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Inspection of state agencies continues at National Assembly

Inspection of state agencies continues at National Assembly

We’re now two weeks into the National Assembly’s
audit of state agencies. There’s been a standstill at the science and
broadcasting committee — where public broadcasters KBS and EBS were up for screening. The audit failed to start,… with the main
opposition Liberty Korea Party not participating out of objection to director appointments
for the Foundation for Broadcast Culture — the largest shareholder of public broadcaster
MBC. The party has been at odds with the Korea
Communications Commission,… over who gets to recommend the appointment,… as the two
directors that resigned were previously nominated by the Liberty Korea Party when it was the
ruling bloc. Audits are underway at the industry committee,…
where rival parties are trading barbs over President Moon Jae-in’s pick to head the newly-created
Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The opposition claims the nominee has no expertise
in the field,… and was instead selected thanks to his close ties with the president. Ten other standing committees are carrying
on with their audits of state agencies, or making on-site inspections.

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