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Insider Roger Stone Trump Diplomacy Is Working    It’s Really Working

Insider Roger Stone Trump Diplomacy Is Working It’s Really Working

Insider Roger Stone Trump Diplomacy Is Working…
It’s Really Working by Tyler Durden President Trump has taken a lot of flack recently,
first for his direct strike on a Syrian airfield using 59 Tomahawk missiles, then for responding
to North Korean rhetoric and nuclear testing by deploying a Naval Strike Fleet to the region,
and finally for dropping the world�s largest non-nuclear Mother Of All Bombs on a cave
complex housing as many as 800 Islamic State fighters. For many, it appears on the surface that Donald
Trump, the military industrial complex and Deep State operatives behind the scenes have
war on their minds. The criticisms leveled at the President are
certainly the result of real concern from his constituents, especially since as a candidate
he promised to change the system and root out its corrupt and warlike culture, only
to turn around and take three significant military actions within his first 100 days
in office. Even if those who have railed against the President are wrong, at the very least
one could argue that the criticisms are necessary in order to maintain a cross-check on the
actions of the Executive Branch. But political insider Roger Stone, who at
one point was head of Trump�s campaign, says that the President�s recent decisions
prove he is a man of action who is very much uprooting the strategies, tactics and geo-political
machinations of the old guard. According to Stone, who joined
host Alex Jones in an interview over the weekend, President Trump is moving to permanently resolve
the world�s most pressing conflicts, some of which have spanned decades: Obviously you have a group in the White House
who think they are puppeteers� and they�d like to have Trump be their puppet� Donald
Trump is no man�s puppet� he works for the American people� Whenever Donald trump has all the information
he will almost invariably make the right decision� This is what�s happened here.. He elected
to do a limited Syrian strike� His advisors immediately saw an opening to propose a full
Vietnam-style ground war� 150,000 troops� The defense contractors were licking their
chops they were so happy� the bad news for them was that so many Libertarians, so many
non-interventionists, so many patriots, so many Trump supporters expressed their opposition
or concern both publicly and privately that Trump now had the correct focus,.. Over the
objections of his Defense Secretary Mattis� Over the objections of [National Security
Advisor] McMaster he has elected not to expand the war� to move on. In the same breath, the President�s critics
tried to say �oh, he�s flip-flopping on China� he didn�t break their arm about
currency manipulation and our trade relationships� he�s obviously abandoned those things�. No, he hasn�t abandoned those things at
all� all he�s doing is prioritizing them� getting the nukes out of the hands of a maniac
in North Korea and getting China�s help to do that, which appears to be happening,
is a higher priority for the President right now than currency manipulation or trade�
Believe me, the Chinese are going to hear about that from Trump but right now there�s
a lot of good signs� If confirmed, this rejection of these enormous shipments of coal
from North Korea and the replacement of these orders to purchase coal from U.S. companies
by the Chinese is highly symbolic� The Chinese are trying to tell the North Koreans, �quit
screwing around or we�re going to have to join the coalition to take you out.� This is all Trump diplomacy� It�s working�
It�s really working. � I think the Chinese have now agreed to work
with us in a partnership to slow the North Koreans down and get them out of the nuclear
business� That alone would be a major breakthrough because as you point out, in the past they
have been unwilling to get involved. As far as the MOAB bombing in Afghanistan�
Donald Trump was very forthright in his campaign that he was going to crush ISIS. ISIS is a loose end created by the foreign
policy of the globalists, George Bush, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Obama. Trump doesn�t have the option of doing nothing�
but with a non-interventionist foreign policy going forward we won�t be creating any new
organizations like ISIS. As both Jones and Stone suggest, Trump�s
latest moves are actually a step in the right direction, as they are cleaning out the mess
created by his predecessors.

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  1. What light is that? The light of the light bearer or the light of Jesus Christ? Oh didn't mean to make you flinch, sorry.

  2. Stone is out of touch – Trump has completely gone opposite of his campaign promises.
    He promised =
    no wars
    no globalism
    no OWG
    America First
    No more Gobal Warming hoax
    Friends with Russia & Putin
    Kill ISIS
    Hang Hillary and gang
    Lower taxes
    help the college costs
    Drain the Swamp

    So far he's broken all of them ! Plus he is a Rep for Globalism now and has bombed Christian Syria and Assad and has done everything the Globalist wanted him to – thanks to Ivanka and Jared who he needs to kick to the curb and fast and get Bannon and Flynn back before he loses all perspective totally. He needs to take back his power that he's handed over to Ivanka and Jared who is stabbing him in the back !

    WE voted for HIM and a Republican administration – and we got Hillary in a suit with a Dem Obama-Hillary dream team !


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