to demand
particularly aided by organizations and governments around the world it’s still
patchy in a recent survey from the OECD Global schools and government one-third
of respondents identified innovation is a critical skills gap in the civil
service yeah any 3% nominated innovation as one of the top five priority things
but the training and the response from other intermediaries including ourselves
and others such as the 27th region and plus acumen though encouraging has
nevertheless largely been fragmented varying policy and ultimately tour in
contrast to the global demand so how can we improve the quality coherence and
reach of learning the public and social innovation producing online learning
about innovation tools and methods part of it and we’re keen to explore ways of
extending the reach and impact materials such as our DIY however buy it so we
know it’s unlikely to be it’s likely to be insufficient and is most effective
when it allied with face-to-face learning
methods and peer-to-peer contact the scale of which is beyond any one
organization we think there is a great opportunity to develop a better
functioning ecosystem by leveraging the great material and courses that many
organizations around quote I already producing as well as the
institutional delivery heft of schools of government of multilateral
international governments and I School of Public Administration if you will the
one that is distributed is peer produced accredited managed and delivered rather
than competing with existing schools it could play into them intel inside there are a lot of pieces
of this puzzle that we would need to work out including how the government
would work what the underlying skills and competencies that we would be
wanting to build in public sector innovators and how we would manage this
ecosystem or in a way that provided a win-win for governments for individual
learners for content developers and other educational institutions but this
is something that we we and many other partners think is is worth exploring so I hope that many useful contribution
and I wish the best for your event

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