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Intel Cmte. Member: ‘Parade Of Patriots’ Testifying To Impeachment Inquiry | The Last Word | MSNBC

Intel Cmte. Member: ‘Parade Of Patriots’ Testifying To Impeachment Inquiry | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 comments on “Intel Cmte. Member: ‘Parade Of Patriots’ Testifying To Impeachment Inquiry | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. I would want John Bolton to testify either way. He can tell us all the dirty details in his book and just answer the questions as yes or no at trial.

  2. I think it is appalling to tell a country what they must do for stroking this president. To get the funds that trump was keeping from them.

  3. Sweet justice! Bolton will lose money on his book by talking too early. Wow….
    Trump is the friend you can’t get away from, even long after you’ve left.
    Doesn’t bode well for America’s future either…..

  4. Some of the Republicans are trying to compare the dems to the kremlin rule. I know everyone sees thru their theatrical production, but it fell flat of course.

  5. What a joke,,so the politicians are cocky, arrogant and so full of themselves when elected, but when it comes to facing the court they play games and run away like weak mice….

  6. The courageous individuals testifying should be able to submit their legal bills to to IRS. Probably a trivial amount compared to the taxes Trump owes his country – oh wait, maybe Donald J Trump was born in Germany like his dad…..

  7. so now the question why they ( people around trump)are doing this and that is answered. the value of their time , job, association, etc. with trump , good or bad…is…….drumroll——-ka ching !!!! where is the real patriotic feeling?

  8. rleb blco l

    1 second ago

    Rachel Maddow highlights reporting on a piece of impeachment inquiry testimony from diplomat Christopher Anderson in which he reveals some backstory on the Trump administration's failure to condemn Russian aggression toward Ukrainian ships in 2018.WHY TRUMP IS NOT DOING HE'S JOB? IT SUPPOSE HE'S WORKING FOR AMERICA!!! NOT PRO RUSSIA!!!CLEARLY ACTING IN RUSSIA"S PUTIN ! BENEFIT!! In steady on doing! what is suppose to do! working! for our OSA interest! but! why we can expect this"" from Putin slave???

  9. He froze assets to accomplish two programs, to force Ukraine to manufacture dirt on Bidens, if they refused him, then he would take the funds to build the wall..

  10. Wow…John Bolton a “Patriot” not wanting to testify because of he’s writing a book. That is absolutely disgusting.

  11. So you lawyer up Mr. Bolton because your book sales for your future book are more Important then telling what you know about what this President has done!!! Please Mr. Bolton do the right thing!

  12. Money is rule of evil John that's what got trump and his party in trouble you have to live in United states just like we do tell them what they need to hear the truth about trump is

  13. Democrats should beware of what they wish for!!!
    Heard a pollster on 'Smerconish' on CNN that independents – 8 months of focus groups –
    are actually leaning FOR Trump bec. of the Dems' crazy impeachment push!!!
    I am one of them!
    I don’t believe what Trump did was “treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors.”
    Just bec. Biden us a candidate doesn’t mean he should be free from investigation!
    I will NOT vote for our local Dem congressman again in 2020! He/Dems have done nothing for
    middle class families like mine!!!

  14. I can't wait to hear from Trumps defense witnesses. Does anybody know who they are. I know who ever they are they better be ready for BARRY BERKE. He does not play. It is Time to boot up.

  15. If "the law is against you", there's a chance you are in an unfair situation. But if the law is against you and the facts are against you, you are not the person you wanted to grow up to be when you were a little kid with heroes.

  16. Bolton's lawyer is sending a message to force him to go. He wants to go.

    Trashing Bolton on the way out doesn't seem that smart anymore

  17. I suspect Mr. Bolton's attorney's lawsuit for Mr. Kupperman, instead of a delaying tactic, is actually a clever ploy to ensure it is very firmly established that it is entirely legal and expected that these men (and anyone else) testify in answer to their subpoena's, so that any kind of retaliatory tactics from Trump or his administration are not possible. On the topic of Bolton's story for his book – I find it unlikely he could possibly run out of materials for it, no matter how much information comes out during the impeachment inquiry & trials: reason being, that man (Trump), finds a new law to break on a daily basis, giving Bolton hundreds of days worth of broken laws and mishandled US interests for him to fill a few books with.

  18. Bolton should not fear the possibility of getting less sales for his book. On the contrary, his testimony which shall be limited to the Ukraine probe, will serve as a teaser prior to his book's release. Bolton has tons of tales to tell about Trump that shall not be covered by his testimony but will be highlighted in his book–a probable record breaking bestseller.

