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Foreign Policy Analysis
Institute for Design & Public Policy @ RISD

Institute for Design & Public Policy @ RISD

[background piano music] You have to approach a problem from all different
angles. When that’s done you know it’s when the strongest ideas are generated through
collaboration. We’re really here to learn about the process of design in human centered
design thinking and the intersection of policy using energy as a kind of case study or framework.
This institute is really exciting because think people are learning design as a process. And
sometimes a tool does not solve a really complex problem. You need to go through a process
that is in someways difficult and hard and complex. And I think the process reflects
the problems we are trying to work on. Often times, government in general you know, we
think we know what the problem is and immediately we are trying to find a solution to it. But
we really haven’t truly defined the problem. So I know that is one thing I want to take
back to my organization, managers in particular. I’ve been working in government for about
two years to help government do a better job of connecting with the people it serves and
delivering better services to citizens. Essentially my interest and excitement for being here
is exploring how a methodology that is so good at producing tangible products can be
used to help us create better policies and outcomes for people. In foreign policy, especially
public diplomacy, we’re also trying to find solutions that take into account users, communities,
technology. Design does it in a way that’s participatory and open to other approaches,
is really appealing to me. It’s always appealed to me. And I’m going to try and replicate
that approach that’s trying to solve problems , challenges in the foreign policy sphere.
So I’m really excited to see government employees kind of expand their knowledge of
design and then be able to take that back to their own offices. And really try to transform
how people out some of the most complex problems in the world.

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