  19. Why don't these newscasters get the point of the subpoena lawsuit? It's actually brilliant. It will set the precedent that Traitor Trump can't order people not to testify when they're subpoenaed by Congress. Most importantly it lays the groundwork for additional obstruction of justice charges by Traitor Trump.

  20. With all the evidence piling up, people coming forward to testify, there are still people that think dRump is their 'great' President. How can this be ?


  22. Is there something in the physiology of Congressmen and women, a triple Y or triple X chromosome that makes it impossible for them to answer a direct question with yes or no? They can always go on to qualify their answer afterward. This 'mealymouthedness' erodes confidence with the public. When did plain speaking go out of style? Just curious.

  23. Put them in cuffs and prison terms. Can't they do that. Trump is really something , what else can you described the evil things he can do.Bolton should be there to add to impeachment .

  24. I actually believe Bolton wants to testify. If he needs a subpoena, fine. His book will still be read, a testimony by him might be good PR for it. If the book is good, it will be a good read.

  25. Trump cheats at golf
    Trump cheats on his wife
    Trump cheats on his tax returns
    Trump cheats on not paying for his rallies
    Trump cheats by accusing other people of his misfortunes
    Trumps cheats the American people by not being transparent

    Trump cheats by under paying his staff at his golf clubs

  26. So what Bolton is saying is that he wants it on record that he is being summoned to testify so that he doesn't look like he's only appearing to damage Trump for firing him. Smart man. Hard to claim that he's just disgruntled over a firing if he's subpoena'd at risk of being jailed.

  27. Parade of socialists is more like it. If what is said about the parade is true. Most likely more propaganda on the No. 1 propaganda media.

  28. The republican party under Moscow Mitch's rule have not capitulated to trump, they've capitulated to Putin! Everything this paedophile does benefits Putin and Moscow Mitch didn't realise until it was too late that he was not in control of Trump. But then he also didn't realise that the GOP were receiving oligarchs money through the NRA and therefore from Putin. And now Moscow Mitch is damed if he supports trump and screwed if he doesn't. Vladimir Putin didnt just put an asset in the Whitehouse! He bought a political party as well!

  29. Bolton is a demented toad. He was one of the main cretins who got us involved in the fake war in Iraq based on false reasons, which cost hundreds of thousands of lives. There is nothing good or decent about Bolton.

  30. Bolton is committing a DISSERVICE to our country, by refusing to testify _now_, – so that his upcoming BOOK will sell more copies later on.

  31. White people's God is Money, they will sell their mothers for the sake of the all mighty dollar, he is worrying about the money of a book, instead of the sanity and security of are freedoms and safety of our Constitution, set forth by the founders.

  32. The "stories" Bolton has are the property of the People of the USA. He was employed by them and took their coin and without his tax funded employment by the USA, those stories would never have happened. He is not their author and he has no right to benefit as an author, from telling them.

    They are not stories but evidence of crimes and Bolton is obliged, as all citizens are, to present them, unvarnished, to lawful authorities.

    If Bolton ignores his subpoena, drag him out of whatever bolt-hole he is lurking in, and lock him up in the cells underneath Congress, until he feels inclined to answer questions. Just like anybody else who refuses should be treated.

  33. The "Client" signed an NDA in favour of the White House and has post employment duties to keep quiet. This can only be set aside if the Subpoena is valid. The White House says the subpoena is not valid. So you have a private citizen who can choose whether to violate the orders of the Executive (his past employer) or the Legislature. In these circumstances it is natural to get an opinion from the Judiciary. Hopefully that would be an expedited process – as courts have already ruled that similar subpoenas from the House are valid.

  34. At least 65% of americans hate/despises trump, like no other. He's hated more than any individual I've ever in my life seen. He's not a president. He's a con, a liar, a showman, a fraud, a bully, etc, etc, etc. And we're TIRED of him RAPING our AMERICA!! We WANT him GONE!! He's PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Open hearings are the absolute worst way for Congress to get at the truth because of Republican showboating, grandstanding, obstructionism, and obfuscating the facts in any way they can, but the public needs to see and understand for itself.  The majority of Americans already know the self-evident truth, and it's plenty to convict for impeachment. However, Democrats still need to move the needle, bringing another 10-20% of those clueless Americans on board to pressure Senate Republicans into observing their sworn duty. A few Republican cult dupe morons slowly coming around, but they're not crucial or expected–it's those apolitical and apathetic voters that will make the difference, and who need to be awoken to the very real, and very clear, danger present to Constitution and country.
    In point of fact, much of the truth Congress has obtained has been behind closed doors, and that practice will continue throughout because of the sensitive nature of some of the evidence and testimony involved. Understand that the truth already discovered behind closed doors can then be streamlined and presented in open hearing testimonials to the American people in a way enabled much more efficient and capable by that initial gathering of information behind closed doors. Not only is it better for the prosecution to have grand juries and the like behind closed doors, but it also to protect the accused, as a matter of fairness. It protects innocent reputations and helps guard against false charges.  Republican lawmakers know full well these things, yet dishonestly cast aspersions upon the process, programming their cult–to the ultimate detriment of themselves and the nation, precisely as seen playing out right now before our very eyes!  GOP never learns!

  36. Republicans tripping balls, going balls to the wall, turning on all thrusters, the turbos, and even the afterburner, too! Fueled by delusions willingly obtained and electorally maintained, blasting that GOP mother-effin-ship into another dimension out of here at warp speed, right into oblivious oblivion! Gotta love it, but we're a bit concerned about the resulting collateral damage being caused by their insane endeavors and maneuvers to the launch pad and planet!

  37. Ironically and fittingly, it is Republicans themselves–their own gross dereliction of duty, blind support, and naughty negligence after Mueller's report and testimony–that gave a direct thumbs-up to Toxic Traitor Trump to continue his criminality, leading to his impeachment. Now, those seditious sycophants also will need to reap their just reward richly deserved!

  38. ~*hyGOPricy*~
    Hypocrisy knows no bounds
    For rotten GOP clowns
    With them phony outrage hounds
    Their flimflam no more astounds
    Betraying US for king's crowns
    If bribed in dollars–not pounds
    Claim for impeachment no grounds!

    Care not for the laws he downs
    Block out all objection sounds
    Do not see disgusted frowns
    Just pack courts with goons in gowns
    Caring their cozen confounds
    As public outrage resounds
    When their vile dream scheme rebounds

    Souls forfeit as deceit mounds
    Fear the contempt that surrounds
    And that loathing which abounds
    In each city and all towns
    But taking too many rounds
    From nasty GOP clowns
    Must end now….ran out of nouns!

    Audio version of hyGOPrisy for the blind, narrated by author, freely available here:

  39. Confronted with a conundrum contrary or conflicting, the Republican cult instinct for self-preservation induces a cease of circulation to the cranium, causing confusion, chaos, crisis, corruption, and criminality! Cult for cult, con for con, convolution after convolution, concocted cockamamie crackpot conspiracy after concocted cockamamie crackpot conspiracy, cover-up after cover-up, the GOP is alone, in a league all its own!

  40. Official U.S. foreign policy is now whatever's rotten rumbling in Toxic Traitor Trump's prodigious gut any given day, looking to squirt out his back end!

  41. Wait.. making money off this trial.. they ALL could write books and decide to be difficult. Great more money to muddy this up.

  42. The GOP are short sighted idiots as they are paving the way for massive corruption within ALL gov't, including a Democrat led one which frankly wouldn't be as sloppy.

  43. He'd rather make money than hold the crook of a president to account on behalf of the American people/constitution he swore to represent. Can't understand why him & Trump didn't get on.

  44. Nixon didn't go to jail but I think 9 top advisors and WH personnel did. It would be good to remind everyone, including the current WH staff and some ambassadors and cabinet officials that Nixon's Chief of Staff, Attorney General, Presidential Attorney and about 6 other staffers went to jail for Nixon. None of them have "immunity".

  45. Trumps own people are queueing up to stick the boot into him, because they’ve realised his time in the Whitehouse is coming to an abrupt end, and the only person who hasn’t worked it out is Trump himself.

  46. "Subpoenas"???
    Seems to me that they are nothing more than toilet paper, with ZERO power.
    ANY other citizen who refused would be jailed, plain and simple……'s disgusting.

  47. How much of a patriot could they be if these people agreed to work for a man like Trump in the first place? Stop overusing the word patriot 🙄

  48. Gosh you are stupid. Trump is drawing all the cockroaches out so he can stomp on them. This is all a part of the big sceam to destroy all you traitors.

  49. Donald's "Don't cooperate!" decree now lays in tatters
    Most of those those subpoenaed chose to be compliant chatters
    That is how to recognize the scoundrels when it matters:
    shine a bright, attentive light and watch to see who scatters.

  50. The civilians working in the government who are willing to testify, have more courage in their little finger then all of the Republicans in the House and Senate put together.

  51. I would Love To know How The War Vets feels about Donald insuting POW'S, The Highly Decorated Lt. Colonial, Vinham, Ambassador Taylor, a West Point Graduate, Vietnam War Vet, and so many more. Then he tweets The GOP are The Scum of the Earth, which is right, so the next day they Crash The Hearings for him.

  52. At this point, I'd be checking the higher courts too, who knows what's allowed now cuz the law seems to be up to interpretation these days.

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